Friday, May 28, 2010

Take me out to the BALL GAMES!!!!

You could have found us ANY given night (and Saturdays), at the fields, for the month of April and May
Colton (#14) and Sterling (#13) played on a coach pitch team together
We held Colton (above) back from minors to alleviate 3 separate teams this season with a new baby and all...
he fared very well (when he was "into" it)
Sweet Sterling (above) worked his darnedest at hitting and ended the season with a DOUBLE!!
Go Sterling!!!

Colton (above) typically played 3rd or short stop, and had quite the arm
You could find Sterling (above) outfield always listening to the coaches and into the game

OF COURSE every ones numero uno FAN was our sweet Dacie ANN!
Thank heavens she begged to go to the ball fields every eve!
Ryland played his first year of T-BALL on a team with some of our "besties" kids!
He was a TIGER!
Notice him "playing" 3rd base in the above 2 pictures, and you can see the opposing teams runner on 3rd!
Way to dig the dirt Ry!!!
Our sweet stick of a boy hitting and running the bases!

Making it Home was always a highlight
He LOVED fielding the ball when not digging in the dirt and would pretty much chase the ball wherever it went!
even if it meant being hit IN the head (above)

Dacie hanging with "the ladies" at the field!The Season is now OVER
(except for my (alicia's) softball co-ed league I play on Friday nights!!)
It has been beautiful weather, friends, and sunsets we have seen...
it has been good/theraputic for me no matter how hard it was getting there!

AND what would a baseball season be without the SNACKS!?

we saw quite a few great SNACK NIGHTS (partaking and offering)

These were our closing cupcakes for Colton and Sterling's last game!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming to Help + Being Related to Us = SLAVE LABOR

SOO if you come to help us in Cottonwood with the baby and family YOU can expect....
to get very little sleep be extremely tired
sleep on the couch with a crying baby
work from sun up to sun down ...IN the HOT SUN
Helping us find a solution to our small house and 5 KIDS
(equals a new storage shed out back)
HOWEVER...we will be working right along side you
AND we will make sure you are fed!!!
Anyone else want to come?
THANK YOU: Uncle Scott (who came up 3 days to help Dan put up the shed), Aunt BooBoo (who took her vacation days to help for a week, and comes up every other weekend to help), MoM S (who came for a week shift after the baby was born, and comes up when her schedule allows), MoM and DaD H (for driving from California and staying over a week, after the baby was born...and coming up with, and putting into action, the postpartum depression action plan) and LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST Aunt Cara Mommy (who has SAVED our family, I have not had a day solo yet b/c of her, she has sleepovers with the baby...and the list goes on)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being our "slaves" and helping us SAVE OUR FAMILY!!!
* I cannot even begin to mention the support I have received from very good friends, I am so so blessed

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dacie's Baby!!!

DACIE'S BABY!!!The pictures speak for themselves! I am glad we had a baby for Dacie

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guess WHo's SMiLiN'?

GUESS Who'S SMiLiNG?with the help of a sister

he is also coo'ing and talking
the most beautiful noises
dang blurry camera!
AND did I mention, GROWING UP!!!