Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Synopsis 9/22-9/28

OK I did not take very many pictures at all this week-I am off my game, as you will read about later-
I have been playing around with some reunion pictures I got, and thought I would throw a past family reunion picture in (this ones for you mom--and NO you are not getting one-ha ha ). It is the Hutchings (my side)June 2008 Flagstaff reunion--the whole kitten caboodle

Monday September 22- For Family Home Evening Colton gave his primary talk on prayer-- so that Dan (he was teaching the lesson in Elders Quorum), Uncle John, & Aunt Cara could hear it, since they had missed it. It was a little bit slower than when he gave it in primary. We have to work on his reading speed and expression, as Colton just got assigned a big part in the primary program (on October 26) as one of the two children narrators they are doing in sacrament.

Tuesday September 23- Typically Dan plans the rest of his weeks lessons after seminary, since he has off of work that day. But, Dan had to hurry home to kill the skunk that snuck into the trap in the middle of the night again. I think that puts us at about 10 skunks. The exterminators charge 45-50 dollars a skunk they trap-so 50x10= $500. We really should go into business!

I mowed all the yards in preparation for the trampoline we are getting from a member in the ward. After much debate between Dan and I-Dan caved and what we might have been buying the kids for Christmas, is coming early for free!

We unloaded my BIL and sisters U-haul truck into a storage unit today. I still got the guns going on! It took three of us only and hour and a half to unload a 16 foot truck! Afterwards I sent Dan and my BIL (john) over to get the tramp. It ended up being a MUCH BIGGER project than anticipated and they had to disassemble the entire thing. It took them about 2-3 hours total. We have left the trampoline laying in our backyard until we can order/purchase the protective pad that had gotten sun-rotted for the springs. Yes, it has a net around it!

While the men were cursing me about the trampoline. I took Colton and Sterling to the local Arby's for dinner. A child at their school was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing expensive treatments -- 20 percent of the proceeds that evening were going to their behalf. The place was a ZOO!!!!! I met up with some friends and we had the kids eat at one table, while the adults sat at another. Colton and Sterling entered the shake chugging contest and LOST miserably. However, if you hear Colton;s side of the story he came in 2nd-ha ha!

It was a late dinner and evening. Ending with us watching the biggest loser--LOVE it!!!

Wednesday September 24- The elementary school was holding a fundraiser and the money was due today. Of course, Colton left his sitting on the counter (and later that week his lunch on the counter) I had to run it up to the school later. It seems like fundraisers are a bit exorbitant now-a-days between sports teams, schools, PTO's and other worthy causes. I could work a full-time job to support these!

I went visiting teaching to 2 families on my list this morning-the 2 kids were troopers going with me to each house! Dacie got a nice bite from a Guinea pig at one (her own fault) BUT I also picked up a great recipe for apple crisp and got a bag of Chinese apples that I made for dinner that evening.

*Last week I noted that there was nothing to tell about on Tues. , Wed, and Thurs. I forgot to mention that I went with the 3 boys down to Phoenix to have a teeth work done, while Dan stayed home with Dacie and got lots of things done around the house and fed the missionaries dinner.I have had a tooth that was falling out piece by piece-that I had worked on right before I left on my mission. I guess it was not noteworthy because everything went without a hitch. The boys even got cleanings with NO CAVITIES (the first time ever!...even Colton). But this weekend my mouth started letting me know how unhappy it was. I have awoken a couple of nights to some throbbing pain. But, it has been manageable with medication, my chewing has now switched to the 'weak side'. it seems to be getting better as I am trying to "buy my time" on a root canal and crowns, as they would drain our health saving accounts. I can safely say it is getting better--I ate on that side of my mouth this evening!

Thursday September 25- Today at Ryland's preschool he made cookies for the letter "c". Of course he showed them to his brothers and of course, he did not share! That was a fight waiting to happen!

It seems like I have spent many hours shopping for our coupon sense program. It takes allot of work--especially when they have run out of the product and the quantity you need!

That evening for softball I was graced by the presence of my hubby and BIL. We had hitting practice before the game and I did GREAT!!! But, I get too anxious during the game. I fared well-I could just be better. I am now sporting my first ever blister from hitting (I did not even get one in High School when I played). First base went well and we beat one of the better teams in the competitive league!

Friday September 26- I went garage sale'ing w/ my sister and BIL that morning. We found them a couch and looked at a couple of apartments. Of course, I had my "finds" and am glad that I was able to find some shorts for the boys --and some cute clothes for Dacie!

Today I mopped and scrubbed under my fridge and above it!! This was all motivated by my BIL's new found curiosity in lizards. John was fascinated to find a lizard, and then trap it in a Tupperware. He thought it was pretty amazing. When I tried to explain to him that they are an every day household item in Arizona, he wanted to keep it and put it in an aquarium. I told him not while he was living here. John was a bit disappointed at my lack of enthusiasm--so my sister told him to take a picture to remember. I grabbed my camera and my sister told him to pick it up. John, not being around lizards, picked it up by its tail--which it quickly 'dropped' and went flying out of his hands and under my fridge. Naturally we had to pull out the fridge and prod it out with a hanger. A little over an 30 minutes later-we had gotten our picture, I had mopped our floor (You can hardly put back a fridge when the floor underneath looked like it did!) and replaced all the falling items on top (of course cleaning that as well). Long story short--a lizard belongs outside!!!

I have loved having extra hands to help with the kids. However, my house is FULL with an extra 2 adults. My world seems "out of sync" and I am "off my groove". I have forgotten things, misplaced things. I feel disorganized and my head and home are full. I have not been a good friend (like when my friend called and needed a jump-- I couldn't do it) AND today was the cincher. I forgot to go and conduct the music at a funeral our ward was holding for a toddler who had passed away. I did not know them, and their parents are not active in the church. But,I still felt AWFUL!!!

That evening was FUN Friday and we watched The Muppet's-Treasure Island while Dan slept on the rocking chair. He has not been feeling well this whole weekend.

Uncle John with his buddy the lizard who tried taking up residence under our fridge!

Saturday September 27- We got up and did our Saturday chores! Cara and John joined us this time! Dan had to go into work for 2 hours on a patient that needed stretching-- after a procedure she had done the day before that requires vigilant treatment. It was a good thing I had the extra eyes that I did because Dacie managed to flood our bathroom with teddy bears and bath mats shoved into the toilet. I cannot leave my children alone for 5 minutes! Dan got home and everyone (minus me) went to the local community college for celebrations. They ate lunch, made necklaces, tye-dyed shirts and MISSED NAPS. I stayed home and showered and cleaned.

Things really started loading up today and tensions began running high. I barely made it for the Relief Society broadcast with my sister after we had missed the dinner. The broadcast was wonderful it gave me clarity and peace, that I so much needed. I was able to come home and say the things I needed to say to restore peace. I wonder how long it would have taken to end the conflict if I hadn't? I am grateful for the spirit and look forward to General Conference where we will get two days of these talks and the spirit, rather than just an evening of it.

Dan and I had an impromptu date that evening after as we went and grabbed something for me to eat (since I had not eaten all day) and did some more coupon sense shopping after the kids were in bed. It was wonderful to have this available to us w/ our house company!

Sunday September 28- We made it on time for church!...and Dacie made it through half of sacrament before she had to go out. Ryland later joined her out in the foyer as he had a real "off" day at church. In fact, I got pulled out of class b/c he refused to climb out from under the table in nursery and was wailing. I sat w/ him and held him, they brought him snack, and he joined his class again when he saw them taking a walk outside! Dan went home after sacrament as he is still not feeling well. I had to leave the last hour to go make a visit for Young Women opening exercises (to introduce ourselves)--in our farthest away ward,Spring Valley. They are about an hour away and closer to Prescott then we are! But they are sweet and I was glad to see that the one of the two girls they had attending that day--were ones who hung out w/ our group on the five mile hike!

We all got some form of naps, played a few good rounds of Candyland and enjoyed a batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies. Sunday evenings do not get much better than that!

Well--this is the last week of our company's stay, we are getting ready for our big vacation, and it is BIRTHDAY season. I will have LOTS to do and LOTS to post about. So we will catch ya on the flip side!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

HaPPY BirTHday AMers!!!!

This is how Amy looked when I met her 9 years ago (she is the 3rd in on the left...middle)--
This is my little Amy NOW, all grown up!!!

So today is Dan's youngest sisters birthday. Yes, that would be a real family picture above-as opposed to a fake magazine model one that they look like. It is AMY and her little fam!
(Amy LOVED on my boys, even before her own--here she is with Colton)
Amy is one of those people that you can never stay mad at, or think ill of. She is one of the kindest, most tender people. She is sincere. I believe she is the one in her family who takes the most after her mom's tender traits.

(Amy (far left) sending Kerri 'her only sister by blood' on a mission)

Amy has always been true to the gospel. Her faith is guileless like her mom's...and I do not think she ever challenged or rebelled it. She has seemed to always know it was true. I remember when I first was married to Dan, and I would be down in the basement while she was hanging out with her friends. She was dating a guy that she liked allot-- and I remember that she was always the one who sent everyone home on time, never broke the rules, and never acted like she was trying to show off or not be herself around them (especially him). I felt like she was confident in who she was and with her relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Sure she LOVED silly girl things (talking on the phone, music, etc.) and enjoyed silly teenager fun--but she did it without compromising.

(Again... Amy playing the piano with Colton--we enjoy being spoiled by our child-less Aunts)

I remember being an EFY counselor while she attended a session at BYU. I was engaged to Dan at the time. One night my responsibility was to help create a virtual wall of counselors to help "guide" the kids back to the dorms and not wonder around campus. I ran into Amy w/ all her cool friends. I remember her yelling out as she walked off, "I LOVE YOU ALICIA!" It warmed my heart. As you marry into a family you always wonder where your placement will be, and how you will fit in. I never felt any sort of difficult transition with her. She loved me from the beginning and accepted me, no weird feelings or having to navigate our new relationship.

I have always felt that she has never been embarrassed by me. She always includes me with her friends. I have never been the nerdy, old-fashioned mom who married her oldest brother. I have just been one of the fam, and her friends--even when I was super BIG pregnant!

(Amy with baby Sterling when he was born)

I remember Amy losing a allot of weight in high school. I worried about her, but since then I have noticed that she is really healthy about it. She appreciates good food BUT in moderation. I KNOW she LOVED learning about nutrition at BYU. She enjoys good, healthy things (exercise, activities...)just like her relationships, or anything else in her life for that matter. However, she never solicits unwanted advice or judges others.

(Amy hugging HER OWN BABY-Lola on her first birthday!!)

I could not love Amy any more for the fact that she gave Dacie a girl cousin.In hopes that they will have a close relationship as I do with some of mine. It is our first cousin on Dan's side of the family!!!! (now she just needs to keep the cousin friends coming...)

Best of all it has been amazing to see Amy become a mother. Not only does she make pregnancy, labor, delivery and nursing easy--she is a baby machine...The Love she has shown everyone very much goes into her relationships with her baby and hubby! It is FUN to talk about big, grown up things. Amy is very tender and hates to see anyone cry, especially her baby!

Before Amy had Lola ...she had her dogs-Bentley and Lucy, and I remember the worry and time she spent taking care of them as well. She LOVES animals too--She is tender-hearted.

I know Amy appreciates sleep and does well getting it. But she still takes motherhood on like a champ!

I know allot of people in Amy's family really value her opinions and fashion sense. I notice allot of the siblings, as well as her mom, confide in her. They also turn to her for advice in fashion and really listen to her opinions. She knows how to get a deal, and make you look SUPER cute & trendy..I mean, look at the pictures-they are proof!!!

Last but not least--Amy is talented. She plays the piano (that is something I want my children to do--even though I passed up my opportunity). It is a valuable talent in the church!!! She also can make the darnedest, cutest crafts. From-- things to hang her daughters bows on, to the bows themselves, to letter for peoples names....she sees something and makes it happen in a cute, trendy, very well-done way. I always want her to have me for Christmas so maybe I can capitalize on these talents!! How selfish am I?

(Amy with her family!!)

Those who are Amy's closest friends seem to stay close to Amy despite distance and growing families. Her close relationships just seem to get stronger. I am grateful to consider her one of mine. My life has been happier with her in it. She is one of the NICEST people I have met. Like I said, someone so stinkin' sweet deserves the sweetest birthday!!

SWeeT BirthDaY Dreams AMERS!!!

We LOVE YOU!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week Synopsis 9/15-9/21

Monday September 15th- Preschool for Ryland today was all about BUGS! They went a diggin'--OF COURSE Ryland loved it!

We have had a fire log left over from my family reunion in Flagg --forever sitting in our garage and I got a s'more making kit at pokeeno-the kids have been dying to use it since then--so firepit FHE tonight!

I think it was Dacie's first time with fire!! She was always put to bed before the fire started when we have been camping--thus the reason for so many Dacie pictures! The first picture above captured her happy smile -she had when she first saw it. She thought she was the stuff!

Add some marshmallows and her baby doll to the night, and life did not get much better than that for her!
OK-so during my BYU days I spent many a night up in the canyon or mountains having campfires...and to no avail the game"Chubby Bunny" (where you stuff BIG marshmallows in your mouth and have to clearly say chubby bunny--without losing one)was always a hit. Dan was opposed to the whole affair-stating it would be too messy. I simply went ahead and taught my children how to play it. My gag reflex is NOT what it use to be--and I sadly had to gag out the last chubby bunny at 8 marshmallows. Dan's competitive side appeared and he did not want to be outdone--so of course, he beat me at 10. Small mouth and all!! Now our kids can;t stop talking about it!

Tuesday 9/16, Wednesday 9/17, and Thursday 9/18-Went by without a mark on the calendar-besides my work schedule. I am sure the kids got creative with their play, we lost a lunch box or two, and our nights were not at home--but for once, it might not be noteworthy.

I do however have to mention that Colton is really getting into earning money by other means besides chores. He went through a weed pulling phase-where he would get a penny a weed. Our garden loved him--he came away with $5. Colton would go straight outside and pick weeds for hours. But at night he was a sore, grumpy lad--I am not sure the trade off was worth its weight in gold!

We have also decided that we can have nothing nice in our home with children. My favorite rocking chair is ripped to shreds, our couch just got a huge tear that is un-hideable. Granted we got these for real cheap or for free--but I do like to look presentable--the kids wear and tear on furniture may solidify that Dan will NEVER let us purchase new.

They also shoved a car down the drain in our shower. We have tried and tried to get it out with no luck-however it has NOT plugged the drain-- with luck. I just noticed that my elliptical machine is missing the hook up for its resistance and programming electrical system. Somehow those little buggars found the down low hook up and have dismantled it. That is going to be a couple of hundred dollar repair--unless we can figure it out on our own. AAAAHH! I give up having anything nice with our children.

Oh yeah- and Thursday nights softball game went much better than last weeks- I was slammin' first base. However--I am frustrated with my hitting!!

Friday September 19- FUN and crazy Friday. I ended up taking phones Thursday evening and all day Friday-since my friend (the Taylors) son returned from his mission! I also watched a friends son during the day and another friends 2 sons later that afternoon-while they went on school field trips. My visiting teachers (Cami Raban, and Tori Scott) came to visit and I forgot--my house and hair were a MESS! So glad they are my friends.

We ended the evening watching the country bears and eating pizza in the living room. Of course--what night ends bad with a good disc of The Office? We went to bed smiling...

These are Dacie's favorite flip flops (even though they are Sterling's) and she has a nervous breakdown when I don't let her wear them in public-- She is jammin' to the music on "collect the trashes" night!

Before (above)and After (below) shots of my new glasses!!! That just arrived this week--wahoo!

Saturday September 20- Get up and GET BUSY!! Saturday morning chores were underway as we were preparing the house for our new roommates-The Wiggly Higleys (my sister and BIL)-who are staying with us (2 weeks) until they can find a casa and a job in the verde valley/Flagg (so if you hear of anything LET ME KNOW!).

I heard from two friends that day that I have not heard from in quite sometime (Josh Gigueire-a friend I dated at BYU,and Chelsea Jolly-who did their PT internship here). It was happy reunions. We missed the big group date we do w/ our friends once a month, that afternoon--so we made it up to the kids by getting blimpie sandwiches and playing at the park that afternoon.

That evening Dan and I went on a date and tried Thai food for the first time. It has come highly recommended--and we were not let down! We were greatly disappointed to have spent our money on the movie Momma Mia after (in fact our stake president was sitting right by us and walked out). Once again it was an expensive date night after the babysitter. All in the name of love!

Dan said my smile was weird in the before/after pictures (it was a joke smile, grit your teeth effect) and that my glasses were funky--so I decided to BUG him all night and take random pictures. Don't you just love to tease and torment your favorite buddy?!! ha ha ha. I am so mean!

Sunday September 21-Colton talked in primary on prayer today. He got so nervous he started to read as fast as he could, slurring some words together. But-- I was proud of him for doing it even when he was scared.

That night I had SYC (stake youth committee)and a youth fireside where we had a choir from NAU come sing. I was gone from 5:30-9:30pm--thank goodness my sister had arrived in time for dinner to keep Dan company. The kids LOVE their uncle and aunt!!!

That pretty much wraps up our week of FuN! Can't wait to hear about all of yours!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

So...Dan spends more of his waking hours in his "new home" (office) then he does in his old home (our house)-- (we realize that it is the nature of a full-time job) BUT who can blame Dan for enjoying it!--Check out why below:
First, Dan starts his mornings off (for an hour or so @6:20am) at a "breakfast shop" (seminary/institute building across from the H.S) in town--where all the CoOL teenagers hang out!
Then Dan arrives at his "mansion" (Northern Arizona Rehabilitation and Fitness) where he will spend the next 10 hours "hangin' out" (working HARD w/ no lunch break).

Dan can't complain too much as there is always 'benefits' for being the best looking sibling in the bunch (Dan is in the upper right hand corner-he has ALWAYS looked dang good in a cowboy hat)
Time permitting (ha ha) Dan would take a few laps in the heated, therapeutic, indoor pool with a fitness instructor (Dan's boss) --this place has its perks!
Even if Dan was in a wheel chair-they could get him in with the lift they have installed!
No complaints about "working out" (working WITH patients) in a new high tech gym with LOTS of new equipment-- that ain't so bad either!
OR if Dan preferred he could always improve his game of golf and go and practice on the professional putting green --out the back windows (has never even gone out there--too busy)

Dan never has to climb stairs ...because ,of course, his home has an elevator (that he rarely uses).
IF Dan's knee IS feeling well he could always go for a walk up and down the cool, spiral stairs
Oh, and the upper covered deck is to die for--HUGE ceiling fans included for those hot summer days!
Also included in Dan's home is an upgraded "kitchen" (break room)--soda machines and all. He gets to enjoy about a meal a week "on the house" (if he can make it up there between patients).
A nice, BIG, new, bathroom w/ POWERFUL toilets is ALWAYS a BONUS!

In case Dan works up a sweat while he is working so hard--he could always take a shower in the locker room!
Who would NOT WANT a laundry room with counter and cabinet space GALORE?!!!

There is always plenty of space to sit--on new furniture, in his new "Living Room" (waiting room) as well!! And included in these luxurious accommodations is a personal secretary who answers the phone for him!!! And plans his "social calendar" (schedule of patients) everyday.
Last and certainly not least --Dan goes somewhere everyday where he is LOVED and looked up too (most of the time). The patients even bake for him on a regular basis-- and bring him treats! (One of Dan's faithful and fun patients Adel--who has loved our tribe since we moved here) .

IF I had to go someplace for most my day I certainly would pick a place like this!!

*The only bummers are--Dan rarely has any time to enjoy the amenenties--what they have worked so hard for keeps them super busy, AND we (the family) can't enjoy it with him!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Take A Hike IKE!!!

Take a Hike Ike! Is a quote we have adopted over here in DRY ARIZONA from our friends the Mangums (our old Bishop) who lives in Houston! As many of you are well aware -our family spent 2, almost 3, glorious years in Houston, Texas while Dan went to graduate school. I can definitely say that I left a piece of my heart when we left. I have so many fond memories.
SOOO when the news that tropical Ike was headed straight for Houston-it tugged at my heart! I have been wanting to talk to every person I know still living there!
Then I heard and saw the news of it hitting Galveston! I was so sad as I looked at the images (check out the link below) We spent many FuN days at Galveston as a family. I know it could have been allot worse...but it is sad none-the less.
We were so blessed while we lived there to have 'just missed' the flooding a few months before our arrival and no hurricanes or storms hitting while we were there!
I am now anxiously awaiting the news from our friends in Houston to see what they experienced! The zip code we actually lived in was told not to evacuate--so many prepared and "tied down the hatches"!
So for whatever this is worth--Here is our hugs and happy memories of sunnier days Houston! We Love you!!Grandpa Hutchings even got a day at Galveston Island while we lived there!
Kemah Boardwalk
Sterling getting some R&R at the beach the day before he had surgery on his club foot!
Colton wearing shades on a Sunnier Day in Galveston!


OH.... to be a KID again!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Synopsis 9/8-9/14

(Ryland all ready for preschool with his huge gardening hat,bandanna, light saber, butterfly catcher, and pooh bib-gotta love the dress up box!--he really did not wear this for preschool...luckily)

Monday September 8th- First day of Preschool for Ryland! It was at our home this week--and I was the teacher. We started off with a BANG! learning the letter "A" --using the theme of apples. There is a group of 4 kids and their dynamics seem to work well together. It is 3 hours this year (as opposed to the typical 2 hours in the past) 2 days a week, so the kids get more play time together. We made apple jack necklaces, cut out pictures of things that start with an A, glue'ing them to our apple, learned our A song, read LOTS of A books, did show-n-tell, the pledge, calendar, shapes, colors and numbers. It went well--and the kids played outside the last half an hour or so, so I could clean the inside.

(Our living room transformed into the makeshift preschool classroom-above- and the cute little 'critters' stringing applejack necklaces that never made it home!-below-)

That evening it was cool and nice outside so the kids played! We did chalk art, caught frogs, and used our first bell pepper out of the garden for dinner! We also had a friend for dinner (Mr. Snakey) who crawled across the kitchen floor, just as we were getting ready to come in. Colton about DIED when he saw it and I came running in to the response of his high pitch screech. I am afraid my fear of snakes has carried over to our children.

(Colton has been learning about the human body in school-he drew the complete 'insides' of a body with chalk on the sidewalk-- and told me every detail about it-maybe he will follow in his daddy's footsteps!)
(Mr. Snakey slithering in for some snacks at suppertime, much to Colton's suprise!)
(Our first red bell pepper from the garden that we have gotten to eat!! YEAH!!!!)

Tuesday September 9- Dan was I went to the eye Dr's. first thing in the morning. My contacts were running out and it was time for a new prescription and eye exam! It ended up being a 2 hour appointment, because I decided to get new glasses. So look for new posts of my new trendy glasses forthcoming! ha ha--I really am getting brave and wanting to get some lasiks done!~ then I went and got a pedicure! My lucky day. My toes have been awful. Every time I play softball my one toenail and cleats don;t seem to mix well. It was a much needed thing. I say it was a necessity not a want at this point! I came home to help Dan finish his coupon clipping and shopping while I did the budget. Love those 'get caught up' kind of days!

Wednesday September 10- The kids had a SUPER early release day at school and were home about 11am! It started pouring rain right as they were due home from the bus. So I went and got them at the bus stop. It continued raining through most the afternoon, with even some hail! It has been unusually rainy this summer (not that we are complaining) but it is fun to see my children's response to it. You would think it is a such a special day when it rains! They have child-like innocence and awe at the rain. They set up a little 'house' by the back window and watched it all afternoon. EVERY time a clap of thunder or lightening would strike-Dacie would make a surprised face and curl up with her animals. It was cute to watch ALL of them there together that afternoon playing. It is what family-really- is all about!
I answered phones all day as the owner was getting a procedure done in the hospital for his heart.

That night we, the stake YW, did an activity night "on us" for one of the wards...umm, one of my favorites-my Alma mater ward ( I served in the ward YW presidency and was YW president when we first moved to Cottonwood)- MINGUS!!! We played friendship Bingo and had ice cream Sundaes. I LOVE those girls and I LOVE Young Women!

(The kids rain headquarters house they set up by the back sliding window to get front row seats to the storm!)

(Dacie's astonished face she made at EVERY clap of thunder--what a ham!!!)

Thursday September 11- We had our 2nd day of preschool today! We celebrated Johnny Appleseed days-read a book, made a puppet, tasted and chose our favorite color apples, sang songs, and read LOTS more books! It was an 'off' kind of day for me. I was not feeling fulfilled. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with our children's needs and dispositions as of lately. I get 'home bound' at times-which I typically enjoy...but not today! My softball game did not help that mood either. Our game was over in a half an hour. We got crushed by the other team. I played pretty darn awful. But. I guess it helped that I was not the only one. It also does not help when both teams (particularly the opposing one) has AWFUL potty mouths. I was raised around these words--so it is not as if I am prudish...BUT it was excessive tonight and I came away feeling foul! Dan just let me cry it all out when I got home tonight! I LOVE my best friend.

Friday September 12-It was a new day and I ran errands!!! We have been really getting started on this coupon sense the kids and I went to Walgreen's to capitalize on some deals as well as buy some gifts for the LOTS of birthday party's this weekend.

The boys all went and got their hair cuts at the Barber. I had earned a little more than I usually do last month answering phones--so I could afford the luxury of avoiding hair all over, getting crisp, short cuts, and getting Sterling's LONG hair GONE! Bye bye hair! They have been sending home lice notices--and that was motivation enough to get it cut shorter. I still think Sterling's hair up front might be a little too long for me-we are bordering on the 80's --but it suffices--and it was money well spent.

We also went and delivered a balloon to Colton's good friend who has been dealing with Bells palsy (is that how you spell it) fore a few weeks. It will eventually go away--but we wanted to let him know we were thinking of him. Meanwhile Sterling who memorizes EVERY ONES birthdays-remembered it was his old preschool friend Livi Gordon's-- and insisted that we go get her a gift and deliver it. I am not the one to stifle my children's desire to give--even if his fixation for birthdays is a little crazy!

Colton got to spend the night at a friends home whose mom called and invited him earlier that day (Jeremiah McDowell). They are in our ward and I felt 'safe' with his parents there! He stayed up late and watched Pokemon. Life does not get much better than that for him!

(Dan showing off his new clinic to the kids--who have not gotten to see the new work place!!!)

Saturday September 13-It was a FUN BUSY kind of day!!! Dan's work had their public open house for the new building. Dan even had his picture in the monthly "money in the mail" they do around here for it. Dan had to be there early. But after I got us all dressed (the boys in their daddy's work shirts)--we headed over there. The place is beauty, and is getting its own little post about it. Daddy had to work the elevator--so we only got to visit him for a little bit! They had a radio station there-we spun the wheel and won prizes at it. We got some pizza and cake, danced on the roof of Daddy's work building to the radio station broadcast, and jumped in the jump houses! We came home only to run Colton to a birthday swim party and I got the rest home for naps. Dan had to be there until 3:45pm or so. His parents came up to see the building and came over to our house after!

( Dancing to the tunes of the broadcasting radio station up on the roof!)

(Who could go jumping without their dolly? Hello!!!! After jumping for a bit Dacie kept coming over and pointing at it and yelling for me to give it to her-What a girl!!!)

After naps I got the two younger boys dressed in swimsuits and to our friends (Brandon William's) birthday party. It was also a swim party. My family always has a GREAT time there. We only stayed for a little over an hour so we could go back home and meet up with everyone to go to dinner w/ Dan;s parents. We went and got some yummy Mexican food! The kids fared well considering their social agenda's that day! We could not get Dacie home in enough time before she had a 'meltdown' ( a new and MUCH undesirable trait). It was a great day of friends and family!

(How Many kids can you fit into one hot tub? Sterling and Ryland at Brandon Williams b-day party w/ a bunch of buddies!)

Sunday September 14-We are feeling the effects of fun today--BUT we still made it in time for church! Colton cannot lift his arm over his head b/c his shoulder is in soo much pain from swimming and playing all the arm Wii games. Poor kid--I hate having too much fun. After church we got our Sunday naps to improve our dispositions for next week! We had dinner out on the back patio at dusk. It got dark on us pretty quickly, but with a full moon and the mosquito candle flame--it was a pretty dreamy evening. We got the kids bathed and in bed at a decent hour. Lunches packed and clothes laid out for tomorrow! I better keep a good thing going and sign off for bed!

Hope your weeks were full of friends, candlelight dinners, and child-like perspective on the simple things !