Friday, February 29, 2008

Those WERE the DaYs!

I was getting ready to sneak in some mid-day sugar and realized we did not have much around in the house to satisfy that urge (good...that means I won't eat it and I DON'T need it). Then I looked into the candy jar, or should I call it, the SUGAR jar-- I am not a BiG Fan of it, the sugary candy (nerds, pixie sticks, jolly ranchers, etc...) does not do much for me, NOT much temptation there, and then I spotted a Tootsie Roll. I realized it had been quite sometime since I had one, so I plopped it in AND it brought back some good ol' memories!
Back in "the good ol' days" my best friend (from high school) and I use to go to the grocery store and buy bags of these in bulk. I mean, 1/2 pounds to a pound because they were FAT FREE (ha ha ha, not sugar free, we didn't know the difference)--after all, we had to look good in our cheer leading uniforms and swimsuits in the summer! We would eat the WHOLE bag in one sitting, AND not gain a pound. Those WERE the days I tell ya, I miss my old metabolism where I could eat whatever the heck I wanted and not have a consequence!
Here's to tootsie roll diets!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh, I'm with you Alicia--LOVE tootsie rolls--and LOVE my teenager metabolism! I tell the YW to live it up now while they can! =)