Friday, February 29, 2008

Poor sick baby McCoy!

In past posts (Dacie's birthday Jan.25) I mentioned that we were 'almost' there for the arrival of my nephew, or should I say the boys new BOY cousin, McCoy Hutchings. He came a short three days after we left LA. He is the son to my brother Chad and sister-in-law Beth for those of you trying to make the connection.
McCoy is about three plus weeks old, and in those short three weeks my brother has accepted a job working for the church (LDS) in the graphic design department. The hiring process was brutal, and LONG, and it will be hard for them to leave LA and Warner brothers where they have lived and worked the last five years? or so. My brother starts work in Salt Lake City next Friday. They feel like this is right, and will enable them to take the steps they need, to have Beth be able to NOT work full-time, as she does for IBM. Despite the preparations for a quick move, rental agreements to get out of, preschool contracts to get out of, church responsibilities (EQ pres., and RS counselor), training new fill-in's at work, postpartum and maternity leave,etc. They all caught a bad case of the flu.
When I called to talk with my mom (who is visiting right now, thank heavens) it sounded like there were allot of LONG nights, fevers, and coughs --and that McCoy had gone from a good sleeper to a no-sleeper, with a fever,bad cough, lethargy. The pediatrician did not want to see him, so they took him to an urgent care when they began to worry about his symptoms worsening--he was sent to the emergency room and then admitted to ICU. He had 102 fever and a really fast pulse, around 220. From what I get second hand, and from my poor translation of medical terminology, they are not sure exactly what is wrong, but have some ideas. His white blood count is abnormal, which is a sign of infection. He keeps running fevers, and was dehydrated when admitted. He tested negative for spinal meningitis and the virus. He tested negative for RSV. He tested positive for Influenza. His mother and brother have a blood condition that he too, could have genetically--that causes anemia and his hemacratic (sp) to be low, which he has. They are still waiting for blood tests on that. It looks like they will be keeping him for 7 days to let the antibiotics run their course. He is quarantined and considered the "outside baby" on the floor-he gets his own room, so they don't mind. But, it means that when he is released they will have to be super careful with germs (good luck-when they have a 5 and 2 year old), all the while they are trying to move and close up loose ends.
The insurance is giving them a hard time and may be moving the baby to a hospital in downtown LA, when right now he is at one only 10 minutes away, because they are out of network, red-tape, etc. It is stressful for them right now .
My heart is tender for a new mommy and baby having to do this. I get icky feelings inside when I remember our days spent in the hospital with sick baby's, tests, needle pricks, surgeries, etc. It is the only thing you are focused on--Let alone brothers that want their parents and a dad trying to hold it all together, and an out-of-state MOVE with the daddy leaving next week.
Our family is having a special fast for them this weekend, any of you are welcome to add them to your prayers. They will make it, and are peaceful it will be all right--but getting through it, is where a greater power is going to step in.
Our hearts are with you McCoy. We wished we lived closer so we could take your brothers and play with them! Sleep well, and eat LOTS!

Those WERE the DaYs!

I was getting ready to sneak in some mid-day sugar and realized we did not have much around in the house to satisfy that urge (good...that means I won't eat it and I DON'T need it). Then I looked into the candy jar, or should I call it, the SUGAR jar-- I am not a BiG Fan of it, the sugary candy (nerds, pixie sticks, jolly ranchers, etc...) does not do much for me, NOT much temptation there, and then I spotted a Tootsie Roll. I realized it had been quite sometime since I had one, so I plopped it in AND it brought back some good ol' memories!
Back in "the good ol' days" my best friend (from high school) and I use to go to the grocery store and buy bags of these in bulk. I mean, 1/2 pounds to a pound because they were FAT FREE (ha ha ha, not sugar free, we didn't know the difference)--after all, we had to look good in our cheer leading uniforms and swimsuits in the summer! We would eat the WHOLE bag in one sitting, AND not gain a pound. Those WERE the days I tell ya, I miss my old metabolism where I could eat whatever the heck I wanted and not have a consequence!
Here's to tootsie roll diets!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Whose Afraid of the BiG BaD BEE...

... OR any LITTLE flying thing for that matter?!!!! DACIE IS!
She is fine with flying birds, and barking dogs, and growling tigers, and pretty butterfly's BUT if there is any little flying insect around the glass doors, or screen door she PANICS. I mean freaking out kind of panic. Dan did not believe me until he was home the other day, and I caught her freaking out on video. She goes to the doors and sits there until she finds one (it was a gnat in the video) and then screams a high-pitch, I have been hurt scream, and will not move. I try getting her to come to me and she just curls up in a ball on the rug and stares at it screaming. I first noticed it with the bumble bees that collect around our front screen door when we have it open w/ our spring-time weather. We cannot for the life of us figure out where this petrified fear comes from?!!! it perplexes us. So check it out WARNING: this is a so sad (I caught her right after she saw her first little gnat)
*Does anyone know how to center the videos on the post as I download them?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The ForgetFul FaiRy!

I don't know how my mom did it! (with nine children that is)
It seems like there is always something I could be doing 'more' for my children, and I ONLY have FOUR. 'More' meaning...not forgetting to "help" the toothfairy out when that is all my son (Colton-yes, he has LOST another tooth) has TALKED about all day and is DREAMING about at night, for starters. Then top it off, with making it TWO nights of forgetting. I never remember getting neglected by the toothfairy growing up--maybe memory FADES me (I just don't remember the forgetful fairy-who indeed was forgetful)and SAVES me (my children will have the same forgetful memories of their forgetful fairy)!

I finally had enough of trying to get things done amidst children the other evening, so I sat down in their room and played HARD. I mean kid hard. We rode trains, made dinners, sang with ice cream cones, sorted food by colors and health... and made a night of it. I enjoyed it, but really, if I had to do that all day for the next 'umpteen' years I may lose any education I gained! I wish there was a healthy balance between getting things out of duty done, things out of personal enjoyment accomplished and childrens' needs met all in one activity.

I feel loved and that I had a healthy and happy childhood--so one day, my kids will hopefully look back and have some compassion on their forgetful fairy of a mother, trying to get it all done!
I LOVE being a mother-- where else could I learn about the delicate balancing of priorities, forgiving yourself, doing things you don't enjoy for the sake of others, patience, trying harder, and becoming the next ice cream american idol!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

There is NO DAY like a SNOW DAY!

For quite sometime Dan and I have talked about taking the kids up to the snow (about45min-1hour) from us, but we have dragged our feet doing it. On Saturday, 2/23 we got a phone call from our favorite Houston friends "the Other Sorensen's", who live in Wickenburg-telling us they were heading up to the snow and asked if we wanted to join them.It took us less then a minute to decide and we were IN!
After making some quick phone calls and collecting snow suits and boots for my kids (thank heavens) we were on our way!!My boots from BYU fit (the only thing that still fits from my college days...including shoes) it was a GREAT day! We went up between Flagstaff and Williams to a place called Parks, and it was BEAUTIFUL! It had snowed the day before and was super sunny while we were there, and then snowed again the day after. It was not too crowded either!
Dacie was a serious trooper and hung out under the tree in the backpack taking it all in! She LOVED it! (until right before we went home, and took her on a few sled runs)
The actual place we went to is set up for snow play and they have three 'runs' -a smaller sledding hill, a bigger one, and then a skiing/snowboarding ONLY hill. They even have little houses with the picnic tables under them. It was great. This is the view from about half way up the sledding hill!
The kids looked so DARN cute bundled up in their little snow suits and hats, gloves and boots. They were little marshmallows--I wanted to eat them up!
This is us trekking up the hill. It was a SERIOUS workout going up and down the hill. Sometimes the snow would go half way up my thigh-over Ryland!

Colton and Sterling had the time of their lives! They just kept going down time after time. I thought they would be a little bit more chicken about the whole affair, considering they were screaming about snow going down their boots about five minutes into it. This is Colton above!
Ryland went down a couple of times. He went with me and Dan, but he preferred Dan. Otherwise he hung out with Dacie and our other friends-throwing snow balls, shaking trees, and being free. It also took him quite sometime to get up the hill!
We figured out the easiest way to pull Dacie...until she tipped over!
Dacie enjoyed being stripped down, after she had a blow-out and 'smoking' her pretzel stick on the way home!
What a HoTTIe!! With such a cute baby...oh yeah, their mine!

Dan actually did not fall over on this picture. We spent the day on the smaller hill as we went plenty fast on it. It had some serious bumps to get air on as well. Dan and I enjoyed being kids again!
Dacie went down twice with Dan and I and then she was DONE!
Sterling got his hat off within the first few minutes after walking up the hill and never put it back on. He could barely keep his eyes open getting warm and cozy in the car on the way home. Sterling above was a super good sledder and NEVER fell off!
Here is some shots of our friends the Sorensen's-They have four kids as well, about the same ages. So it was great for snowball fights, companionship, picture taking, AND GREAT IDEAS!
Below is my FIRST attempt of a video on blogging! Thus the reason it is sideways (how do you flip it?) It is Colton screaming and sledding down the hill. Happy watching!

IT was such a FUN and BEAUTIFUL day for us. We made it back in time for the adult session of Stake Conference--and had time to mop the floors before we left.We got lots done--and took good naps today 2/23.
It was a SUPER FUN (and expensive babysitting fee) weekend for sure. We better take the kids again before they grow out of the borrowed snow gear! Anyone wanna come?

Having a BaLL BoWLING!!!

Our group of friends (playgroup, church, girls game nights) have gotten together and decided to do a once-a-month group date. This month was the 'kick-off' with a bowling and dessert night on Friday 2/22!
Dan and I had allot of FUN! I am not gonna lie, my first game was sad BUT I rocked in the second game...126 or something--and, YES, I beat Dan!
It was fun going bowling with friends-that is more of a group date kind of thing anyways~there was plenty of cheering going on!
...and some creative bowling styles (around and through the legs). Our last few frames we got to do to black lights and music, since rock-n-bowl started! SWEET!
The night was topped off with some aisle dancing at dessert/dinner (for those of us who ran straight from work)!! We are so grateful for good friends and fun date nights for us. It brought back cheap, date-night memories from BYU (except it is not cheap here and with babysitting fees)!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Jason!!!

After a little mix up on my calendar I realized I ALMOST paid tribute to Jason on the wrong day!! (Tomorrow)
Happy Birthday Bro !(in-law)
Jason is our favorite because he married Mindy!! Oh how we love her, but she can be passionate and intense-he is the 'eye' in the storm. Not only for Mindy, but for our whole crazy family. He is easy-going when the rest of the world is tense. He fits right in with my younger brothers-he can talk their talk and walk their walk. They love him like a bro.
Jason has the most giving heart. It is fun to visit them, because they spare no expense. They enjoy a good time.
IF they had any spare he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it!
Jason is a spiritual leader in his family. His father passed away when he was young, and he was raised by his mother. He is the only one of his siblings to serve a complete mission, actively attends and was married in the temple to his wife. He is not boastful of this leadership and looks up, still, to his older brother. He takes good care of his mother.
We wish we had more pictures of Jason BUT we don't get to see him as often as we like. We got him to come when I was super overdue with Ryland (but Ryland did not come) Darn it!
Jason's heart is tender and pure, and he wants to be accepted.
When Mindy and him are able to have children he will be a good dad and will play with his kids and hang with them, they will call him a friend. Right now our children reap the benefits of them not having their own immediate children--they spoil them whenever possible, and many toys are provided by their sacrifice.
Jason enjoys the finer things in life and has good goals.
We are better for having him in our family's life and want him to know we LOVE him JUST the way he is!
Have some cake and serious ice cream on us!

My families live nativity x-mas eve. Jason is far right in the orange head piece below green boy (John) he is doing this without a word of complaint...see what I mean he fits right in!!!

2nd Place Kinda Day!!!

WARNING: This is a self absorbed, I-am-so-picked-on kind of post. NOT a HAPPY one, kind of if you are in a GOOD mood read no further, OR if you enjoy optimism instead of pessimism (sp) read no further-I don't like hanging out with pessimists (Dan calls them realists)-so I wouldn't hang out with me on this blog.
Just a side note before I start: my life is really good, I am really blessed, I don't have much to complain about, BUT I still do... some days are a real bummers. It is raining today so I feel like it is setting the mood
Do you ever feel like you are second place or an afterthought in most people's lives, including the ones you love the most? I do. Yesterday (I should say last night) was one of those nights.
I feel like I am second place to Dan's work, because I get him after a full day of a super BUSY patient load and he is exhausted (I DO NOT blame him) or on his days off where he wants to relax from a busy schedule. He is not wanting to socialize after listening to his patients complain all day ( I DON'T blame him). Even his seminary class gets him bright and spiritually awake. I get the leftovers at the end of the day. He tries his hardest and there is not much he can do to change it. I just have to accept second place as a wife, in one way!
I am second place to my children...or the afterthought. They need me when they need something (not really, but some days it certainly feels that way!) After feeling a little picked on last night when I went to some sacrifice to make something new for dinner and a dessert to boot, Colton says to me, "mom can I set the table for you?" my heart stopped. ABSOLUTELY. After which he asked, "what else can I do for you mom?" Were my ears really hearing this? I told him he could play with Dacie who was having a HARD day (she is not feeling well). He pulled out her tub of toys and occupied her. I started getting a little suspicious and asked him what he wanted. He told me nothing. UNTIL later that evening I was looking at our dry erase board where I keep track of how many days Colton is grounded from playing games, and I realized one day was missing! When I asked who had changed the days, he told me, "don't I get days off for being nice and helping you?" I told him NO! I was grateful and sad at the same time. I then thought that ,for sure, Dacie was always up for some good momma loving--and would come to me regardless. Yeah, she came to me ALL day all right, BUT would not quit screaming unless I was STANDING UP and WALKING AROUND. There was the love with conditions again! So I felt like a second place mother yesterday as well.
Well, nothing cures a picked on heart like good conversations with your mom or mom-in-law. I called both. One I called to ask a question and she told me she would call me back, and never did (this is not the first time it has happened). I have also been excused during conversations with her, so she could talk to another child. I tried the other mom, where I was told to talk to other members of the family while she did some things. During that time another sibling called on another phone and she told me she would call me back---she did, but I was done with being an afterthought for the day. How RUDE, I was first! I KNOW I am not the only child in either family, and that I do not deserve special royalty treatment. I also know that when siblings call that rarely do, or have more severe problems than I do they get the attention. I will do it with my own kids. But, why does the squeaky wheel always get the oil? Maybe I will start being squeaky (just kidding). I also know the stuff I am usually chatting about is not important, BUT taking another call from another sibling validates it. I also know that some of my mothers may feel closer to other children, and that is all right too.They are both VERY busy with their lives and I can hardly expect them to fit me whenever I call. So, Sorry Sorensen siblings I am NOT your mom's favorite...Amy is! I felt like a second place daughter as well.
Hmmm.... so you see, I felt very picked on and went to bed sad. I am writing this so I can remember that life is not perfect and this is my real feelings sometimes. I also am writing this to say I have sympathy now for those who win 2nd place! ha ha
Wo is me!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun Family Home Evening-President's Day!

Since the boys had no school on Monday I thought we would do a family home evening to explain why--we did our President's day FHE. Thank heavens for old teaching files. We read two children's books on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
Then we played pin the hat on Abe Lincoln.
ha ha ha Dad got a little topsy turvvy!
Dacie did NOT like the blindfold
We relieved her of her serious stress.
BUT, her feelings were hurt. Note to mom: 1 yr. olds are not fans of pin the tail on anything!
We finished the evening off with a worksheet acitivy on cherry trees (for George Washington's story)
Earlier that day the boys went outside FOREVER. That never happens, so I peeked out the window to see what got them to stay outside so long...and I saw this! A collpased box! They would run from three different corners of the yard and slide into one another on the box. It reminded me of the hours my siblings and I would slide down our front lawn hill on boxes. It made my heart so happy to see a pile-up of boys in the back yard. This was one of those moments I had been waiting for, having four kids in five years! Siblings, as each others friends, playing together-- Happy President's Day!

The Sorensen Family Newsletter

Downloading pictures is not working right now on the blogger, so I must do a post without pictures. I had the perfect project. I have been putting together our annual newlsetter. As many of you may or may not know we do not do the typical Christmas newsletter. I have found I , usually, have more time around Valentines AND I want all our close friends and family to know that we love kills two birds with one stone. The letters should have arrived at your homes by now....unless you live in town or I do not have addresses for you. I figured I would send out the text part of the letter over the BLOG, then no one would miss out on the juice-(as if you were losing sleep over it I am sure). I could not include the pictures that went along with the newlsetter, as we do not have a scanner! IF you have a newlsetter already you can skip this post!! Hurray!

“Draw a circle, not a heart around the one you love because a heart can break but a circle goes on forever.”
This year was not to be outdone by the past-we’d love to share a brief glimpse of our 2007-2008!

DANIEL RAY (31) - “To be content with what we possess is the greatest and most secure of riches”-Cicero
Dan is still the most content and passive person in the bunch. He added to his “riches” this year when we were given a red “roller skate” (Ford Aspire) as a commuter car. After 7 years of marriage, four children, LONG bus rides to graduate school and doctor appointments, and a lot of early morning loading of kids in the car, this has been a long time coming! Dan has taken on a lot more responsibility this year at his clinic and is seeing more patients than he ever thought possible. His office is breaking ground next week on a new clinic and they are excited for more breathing room with 2 new therapists. Dan works four 10 hr. shifts now with no lunch break so he can be home earlier, and now we ENJOY terrific Tuesdays with him home! Dan is the man and does the menu planning, grocery shopping, and is a serious COUPON CLIPPER. His week is made if he saves more than he spends in a shopping trip. He got drawn this year (again-that NEVER happens), for hunting whitetail deer and enjoyed some weekends with his dad “taking his gun for a walk”. The only animal he had success hunting this year was a local skunk we nicknamed Mr. Stinky, who we finally caught with a trap and relocated. Dan is the first one awake in our household (that has been a long time coming with babies) as he teaches early morning seminary. He was released from young men’s and put into the Elders Quorum Presidency. Not soon after, they asked him to be the early morning seminary teacher, and he accepted-where he had a brief stint of both responsibilities before being released from Elders Quorum. He is diligent and I rarely hear a complaint as he is waking before the sun is up!

ALICIA ANN (32)-“Don’t just take a trip--occasionally let the trip take you.” –H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Being a mom is the ride (or trip) of a lifetime! We did take a few trips as a family this year, despite a new baby. We decided to “break in” the new minivan and drove a two-day trip to Ashton, Idaho this past spring with Dan’s family. We enjoyed a day at Yellowstone, collecting wildflowers, hiking, and just being in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The kids and I drove in a Western States circle when my sister and I drove to Provo for my grandfathers 90th birthday bash/reunion, up to Sacramento for a week of grandma’s camp with my mom, and then back down to Arizona! After those travels we have bunkered down and braved the sickness that runs rampant in our household. We did get a few days with my brother in LA while Dan was there for business training. Otherwise, I am the executive assistant for our household. I still enjoy a fabulous group of friends. I did, however, lose one of my dear friends after she had a postpartum-caused heart condition. I was able to help a little with the care of her baby that is a month older than Dacie, as well as helping organize a fundraising dinner for her family she left behind. I enjoy the outdoors in our newly landscaped front yard—I cannot wait to get my hands in dirt with my new garden plot (with no Bermuda grass in it!). I even learned to can peaches and make peach jam with the fruits of our peach tree. I am able to volunteer in Colton and Sterling’s classes and am always up for some good garage sales and bartering. I started a part-time job answering phones (at home) and help with billing for a local trash business. In my spare time, you can find me trying to keep up with the white tile floors, laundry, blogging (I am addicted to this form of journaling/scrapbooking, and family history) or on catastrophe clean up (see Ryland below).

COLTON RAY (turned 6 in July) - “What was lost now is found.” –unknown
Colton has us visiting the lost and found at school about twice a week. He cannot keep track of coats, lunch boxes, mittens, books, etc. He is just too busy being a boy! He has lost teeth voluntarily and involuntarily this year (good thing we are friends with our pediatric dentist). He is highly academic and can be found reading 3rd grade books when he is in 1st! He has two teachers that team teach at school and loves anything to do with Star Wars, Transformers, Pokémon, magnets, magic tricks and FRIENDS! He enjoyed t-ball, swim lessons and another soccer season. He has also learned to clean toilets (NICE) and tie his shoes (kinda). He is our size regular jeans.

STERLING DANIEL (turned 5 in November) - “Imagination is critical to their development”—Parenting magazine
If this is true, then Sterling is developing quite well, with his active imagination. He LOVES his new play kitchen and clubhouse. He had no kids his age in our circle of friends to do a preschool swap, so we enrolled him in a local preschool. He ADORES school. Sterling needs to buy stock in the Oxyclean line, as he keeps them in business. He manages to stain his clothes and leave a mess wherever he eats or goes! He is a friend to everyone, but mostly has close girlfriends and is always trying to figure out which one to marry (I told him he has plenty of time). He knows how to spell his name and write the alphabet. He has started sounding out the letters as well; reading is just around the corner! He just lost his first tooth. It was his first year in soccer and he never touched the ball! He also did swim lessons. He is usually Ryland’s partner in crime. He is our size husky jeans.

RYLAND KENT (turns 3 in March)-“AAAAH!” –his mother
Ryland has managed to paint the side of the house “barn red”, and customize our new minivan upholstery with black permanent marker. He can also be found dry-shaving with his dad’s razor in the backseat of the car or pouring all his bubble mix into the washing machine. We have to keep our eyes and arms around him. He LOVES to hug and give butterfly kisses. He has angelic features to keep his parents pacified. He thinks he is on the Atkin’s diet as he much prefers steak, hot dogs, or chicken over sandwiches and crackers. Maybe this is the reason he is our size slim jeans (so much for hand-me-downs with any of them!). He has a big year ahead with toilet training and ditching the pacifier--he will be getting quality parenting time!

DACIE ANN (turned 1 on January 25th) “Remember, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep to put things in perspective”-H. Jackson Brown Jr.
She started our year out with a bang! One of the biggest ‘feats’ this year was getting Dacie to sleep through the night. She was not as bad as Ryland, BUT was still worse than her older two brothers. She has been a blessing in our home and adds so much color and life to it. She is all girl and can get her feelings hurt BUT loves to be loved. She is very cared for by her siblings. Dacie is a social butterfly and enjoys being around people and smiling. She has helped her mom not feel so outnumbered. Dacie keeps us young with her impromptu dancing at ANY type of music, and she helps us have an eternal perspective with her baby innocence. She has the loveliest piece of hair that never disappeared with the rest- so that mommy can curl and pig-tail to her heart’s content. She has been our healthiest baby; largest in size at birth, but now the smallest. We LOVE watching her grow.

Our life is good. We treasure our moments in this life with each of you and each other. As we have lost some whom we loved, we have learned not to take friends and family for granted. May this season of LOVE find you “running circles” around those you love!
Hugs and circles-
The Sorensen Family

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dacie Update

Babies grow so much the first year--I just have to post what Dacie is doing for posterity's sake! I found these sandals/shoes for 4 dollars and could not pass them up, it is spring-like weather around here and I know they will be put good use in the summer! So, I had her try them on and I LOVED it! Her newest thing to do is this: When someone says hello or hi she puts her hand to her ear like she is talking on the phone and says hello the best way she can, it sounds something like "hiyoo".
Dacie's hair has started taking off these last couple of weeks! Check out the back, I think I see some curls!! I sprunched it all up in back on Sunday and was in HEAVEN!! But, it did not last long. I have to find a product that will last!
She is standing on her own now, and will go into standing postition from sitting, all on her own as well. She will also push around our little push toy, and walk around the house with no help from any of us. She loves to stand and get her brothers to cheer as she claps and claps!
She is also giving the sweetest open-mouthed kisses upon request, or if she is being silly and playing with you. She has started flirting with Dan and I LoVe watching it! Oh-how I love her!

Another SUPER Saturday!!!

I always try to get as many chores as I can done on Fridays..and I always wonder why I put such pressure on myself when I have Dan home the next day. IT's because I like to play and relax when he is around rather than work all the time. This last Saturday 2/16 we were able to play bit!Our Elders Quorum had an activity at the state park right down the street--Dead Horse Ranch State Park. They have four stocked ponds there as well as camping. Dan's dad had just sent us a fishing lisc. the day before! Soooo We had FUN fishing with daddy!
Colton was at a b-day party earlier that day, and we had to go get him in the middle of the he is catching up on his fishing in this picture!
We did NOT catch these fish, our friends did...but the boys had fun playing with them and then watching them "clean" them (Sterling cried a little when they cut em').
Dacie posing at the pond!
Some of our closest freinds are in the Elders Quorum, so it was a FUN day with friends and their kids!
We also had a nice bar-b-q to top off the long afternoon of it!
That evening Dan and I were going on our weekly date and taking Sterling with us (as the kids get to go on one date by themselves per month) it was Sterling's month! We had a babysitter all lined up, BUT Dacies diarreah (sp) had gotten much worse. She had such a raw bummy that you had to pin her down to change her and listen to some serious screaming.It was so sad. I did not want to traumatize a babysitter or Dacie. I am glad I did-she ended up having four dirty diapers and got it all over the carpet. I sent Dan on the date with Sterling and they went and painted ceramics at the local store in town.
When they came back home we ended the evening doing one of our most favorite things to do as a family....DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!! It was a great SUPER Saturday for us!

Monday, February 18, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Uncle SHAUN!

hApPy BiRtHdAy LOG!!!! I remember the night my brother Shaun was born-we were watching knight rider (is that how you spell it) when my parents called with the news that we were adding our second boy to the tribe of four girls and one boy! That was my brother Chad's luckiest night ever--he finally got a brother! We never knew the sexes of our family before they were born--so it was always a contest between the girls and boys who would win! We were all ready for a new baby and could not wait to get our hands on him!(Shaun is far right)
He was humungous-11pds. 9 oz. and hairy!! Not much has changed since then..however he has turned into a handsome man and put that body to good! He is a STUD! Do you know how TAN this MAN can get?! He is so much darker skinned then the rest of the family (we say it was because he was the only one born in Arizona!)

Uncle Shaun has a big and rough exterior, but his heart is just as BIG and tender-he is a big teddy bear, for those who take time to get to know him. He is so sensitive and caring. Whomever gets to marry him will be super lucky because he will idolize, cherish and serve her.
Single are lucky! There are still good single guys out there! Shaun is a hidden treasure that some silly girls have passed up.
Before he served a mission in Mexico City he went and played football at USD! He is athletic and enjoys playing sports.
Shaun is righteous. He served an honorable and hard mission. Speaks spanish fleuntly (he is our spanish lover), and is always wanting to do what is right.
He is good with my children and is not afraid to hold, care, or play with them. He has adopted my parents dog and is dang cute with him. The dog LOVES him in return.This picture above, although is a joke...I believe describes who he is! Doesn't he look like one of the guys on the seminary videos-one of the stripling warriors?!! ha ha ha
Shaun enjoys doing fun things and being surrounded by friends. He also makes 'bank' every summer selling and installing security systems.
(check out #9 bandana man)
After his mission he transferred to BYU-Idaho, where he continues with sports and sings in the mens choir (how many girls get a man that can sing!). Chalk an eagle scout award on his resume. Shaun loves to be loved, and needed, and wanted. I was alot older than him, so while I was home he was a little kid, and I could tell you story upon story about the games we played, videos we made, adventures we had, or pranks we played-BUT it has been so amazing for me to see him grow up into a man. He is still the same baby I held so long ago.

Even though we are far apart and do not see each other as often as we would like...I LOVE YOU SHAUN. I hope you have a day full of friends and being appreciated for who you are, watching a good movie and eating TONS (the things you love to do)!!
Oh yeah, and if any of you are camping in Flaggstaff and run across a dirty diaper in the to Shaun! Feliz Cumpleanos Aqui! (spelling stinks)