Thursday, February 14, 2008

HaPPy VaLeNtiNes DAY!!!!

One of my gifts to my children besides their sugar cookie w/ their name in icing, note of reasons I love them and a valentines book-- is that they have ME for the day..that includes phone calls, blogging etc.

We have had some eventful days the last little while. Our house is probably the messiest it has been in awhile, the boys are getting their clothes for the next day out of the clean laundry baskets in my room... but we are happy and in LOVE!
Can't wait to catch up with all our FUN, in posts!
Hope your Valentines finds you loved in any form (my annual newsletter just went out today...sorry!). Have a hug and kiss on us!
Love-The Sorensen's


Erin said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Love ya, girl!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh, I love Valentine's Day too! I think those are such cute traditions--and I love that you send your newsletter out then. How fun! Oh, and I have a family pic for you--just keep forgetting to get it to you, so don't cross us off your newsletter list! =)