Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week Synopsis 4/21-4/25 2008

Monday April 21st- Almost every child had 'wet' their clothes/bed OR been up in the night--Dan and I took shifts. It was GREAT start to the week! Relay for life spirit week started at Colton's school--today he got to wear slippers. FHE was on Daniel and the Lions Den, now Ryland talks about it everywhere he goes.

Tuesday April 22nd- Our cousin is famous! Dan's cousin appeared on Peoples Court late this afternoon and WON! We got to see it, and had allot of good laughs. She had a legitimate case AND is not the typical "white trash" you see on it. Tara is actually a cutey mom of three in Utah (however she got a sweet trip to NYC out of it!). It was over a dog she had purchased. She solidified the fact that I am NEVER going to own a dog with small children. It was the highlight of our day.

I worked out extra LONG today-almost 2 hours! Colton wore a hat for spirit day. Colton also got to go to Enrichment with mommy. It was on preparedness and we tried out a whole bunch of wheat recipes. He now asks quite frequently if the food we are eating at the time is made of wheat...and when I say yes, he gets excited. Colton did lose his 'sick' tooth while tasting wheat pancakes there, now we have to make and extra trip to Phoenix this month to remedy the problem!

Wednesday April 23rd- Colton wore my sunglasses for spirit day(b/c his were lost of course). I woke up with Dan ready to be best buddies with the toilet for the day (a little flu bug is going around these parts). It was a pajama day at home. IF only Ryland would let me be sick without sticking a rubber ball down the sink.. only to get it stuck in the pipes, spilled his entire bowl of milk on the counter and chairs, and wet on the bathroom floor when I desperately needed a clear runway to that toilet. Dacie would not let me sleep on the rocking chair without crawling on my face and pulling my hair. No sick days for mommy's.I felt good by the afternoon to answer phones for my part-time job AND I actually had dinner waiting when Dan got home!

Thursday April 23rd- My brother in law graduated from BYU, and some of my family will be together the next few days-we miss them. So we sent him a graduation cookie bouquet. Go BIG BAD JOHN!

We had a busy morning working out for an hour and then running to a park so I could have a stake YCL camp meeting after. The kids took LONGER naps today at the SAME time (that has been a LONG time coming)--it was a tender mercy. Colton wore his cowboy boots for spirit day. The boys and Dan had dinner in tupperwares at the ball park, again, this evening-- and then it was off to a Basketball game for daddy!

Friday April 24th-Colton wore purple for spirit day (and got a cool stick to the window prize). I was fasting for a close friend of ours who has started taking the missionary discussions with her family. It was their first discussion in the afternoon. We also cleaned the bathrooms and the floor so we could clear out some time for Saturday.

My trainer (Chelsea Jolly) was sick! Bummer ... she leaves in a short week--we are so sad! That evening she was feeling better so we got three other couples from our ward and work (the Trezises, Rabans, and a couple from the office) and met at their house for a fondue party (below)

We 'broke in' my pokeno winning fondue pot. We brought the cheese dipping items (half an hour late..I was trying to grill chicken, get my hair/ makeup done, Dacie's hair done-- all the while Dacie was playing in the toilet in one bathroom and Ryland was flooding the other--Dan did not get a happy me when he got home a little late!). We brought lemon chicken, bread, broccoli, carrots and celery. We also had Chicken sandwiches and green salad.Then chocolate- dipped items cheesecake, rice krispy treats, strawberries, pretzels -Yum! Yum!

We played one round of our infamous game Rate your Mate, before we had to retire for the evening b/c of the kiddos late bed times and naughty messes-we had 12 children amidst the four couples! Thank goodness their rented house is pretty empty!

On the way home we saw a good fireworks show coming from our H.S stadium as they were kicking off the all night walking for the relay for life! The kids got a kick out of it. Only 2 meltdowns before we could get them in bed. Saturday April 25th- Aaah Saturday is the day to get EVERYTHING done. It did not quite work out that way. Dan took off of work this coming Monday so we could get the rest of our landscaping done from last summer and put in a garden. I had a hard morning of it (IF you are a BOY STOP reading) I have been working w/ the doctor on hormonal balance with creams--as I have never been normal since Dacie's birth. Lets just say they were not working today!

We tried in the late afternoon to go borrow the rototiller and it was unsuccessful- I got hurt and it did not fit in the back of our van. We opted out of a group date in the early evening to trade for an alone date w/ just Dan and I. We used a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants and then went and bought a new ceiling fan for our great room, as well as started purchasing plants for the garden and front yard. Ryland had a meltdown with the babysitter over baths-that is always a joyous phone call to get. I got a bloody nose and other fun bathroom visits during the date..I am glad it was not our first date, or it would have been SUPER embarrassing and probably the LAST one! I highly recommend marriage!
(here is the result of trying to lift a rototiller into the van w/ your super BUFF wife--it is a picture of my thigh-wohoo! pretty nasty)

Sunday April 25th- Guess what? We were late to church...again.It has been another rough day with the kids, and short naps. Wanna hear something cute that Dacie does as she is falling asleep? She will rub her hair, head and your face and hair as she drinks the bottle. It is cute to watch each child's soothing strategies as they are getting themselves to sleep.We are happy, healthy and looking forward to a new week!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am a WITCH--- (with pink hair might I add)

Sterling was so proud to show off his picture when I came to pick him up from preschool...because it was a picture of his MOM! I was thinking how kind it was, as I noticed my name in big letters at the top MOM...AND then I read the bottom -It's a witch. I asked him if I was a witch and the response was AFFIRMATIVE.
Bet you wish I was your MOM! ha ha ha

The Shoe Phenomenon

Our BeAuTiFulLy Clean daughter (Dacie) has NOT Only started clapping at herself for staying so clean at meal time....she has a shoe fettish!
If ANY of us are missing shoes, the new person to ask where they are at is.... Dacie. Since she is vocal she can tell us right where they are at (we wish)
FIRST- Try the computer armoire, she manages to fill a few up in there somewhere...

OR randomly walk throughout our house and you will RANDOMLY find shoes in every room, in any place, at any time! Including shoes from mom and dad's closet
...IF you still have not found them, try outside as they are her new 'pet' she likes to take for walks, particularly close to home on the deck (as she wonders NOT very far from her mamma's legs!)
LAST but NOT least, they are likely in or around the shoe basket, just re-arranged, since she cleans it out at least 2x's a day (This is a meager destruction of the basket, she just got busted by her brothers before the whole thing was empty-darn it!)

Oh to be a GIRL, with her shoes!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week Synopsis 4/14-4/20

MONDAY 4/14- Dacie started folding her arms for the prayer at dinner and it solicited allot of attention-to which she promptly claps at herself. She has done it continually throughout the week during prayers-LOVE it!
We decided to serve daddy today and take him lunch at work. Problem being is, Dacie has a scream you can hear OUTSIDE of the car while she is inside. As we were driving off and the back door to Dan's office was open, she let out a real good yelp (because she wanted to stay with daddy)-Dan's patients got a real good laugh about that one. I am glad it is humorous to someone!
I also pulled out Ryland's summer clothes and packed away his winter. Clothes is and ABSOLUTE full-time job for me...especially with all the boys different size bodies and seasons. Trying them on, packing them up and FINDING a place for all of them-whew! If I knew we were done having children and what sex, I would sell or give away some serious space in our home.
For FHE it was a game night-it has been a long time coming. We played Disney's scene it and Ryland and I won coming in from behind-wahoo! Of course the kids cried and cried about going to bed, I wonder why?

TUESDAY 4/15- I went and volunteered in Colton's class. The past two years the teachers have deemed me as helpful with art, so they give me an idea and I try to make it happen on paper. It lets me fulfill my creative side-ha ha, if you can call it that. Colton is always proud to bring home projects his mom helped out with.

We also were back to aerobics and Pilate's today (we ONLY missed one day of working out this week, and the scales ARE my friend!). My body is getting more use to it.

We got a babysitter that evening so that Dan could take the boys to their t-ball game and I could go to another wards enrichment and do a shorter presentation of the five love languages (that I did around Valentines for our ward). I got to wear my heels and silky shirt!I feel like it went well and it was fun to be back in my old ward--we were sharing our wedding experiences and pictures. Dan took the boys to dairy queen after their game as a special treat. The kids at home were in heaven, as it was one of our favorites babysitting (Sarah Westover). My kids beg for babysitters. Does this say much about me?

The tooth fairy came that night (as we were awakened at 5:30am to be told the news of this blessed event) Sterling had his second loose tooth and wiggled it right out of his mouth-blood and all, in bed. Pretty brave considering the way his brother treats loose teeth!

WEDNESDAY 4/16- We had a play outside kind of day. After working out in the a.m I picked up Colton from a half day of school and Sterling from preschool and we headed over to a friends house for playgroup. It was a windy bounce house, pizza party day. We ALWAYS have fun at the Williams home-they have another perfect kid yard and always spoil us.It was nice to get the boys energy out with a half day at home. I am going to be pretty overwhelmed this summer with all these BIG busy bodies in the house all day.
After naps our yard turned into the neighborhood park. It happens often, but most of it is my doing as I really am uncomfortable w/ letting my kids go to others homes without knowing their parents well, and trampolines where we tend to get hurt without me watching carefully.
I had 13 kids in my yard at one point in the afternoon. It is not soo bad--they stay outside and keep my kids outside! HOWEVER-it makes our yard look a little trashed (white trash) after. I guess it makes it look like kids live here, they do? ha ha ha. I just hope no one gets hurt either (sad we have to think of these things now-a-days).
Dan went to basketball in the evening to play with the guys. I started reading the first book of the new popular vampire series--twilight (that I DID finish on Saturday)

THURSDAY 4/17- Went and worked out in the morning and got the kids all tuckered out (with help from the runny allergy noses that have appeared) AND they all went down for a nap at the same time! So I cleaned the floor, vacuumed the house, cut apple appetizers and got ready for our first girls camp meeting we were having at the house.

GIRLS camp has started and is under way! It is going to be super FUN (22 plus girls that we are working with)--BUT allot of prep before hand (sleepovers, kick-off's, t-shirt making, bow making.....). I am not sure Dan is really ready for we will give him the only info. he NEEDS to know!

The boys had a t-ball game that night. I sent them with daddy, with dinner in tupperwares to eat at the fields. It was a good way for Dan to unwind after work. I stayed home and cleaned and bathed the babes.

FRIDAY 4/18- It was bike day at preschool! After a CRAZY morning getting the boys to school late (on their account-we have been having a hard time of it lately, however-- I will go at it solo to have Dan in the evening) I FORGOT Sterling's bike helmet (they were not very pleased w/ me..what can I say? Too many kids? NEVER), so they let him borrow one-he has a HUGE noggin!
Colton brought home a balloon for getting so many points on his AR testing (a computerized reading comprehension test) with all his books he has been reading! Dacie quickly claimed the balloon as her own (so I told Colton we would get a picture of it). I guess that is to make up for the real yellow slip Colton brought home for the first time this week. I guess that is what you get when you go to reading groups with the vice principal and DON'T STOP talking with one of your best friends (that would be MY genes). He can be as bad as a girl sometimes.

Dan had a church basketball game that night, and I had a date with my new book!

SATURDAY 4/19- We did yard work, laundry, I cut Dan's hair and we watched the Phoenix Suns first disappointing play-off game. Then in the early evening we grabbed another babysitter and took Ryland on his monthly date with mom and dad (we take one kid with us on one of our dates each month-rotating the kids). We dropped by Wal-Mart to grab a wedding gift and pick up Ryland's 3-year portraits.Then we went to a wedding reception for a friend of ours in the ward, and let Ryland eat as much punch and cake as he wanted too. We wonder why one child was ever hard for us! Then we went on the church lawn and blew ALL the bubbles we just bought, and watched the sun set cuddled in a blanket. It was a peaceful moment that I will always treasure.
We came home to finish baths and get everything laid out for church the next day-We will NOT be late!
Sunday 4/20- We were LATE for church-aaaah! But, only into the first song--problem being, it is hard to squeeze six people into a row without making a scene. We waited until after sacrament to slide into the open row after the priesthood sat down w/ their families. We attempted naps--with all three boys getting up at one point or another, answering phones, Dacie waking up (as she is down to 1.5 hour nap a day), changing diapers, etc. I gave up on one and let Dan sleep. The boys are running around the room and whipping each other with blankets AFTER just getting in trouble for hitting each other with pillows, hmmmm. It is a beautiful evening and it is nice to watch as the horse back riders walk past our back window along the river, on the road behind us (we definitely live in the country) and the cooler breeze blows the temperatures down a bit. Life is good!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Toy Phenomenon!

Allright, you know your a mother when....the toys NEVER go AWAY!!!!
I read once in a parenting magazine that in order to sleep better , and to have 'my space', and romance space, that you should keep your (adults) room as the -"toy free" space. I 100 % agreed with that article, and have been vigilant about 'clearing out' my room every day MULTIPLE times, and MULTIPLE times telling my kids that our room is a no toy place.
Having to separate the kiddos for naps kind of curtails that plan, as well as the fact that our room is right off of the kitchen!So despite my every effort to have my own space, that is kid is what I collected at the end of one eve (above). I particularly appreciate the variety of spread, do we really have all these kinds of toys around?
Surely, I can get reprieve in the shower-MY SHOWER (oh, but no-the pirate ship made its way in there too!) above
Then maybe when I clean up the house and have felt like I have escorted every toy to its proper place, I can sneak off to bed for some toys free dreams....aaah, but the toy snake wants to nap too!
One day I will cry when I can't take a shower with a pirate ship or sleep with a snake...I KNOW it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week Synopsis Monday 4/7- Sunday 4/14

Warning: This Post contains NO PICTURES taken with my camera!! I cannot believe it--I was camera shy this week! BTW- Is anyone else having double spacing appear on their posts and funky fonts? MONDAY APRIL 7: The weather has been nice this week, not too hot and not too cold (except for today-getting too hot). I got a little ambitious to start our yard work and begin growing back our grass. We turned on the sprinkler system, only to find out that our drip line had a rock in the diaphragm and it would not let it shut off. After our front yard flooded one day..we called a plumber friend who fixed it in minutes, as well as our leaking water faucet out back (it has been having problems since we moved in!) I also mowed the lawn and weed whacked. I mowed over one of the drip line hoses that HAD been tucked under grass, but was not any more and ripped off the we had to replace that. The new lawn mower (bought last summer) was a little slow at starting, AND Dacie is not a huge fan of it AT ALL (even in the backpack). I guess I will not have my lawn mowing buddy like I did last year (her and I cut quite a few lawns together, especially when she was fussy, that seemed to soothe her). I got fired from weed whacking as it looked like a pretty bad hack job. I cannot quite figure out the angle and how it works. Just working out the cobwebs for a new growing season--
I probably shouldn't mention this, as it is a bad mommy moment, BUT Colton got a yellow slip at recess for saying the "F word". When the teacher asked him where he learned it from, he told her that his parents say it- the two things did not add up to the teacher so she asked what the word was- it was "FREAKIN". She told him to be careful with those kind of words because people mix them up, and then tore up the yellow slip-Colton was afraid she would call me, so I called her. I told her my family nick name for me is 'freaka' for that very reason...oops! Shut up is not OK in our house, but freaking is....double standard! I guess I should count myself as lucky, it could of been ALOT worse!
Family Home Evening was a lesson on the prophet and apostles. We talked about how in King Benjamin's day (from the Book of Mormon) they had to travel from far away and pitch their tents around a tower to hear him, only to not hear very well and then have to read it handwritten later on-as opposed to today where we can just turn on the TV and hear the prophet loud and clear. We shared some of our favorite talks from general conference.We ended with a game that helped us to remember the apostles, and first presidency's names. I have since found a song that I LOVE , to help them remember now (look on

TUESDAY APRIL 8: For Dan's terrific Tuesday he woke up at a regular time! Early morning seminary had been cancelled for 2 days for AIMS testing in the H.S. and he went grocery shopping! Our favorite FRY's grocery store was having serious sales this week-10 for 10 dollars. Our pantry is packed with fruit jars, goldfish, cookie mixes, chili, Gatorade, sloppy joe mix, Cheetos/Frito's snacks....and so on. You had to buy 10 to get the deal--so we are stocked!

Then we all piled in the car and went down to Phoenix to visit the dentist. It was time for the boys and I to get our 6 month cleaning...and Dan to get his temporary fillings filled. After 2 plus hours at the dentist with ALL of us-our teeth were clean. Colton was the ONLY one with serious problems, and a touch up check into a tooth for me! Colton and I cannot avoid it! Colton has lost another sick tooth that has to be pulled and metal spacer put in to guide in the permanent tooth, which will not arrive for awhile. He has two cavities to be filled. His mouth is WAY too crowded and some teeth are going to have to strategically be pulled to allow room for the permanent ones, as well as a bar contraption thing to hold the other teeth in place... as it is getting "hot in there"! Braces are a GUARANTEE--we are just buying more time and more permanent teeth making it in first. It is a good thing we are friends with the dentist and his assistant (grandma). IF ANYONE EVER NEEDS A PEDIATRIC DENTIST HE IS THE BEST!!! We all went home to lay the kids down for naps at Grnadma's and Dan went back for another 2 hours of fillings. Dan still has two more to finish up on later!! We should just live at the office!

I picked oranges and grapefruits in grandma's backyard while we waited for Grandma to come home, and then went to the park to eat before heading home. Dan was not planning on playing in his church basketball game BUT did...and I got pulled over by a cop in the process (check out the previous post before this weeks synopsis!)

WEDNESDAY APRIL 9: I answered phones for the Taylor and Sons Hauling all day, instead of the regular half day, because the owner/friend (Natalie)of mine was up checking out girls camp (since we got moved to smaller campsites). The phones were pretty busy. I decided to put the citrus from grandpa's trees to good use and found a recipe for homemade lemonade and orange/grapefruit jam. I was so excited to use our newly purchased juicer... so I busted out the juicer and wrecked the kitchen! The lemonade was delicious. It was my first time going solo on making jam (after learning for the first time last year), so I called my canning friend (Jeralyn Merwin) a few times for questions. I am proud to say the lids sealed BUT the jam did not "set". I put them in the freezer, and it works frozen, but I found out today it could take weeks to 'set up'. So I may pull out a few jars and give it a try in the pantry! We watched water horse and ate pizza in the living room that night, and Dan went and played basketball with some buddies up at the church after the munchkins were in bed.
THURSDAY APRIL 10: Instead of walking today with the Relief Society we started doing aerobics. Our clinical friends wife (Chelsea Jolly) is a certified instructor, so we are going to start using her while we have her (about 3 weeks). It kicked my trash!! I LOVE classes, but HATE not being able to go 'all-out' like I use to!

I also packed up all the kids that evening and went to the new ball fields for the boys first game (Dan was still at work). I LOVE the new fields--it makes allot more sense to the kids, when we used to play on a makeshift field at the elementary school. However, I DO NOT like the new stands. They are cement and really high between levels, as Ryland quickly found out. Everyone was staring at me while I was holding him sobbing (after THE FALL) and Dacie was shrieking because I had to set her down. I KNOW people were thinking-what was she thinking?!!! I was too, at that moment.

FRIDAY APRIL 11: This morning turned really busy. After getting the boys dressed, fed, lunches made, and to school. I had to make a cake for the preschool pizza dinner fundraiser they were holding that evening (that we were NOT going to attend) so that they could auction it off at the dessert auction. I also had to get a gift certificate made for the trash business as they were donating a dumpster to auction as well. This all had to be done before I went to workout with Chelsea Jolly an hour before I had to pick up Sterling. Chelsea is also a certified fitness trainer and is going to work with me and a friend (tara trezise) almost every day until she leaves. Of course, with myself and the other two kids to get ready I arrived late, and then was late picking up Sterling from preschool-are we surprised? We worked on legs and the "Relief Society" arms! I did not know my step for aerobics could be such a weapon for pain!

I had told the preschool that I was not going to attend the dinner that evening because Dan had to work until 6:30pm and it started at 5pm. I did not want another bleacher experience from the evening before. BUT I could tell they were disappointed, so I called one of my friends and borrowed her 10 year old son (Traygon Ullery) to go with me for an extra set of eyes. It made for a busy evening as well. Friday afternoons is the boys time to clean bathrooms, so typically while they are cleaning and I am supervising, I clean the kitchen floor. I got about half way done with the floor before I had to start making dinner for a friends family that I visit teach (the Reay's), as the mom just had gotten out of surgery. After I got all the kids shoes on, hair done, and in the car. I loaded the food and we delivered it, picked up our friend going with us....and got to the dinner-only 15 minutes late. Thank heavens I brought extra eyes as Traygon ended up playing out on the playground with all the boys most the night. I only spent 20 dollars on auction items (besides the dinner cost), which included yummy strawberry chocolate cupcakes (thanks Kelli), a candle stand, and presents for siblings. That was a steal considering ...BUT still more than we had planned on spending, as I was NOT going! I am not gonna lie I had fun as most of my dearest buddies have kids or family in the same preschool. Dan had time to finish the floor I had started--Dan and I ended the evening with a movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks (good flick)!

SATURDAY APRIL 12: I'm so glad when daddy is home, glad as I can be, I clap my hands and shout for joy and climb back into bed! Dan let me get a few more minutes of shut eye, which was such a treat since I was sooo SORE!!! (my workouts were catching up with me) We piddled around the house getting little things done here and there before we headed out to the boys t-ball game that afternoon. It was a family affair this time and we burned the babes shoulders, even after me buying new sunscreen at Costco on Tuesday in Phoenix. Bad parents- we came home and napped OR played video games...whichever you prefer in our household!

Dan and I went on a date that night to the wildflower bread company. The way to my heart is the hummus plate! Then we drove around Sedona--found the airport, and saw a pretty sunset. We also went and checked out all the new round-abouts they are building there. We were a little frustrated that things shut down so early around these parts. It does not leave much in way of variety for dates. The way to Dan's heart is through cold stone creamery ice cream, so we ended the date there with a gift certificate Dan got at work. Thank goodness, as we still had to pay for a babysitter! We watched Singles Ward 2 after returning the babysitter and washing a dish or two--we ended the evening in fits of laughter! Good times. I love Dan-

SUNDAY APRIL 13- It is SO HARD to get up on Sunday mornings sometimes. We rushed to church and made it for the opening song-phew! We need to do better. I had to teach a new song in primary and was going to use my prep time to do it, between sacrament and music time in primary...but people kept finding me and talking to me-I need to do more prep at home. We learned -We thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet. It went well and we learned new facts about different prophets. I LOVE doing singing time, it is the getting there that I dread. Dacie has been joining me for the third hour so that Dan can enjoy at least one hour of church. She wanted only me today, so I had an extra set of hands to help conduct. She also "went at it" in nursery with some bigger kids as she was trying to get the princess chair-she has no fear of bigger kids after her brothers! The nursery is so tender. I love their little bodies!

We all got naps today--Dan got to go a little bit longer to make up for Saturdays sacrifice. Dacie has had a really HARD evening. Her screaming is killing us! We made a pie this evening, and will enjoy going to bed earlier--so we can hit the diet and exercise hard this week (the scales and I are NOT friends-for so much work and no results)! Hope your week was full of sunshine, friends, and good places to go!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pulled Over by the Po Po!

So Dan is THE WORST backseat driver. Unfortunately I get car sick real on longer car rides Dan rides shotgun more than I do. With me out of view Dacie does MUCH better and is not doing so much screaming!

Well, yesterday Tuesday 4/8 was a dentist day for our family down in Phoenix (more details in my weeks synopsis). Dan had a church basketball game for our ward in Camp Verde in the evening, we pretty much would not make it b/c we got out of Phoenix later than we thought. Well, half way down the hill entering the Verde Valley, Dan's team calls begging Dan to come. It is half time, they are only down by six to a super trash talking team, and they are playing with only five players...they need reprieve.

I have been really trying to be more supportive of Dan's only form of exercise and his love (I KNOW what it feels like to have to give that up!)--so I kept telling him I would be fine and that he could not use helping the family factor weigh-in on this decision. He finally consented to go and we turned right at the exit into Camp Verde, rather than left to Cottonwood. All the kids had fallen asleep on the ride home and it was peaceful.

I dropped Dan off and ran in for a few seconds to see if he had a ride home, etc. When I returned to the car, 2 kids were screaming mercilessly. Dacie, because we were not driving, and I was not in the car. Ryland, because Dacie's scream is intolerable. Ryland kept telling me that she was making his stomach hurt. He was not sure if he would throw up... so on the road back to the highway I reached over to hand him a bag, in case he threw up...when I turned back around...guess what is in my rear view mirror?-Flashing lights...GREAT!!!

Some of you may know I got my first ticket in 10 years, this past fall (in Sedona) and had to go to traffic school. The thoughts are still too fresh! Besides the fact, that Dan and I have always had a little friendly squabble over who has the better driving record (ME), and who drives better (ME)--this was just more fuel for his fire.

You have got to be kidding me! It is after 9pm at this point. The police officer walks over and asks for my license. I explain to him what happened with the throwing up Ryland bit, and handing him a bag.. hoping for mercy. The officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going. I told him that I was going 35 before I had to turn around (I really had looked at my speedometer), but did not doubt that I had hit the gas in that whole affair. He said he had clocked me at 45.

The police officer saw all the kids and asked if I had them all seat belted in. I offered to open the window to let him see, and he said he could tell that they were. The officer told me that he just wanted to call in my lisc. and see if it is valid. Mercy?!!! I am thinking I may be getting off of the hook! BUT when he does not come back and does not come back I begin to wonder. He reappears to tell me that my lisc. is not showing up with the DMV. I ask him if he was for real and started chuckling. He said he had tried my last name, first name and birthdate...and

if it was not valid he would have to tow the car, and I guess take me and the kids to jail.

Ryland was already asking the whole time if the police man is going to take him to jail, and Colton is asking if we are stuck in the desert. Pretty quick after that I hear the radio cackle that it is valid. I guess I should have told him that it had been suspended for drunk driving huh? HA HA.

He said because I had my kids strapped in seat belts he would give me a verbal warning. Thanks, I think?!!!--by this time I had kids crying all the way home, and I had to unpack them out of the car and try to lay them down with only 5 serious meltdowns!!! I really was supporting basketball at this point.

Colton kept saying, "this is the first time I have been pulled over by a cop!" and this morning he said, "remember when we got pulled over last night by the police officer?" I asked him to not tell people about it, because it is embarrassing!

The moral of the story is: Here is another reason to buckle up your kids, one less ticket and thing for your hubby to make fun of! (OK he still made fun of me)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week Synopsis 3/29 - 4/6

My fonts are appearing normal on my customized post BUT they are super funky when published...I guess you will not be bored!(Sister Alaina Taylor and I at my homecoming March 11, 1999?..I have forgotten, aaah!)
SATURDAY March 29: It was stake temple day and since we missed out last time we had tried to go to a session in the temple-previous post, we decided to make a quick day trip down. We dropped the kids off at Grandma's at around 12pm and did not get home until 7pm! That was largely due to the fact that the highways were under construction and closed, AND because we met up with one of my old companions from the mission--Sis. Taylor. She just moved to we met up and went to dinner, and through a session together. It has been a LONG time (probably about 6 years)..but we picked up right where we left off. She always makes me laugh--she is so funny! We also called one of the people we worked with in our area we served together in. It was good times remembering! It was a great session, we were able to do work for some names that a couple in our ward had prepared.

(Sister Alaina Taylor and I at the Mesa Temple March 29, 2008)

While we were gone Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Marcus, Aunt Amy and Cousin Lola took the kids to the science museum. They loved digging for bones, pulling their whole bodies up with pulleys, and so much more...brave grandparents!

(the boys and Uncle Marcus digging for dinosaur bones at the museum)

It made it hard, and LATE to have to pack up and return home that night.

(the boys watching the coin twirl at the science museum)

SUNDAY MARCH 30- It was hard getting up and to church by 9am, after such a busy Saturday (OK it is always really hard)! Music time went smoothly, even though I did not have as much time to prepare. Dacie was crawling around on the stage in church and broke a prop (huge pillar candle holder thing) for a musical fireside the stake was putting on that night, that they had already decorated for. Dan spent all of priesthood glue'ing it back together while Dacie terrorized the primary kids. She actually came in to sing with me in nursery and did WONDERFUL (are you sure I cannot put her in a little early?) Dan called all the necessary people after church to apologize and they were really good about it. We also got in some naps and had some friends over for dinner (the Jolly's). The husband is doing his last clinical rotation for PT school at Dan's office. They have been such a fun addition to our friends-we wish we could keep them. Dan even made them our famous wheat chocolate chip cookies (we got in Houston, thanks Shirley's). I don't know why... I cook them a majority of the time, BUT every time Dan does he puts mine to shame (same recipe).Go figure--that is why he needs to cook them more!

Monday March 31- I had dinner on the table and we had started eating by the time Dan got home from work! You know that is a 'feat' when it is post worthy! He LOVES it when I can do this, and today was no exception. We had a family home evening lesson on tithing as the boys are starting to get allowances for their chores...paying tithing has become an issue. We invited them to listen for a talk on it in general conference this weekend.
(Dacie trying Dad's shoes on for size)
TUESDAY APRIL 1st- APRIL FOOL'S! For a family who is so 'into' holidays we sure did not come with anything creative, BUT we did have friends who were and we got some great ideas for next year! Dan was home and I went on our 2.5 mile walk with the Relief Society sisters. We only had to stop once for Ryland to go to the bathroom on the side of the road! Then I went to Colton's class and worked there for an hour. Later that day Ryland went with me to walmart to get his 3 year portraits taken. I only ended up spending $80.00 there on odds and end household items- ha ha! Dan got the money done. The stake called me and it is OFFICIAL-I GET OT GO TO GIRLS CAMP! I am so stoked(old school word I know) has been a long time coming with my pregnancies and babies, I have not been able to go. I am a girls camp fan.I am also going to be a leader over the YCL's with one of my favorite friends (Janae Gordon)! yahoo!

(love playing with different styles of hair w/ Dacie as it starts to grow in, getting ready to leave for Grandma's)

WEDNESDAY APRIL 2- I made it to playgroup!!! I do not think I have been able to make it since Christmas.I think showing my friend Chelsea Jolly where to go may have helped the fact. With Dacie's nap schedule and Sterling's preschool pickup time, playgroup has been more inconvenient for me than convenient. I made arrangements for both and we played Disney BINGO with prizes! It was right up the street at our good friends (Raban's) house--they have a perfect kid backyard and we enjoyed friends and sun! Dacie also had two milestones this week! We used up our last can of formula (she has had a hard time transitioning to straight milk digestively speaking) AND her two canine teeth up top came in (only two more to go)!

(she was actually pretty patient letting me do this hair-tying bit, the boys waiting in the car were NOT!)

THURSDAY APRIL 3- I was super brave and we had an adventure taking our van in to get 'cleaned' at a super wash place...where they do the inside and outside for you, after we had walked 2.5 miles again. I think we were there an hour and collected every business card in the place, petted two dogs, watched the actual car get washed, visited the bathrooms twice and only had 2-4 meltdowns! Our car needed it...and then it sprinkled (WHAT! it never rains in Arizona). I avoided going anywhere that day to keep the car clean a little bit longer, since it was raining a bit. I do love clean cars. Colton brought a letter home from school today telling us that they had tested him for the gifted program (ALPS) and he had qualified for it next year! 1 down 3 to go...for getting Dan's brains! I had to marry a HOT nerd to give them hope (just kidding). It was also pokeno night at the clubhouse. Not as many showed up, so it was a more low-key night of game playing. I got what I brought BUT I chose it--I won twice! It was a fan to clip on to my elliptical, so I can cool off and not have to freeze out everybody else in the room!

FRIDAY APRIL 4- I decided to go shopping in the morning while I had 2 kids instead of 4. I took Dacie bikini shopping...and ended up getting her the cutest one piece! My friend Julie Hoggard dropped off her son for me to watch while she got a haircut (a trade for picking up Sterling at preschool on playgroup day). I was still shopping at babysitting time--so he came shopping with us! That was an experience! The Hoggards came over later that day to play with the kids and cure "witching hour" (the hour before Dan gets home and the kids are going NUTS). Julie got in the mood to see a late movie, I am always game for movies. So we ate dinner, laid down the kids and Dan busted out his video games, while Julie and I went to a late showing of 21(thanks to a free pass from Dan's work). I was up way past curfew!
(Dacie and Dan coupon clipping Saturday morning)
SATURDAY APRIL 5- We enjoyed watching general conference and staying in our pajamas for as long as we could! Dan did a menu, clipped coupons and finally got dressed to go shopping!

(the mariners t-ball team spring 2008; Sterling top row 2nd in on the right, Colton top row far right)
I got dressed earlier because BASEBALL SEASON HAS BEGUN! Dan and I paid our dues to play on the co-ed softball team. Colton and Sterling are on the same t-ball team this year (GOOD! as this past fall soccer was allot of coordinating w/ 2 places to be and 2 games at the same time). It was picture day and a hit-a-thon. I am the cheapest mom in Cottonwood! First, they gave an order form with no pricing list. So when I arrived and we were being herded and rushed like cattle, I did not know what I was getting. When I did get a price list I realized that they had no individual team shot (of course) I was going to break down and buy a package with individual shots of the player, just putting Colton and Sterling in the individual shot together. They WOULD NOT let me do it..and I was not going to pay $40 for two packages. So I asked them if I could just take pictures with my camera (since I carry it with me everywhere, now that I am a blog addict) at the same time they took pictures, and they were cool about it! Everyone kept asking if my boys were going to get shots and looked at them so sad when I said no. We did not go get sponsors for the hit-a-thon either- I figure the $100 to sign them up was plenty! I know, I am a jerk...when they excel maybe I will get softer

(Colton left; Sterling right)

Here is the brothers! I think they are SO CUTE TOGETHER! I LOVE IT! Note: their pants and cleats are garage sale 25 cents a pop!

(Sterling left #13; Colton right #14)

Later that day while Dan was at the priesthood session Coltons' friend, Tej, called and asked if he could come over --I hate being the mean momma. So Tej came over for an hour. He really was super easy and occupied my bored boys! However, our house sounded and looked like a circus when the neighbor kids joined in the back yard. Dan went and helped a lady in our ward, who just broke her arm, put on her sling properly after the session. Baths were half-way done when he got home! After the kids were in bed, our friends the Trezises came over to play games...forget curfew again!

(We wish our kids sat like this for ALL of conference. I think little pinky lasted about 2 minutes TOPS)

SUNDAY APRIL 6- It was a relaxing day where we just sat, listened, and had no where to go and no where to be. It was uplifting and peaceful! The boys had conference packets to fill out and they watched the first session in the a.m pretty well. I did get teary during the second session when they were specifically speaking to young mothers. We still managed to plan Dan's seminary lesson for tomorrow, go through a huge tub of pictures and toss a bunch of 'stuff', feed and dress the kids in sabbath attire AND curfew is IN force tonight!
(picture of the actual conference center in SLC)

I Love conference, it always puts the world into perspective...its going to be a GREAT week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I thought it fitting to wait on Ryland's birthday post for 2 WEEKS, since he made me WAIT that long after his due date to arrive! It was so anti-climatic to pass my due date that far!(My babies always 'show' big on the ultrasounds, so it could have been recorded a bit early, BUT NOT that much however!!!) I was in labor on and off all when his induction morning arrived, it made for a SUPER FAST labor (3.5 hours)--thus the reason I got what I had always wanted- a medicine free labor/delivery (I even sent the anesthesiologist into surgery knowing there was no backing out) I will NEVER do that choice! Ryland was very much anticipated for many reasons. He is our only baby that we really have 'planned' and 'tried' for. His pregnancy also followed a miscarriage. We were ready and waiting when he arrived!
Ryland was my most beautiful baby upon arrival. OF COURSE all my babies are beauty BUT he was not all smashed and old "manish"looking, and did not have a HUGE HEAD like the rest! However, he did come out with a scowl--and it was a 'sign' what our first year was going to be like!
Ryland was named (middle name) after my father-KENT. My father has always been one of my heroes, and since we were only making was time for a family name from my side! I hope he has all the strong and wonderful traits of my dad!
Colton and Sterling could not have been any more tender or accepting of a new little brother. I always worried that Ryland would be a third wheel, since Colton and Sterling were only 16 months apart...and here he was coming 2.5 years after Sterling. It has been the opposite!! Sterling and Ryland have been little buddies and partners in crime since Colton has taken off for school. Colton and Ryland play well together and rarely other combos DO NOT!
We were so happy to have another boy to complete our starting five basketball team. I never thought of myself as a "boy" mom, but Ryland solidified that fact, and I find myself LOVING raising boys. In fact, after Dacie I feel more comfortable in that role! Bring on the boys!!
Ryland continued to grow and be the fairest of them all...but as the "honeymoon" began to wear off ...
sleep became a SERIOUS ISSUE. He never went more than 45 minutes without a high pitch scream! He was a great nurser and so that meant I LIVED in a rocking chair day and night. It all started turning into one, big blur
We took an hour at a time until 4.5 months when I began to wonder if there was something medically wrong, that we could not see with him (since both of his older brothers had required series of surgeries, it would make sense). After consulting with pediatricians, and his constant flow of milk coming out of his mouth, and the tapering off in his weight gain...we went to see the pediatric GI specialist at around 6 months. They put him 'asleep' and discovered that he did ,indeed, have a severe case of infant GERD. They gave me medicine to heal his 'torn up' esophagus and then started me on the blessed medicine of prevacid. It was not immediate relief, but between that and solid food it became manageable. More than 45 minutes of sleep at a time and a baby that did not just wail and scream constantly was improvement--
The only reason I tell this LONG story, is this consumed a majority of his first year of life and MINE. I knew little else. BUT as with all things, the things you serve the most are the things you love the dearest. I LOVE him dearly and I would call our relationship close.

Ryland's love language is physical touch-he is most receptive to hugs, cuddles, name it! He is our ONLY child that will sit on our lap in church through all of sacrament, just to be close to us, and Dacie willing! If he is ever punished he quickly runs to us and says, hug me, or hold me! He will give you a kiss at any time, regardless if you just got mad at him. He LOVES getting and giving butterfly and eskimo kisses-he would play that 'game' all day long if I could.
Ryland had such a pleasant personality when he was not in pain and it has just BLOSSOMED! He is tender and kind, thoughtful and sensitive.
Because he was such a great nurser I think he has been my only pacifier accepting baby as well. I was so absolutely desperate for sleep, I would 'jerry rig' his pacifier so it would stay in his mouth. I tied ribbons behind his ears to hold it in place, and taped it to a stuffed beanie baby to hold it in!!! His addiction is predominantly his parents fault! I had to wean him at a year from nursing AND we still have ,yet, to wean him from a night-time pacifier (I know I know--one thing at a time)
He is the child that looks most like me! FINALLY...since the Sorensen genes are strong and masculine (ha ha-thank heavens their hotties!) If you take my pictures at his age ,now, and compare, just add some more hair to Ryland and it is me!
Ryland also wants something and then does not want something...instantaneously. That is me as well! I had issues with bottles and cribs when I was little and then commitments when I was older! Poor boy!
Ryland has always had angelic features with white hair, blue eyes and very fair skin. His personality can be angelic as well! When he stares into your eyes with his baby blues it melts your heart AND I have to be careful NOT to give him anything he wants!

Ryland is also the comical, humorous one! He will do anything to elicit laughs from his brothers, or anyone for that matter. He just does things to be plain funny sometimes (look at pictures below)

You rarely see him without a smile now!
He is also the one we have to keep a SUPER close eye on!
He is our inquisitive one (a nice way of saying getting into trouble, doing naughty things). I have always had these kind of incidents in my home, but he seems to initiate, or not think twice as opposed to others I have experienced! He is the one I caught in the backseat of the car dry-shaving with Dan's razor, He is also the one that painted the side of our house with exterior RED paint, he is also the one that just re-upholstered our new car interior w/ permanent marker, or lets see, he also poured all his bubbles into the washing machine, and just killed our baby chick by throwing it in the air! hmmmm...I don't do a very good job with keeping my eyes on him huh?

He has a 'sweet' tooth like his father. Ryland enjoys sugary candy like sweet tarts, jolly ranchers, pixie sticks,smarties, skittles etc. not chocolate so much. He also LOVES spicy things and tangy, sour flavors. He lays off the carbs and prefers the protein-MEAT. He is also our only kid that will eat green salad.
Ryland was our quickest to crawl and climb up bookshelves and windows. He was the first to eat real people food. His vocabulary advanced more quickly as well. He plays better with his brothers friends, then kids his own age. Ryland is just a mature spirit and physically mature as well. He is potentially athletic, with his speed and arm (you can never really tell right now). He also toilet trained the quickest (2 hard days and 3 at that)! However, Ryland has been the last to grow hair (he has been our only baldy baby) and learn his colors!
He is the tallest of the bunch. ALL our boys are off the height chart and weight chart, BUT Ryland has them beat in HEIGHT when they were his age. He is, however, the skinniest and everything LONG enough FALLS OFF!

Ryland is sweet and gentle most of the time and would hardly ever hurt someone on purpose. He is slow to hurt other kids (i.e. hit when he does get a toy)

HE LOVES holidays and having a place to go, or a party to be at, regardless who it is for, and who is going to be there. If it is fun he is in!
Oh- how I have enjoyed watching him grow and his spirit. I LOVE what comes out of his mouth almost daily---he says the darnedest things! (like yesterday when he did not get something he was wanting-he was crying and telling me how his heart was broken into two pieces!)
I CANNOT imagine our family without him. We anticipated his arrival and now I know why. Our lives are more complete, happy, progressing, watchful, and loving because he has joined them!
In his short three years of life I have learned so much from him and received so much from him I cannot wait to share a lifetime with my 'wittle' man!
Happy 3rd Birthday Ryland Kent Sorensen!