Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Mom's HaPpY HeaRT!

The car was packed and we were ready to try and beat a bad blizzard on our way to Utah for T-Day
before we did that I got a text from Sterling's teacher and a message from Colton's that it was important for us to be at the assembly at school that morning
So we bundled up the happy babies and headed over to the school

Where Colton received the student of the month award for his class

got the "LITTLE COYOTE" award for the entire school!!!

his teacher wrote up a little address for the principal to say and it described our sweet Sterling PERFECTLY!
It talked about how he helped those students with disabilities in his class voluntarily, how he sets high standards for himself to achieve and works at them and gets them, and how he is a quiet leader and example.
It made my heart so happy to know that my children were being recognized for their good attributes.
Sometimes the "squeaky wheel gets the oil", but sometimes it is nice to give the non-squeaky wheels the oil too!! at least I know that, even though at home they can be less then Little Coyote or Student of the Month caliber, that 'outside' they can be upstanding citizens and examples....
I can sleep a little bit better at night!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

VeTeRaNs DaY CoNcErT

For Veterans Day,
Colton's Grade (and the one above) put on a concert for local veterans, and the students families.
and so well done
(this speaking part landed Colton a front page picture in the local newspaper!)
There was hardly a dry eye at the end.
It made me proud to be an American, and so very very grateful for those who have provided me with my Freedom!
It is Good to have these REMINDERS!


SoCCeR is OvER!!!

This Fall we had 2 Soccer players!!
Sterling and RYLAND--
we also had some soccer coaches in our family
Dan was head coach and Amberlyn was his assistant for Ryland's team the
(RY is the red head number 6)
Although I said I would never have 2 on separate teams again for soccer-(as they travel a bit between Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Cornville, and Sedona..it can make for allot of arranging)
Realistically with a family of 5 that will not be possible
with one of Sterling's favorite friends on his team and Dan and Amberlyn with the other-
The Saturday before Thanksgiving was the closing day of soccer season
(so busy that I got our schedules mixed up and missed Sterling's final game time)
We had trophies and parties, with games in Camp Verde and Sedona. Party in Cornville.
There was allot of driving and watching
BUT it was fun to get out each week!
However we are grateful for our Saturdays back before entering basketball season in a few weeks.

Ry did score this season, and is quite the quick athlete.

Aunt Amberlyn scoring COOL Aunt points as the assistant on the sidelines!
Our end of season awards ceremony/picnic

Sunday, November 21, 2010

EiGhT is GREAT!!!!

On November 14th
Sterling Daniel Turned 8!!!!
and since our children get "friend" birthday parties every even year-
Sterling Had a MAGICAL PaRtY the Friday before the BIG DAY!
were written in invisible ink (lemon juice) and gave all the party details.
His friends and parents had fun finding different methods to heat it up so they could reveal the message- we hear that an iron and a stove worked best
(HOWEVER we missed out on that satisfaction cuz' someone in our family threw away ours before we could do it-darn)

the sign was compliments of Sterling's siblings
Card Games were in our FUTURE for sure this eve!
The kids tried to make card houses as they arrived
Played a Little Game of MEMORY cards
They also FLUNG the Cards into the magical hat to see who could get the most in.
They played Mind Reader where Sterling found the penny he had picked earlier, out again in a BIG pile of pennies.
THE MAGIC SHOW We had a GRAND PERFORMANCE By our magician...
who popped out of our bedroom and all! She even shared her magic secrets for the kids favorite tricks
AND scored some of the COOLEST AUNT POINTS!
and most the tricks even worked!
Much to her surprise!
This was the time the water trick worked
the second time our carpet took a beating!
THIS IS the COOL as ICE cupcake making MOMMA PARTY PLANNA'
not tooting my own horn or anything- ha ha ha
cupcakes (topped with pop rocks--that was a fun suprise) and birthday bash ice cream..YUM YUM!!!
the grand finale was a magical box, that you passed around to the most annoying calliope music (we had playing all night- I got from a professional clown on my mission). When the song ended you unwrapped the present to get your take home party bag full of: Chinese finger games, glow in the dark bracelets, star stickers, a magical card game (that disappears), and pop rocks. It went on and on until everyone had one. AND Lucky Emma guessed closest to how many candies were in the jar and WON THE WHOLE THING! WAHOO!!!
Sterling got to take a much needed Sunday afternoon nap with his mom
Sunday eve ended peacefully with a small celebration of Sterling
and a little bit of ice cream to boot!
Sterling has gone to his FIRST CUB SCOUT ACTIVITY
WILL BE GETTING BAPTIZED Saturday December 4th @ 2:30pm!
We are so GLAD you were BORN into our FAMILY STERLING!!!!