Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Right now in my life I have the RARE blessing of having 2 sisters living in town. I guess my years of attempted "conversion" may pay off for a short time.
we have been finding "projects" to do each week.
Week 1:
was an open house/garage sale for 3 days!!!
Garage sales are always ALLOT of work, BUT then trying to keep the house clean for 3 days adds a whole nother stress.
It is only possible with sisters!
(we showed the house 2x's, and made 8 dollars-hardly worth the work to me)
Week 2:
Was a highlighting party in an attempt to preserve our dying wallets

The kids even got in on the fun-with the foil (NOT the bleach)!!

Preparing for FLU Season!

After an hour and a half wait...we FINALLY got in for our flu vaccinations.
It was quite humorous seeing the boys lined up in a row waiting for their shot~
they must have said their prayers that day, because they all got the nose mist version instead
Tell me why the state vaccinates only those children who are under three that have state funded medical assistance and NOT those covered under private insurance, because Arizona is running low on vaccines?
(if I had time and money I would raise some ruccous)

When Family Home Evening Treats GO WRONG...

So Ryland has not known what to think with his "solo" time with mommy on Monday mornings while Dacie is at preschool. He hasn't much "enjoyed" it up to this point (as he has known nothing different since birth) SO I had a great idea to make FHE treats with him. We chose No-Bake Cookies....and of course
We bought the cocoa "under pressure"~ and this is what happened when we started to open it.
A fountain of chocolate that reached the ceiling!
Word to the Wise:
cocoa+water=A BIGGER MESS

Some of my favorite things about my Calling...


and the COOL WARD Young Women PRESIDENCIES (who aren't afraid to dance!!!)
Our stake dance this month in SeDoNa!!!
Hollywood Lip Sync night w/ Captain James Kirk as the DJ

Soccer Season has Started!!!

So Ryland got his chance for his first team sport this fall...soccer!!!!
Ryland is the only Sorensen boy to "grace" the fields this season- ha ha.
Potentially having 2 more boys, on 2 more different teams (as they would have been in different age categories-all w/ games at the SAME time) we opted for a little bit CALMER Saturday mornings and considered what was "good, better and best" for our family
We thought Ryland would be our kid to "get it" in sports. He scored 2 goals the first game BUT has gone "down hill" since (maybe that is because mommy has taken him to his last 2 games)
He sat on the sideline crying that he did not want to play anymore last game....
maybe soccer is NOT the Sorensen sport?!!!!
Soccer Anyone?

Jam Session!

Our "reverent" Sunday Night "jam" Session

I guess it is bound to happen when they do not play outside all day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take My Picture MomMy!!

So lately, Dacie has been saying to me "take my picture mom" when I do, then she will pose again and say "take it again mom"...afterwards she enjoys going over all the pictures of the "photo shoot!"
Lying in bed sick I had nothing better to do-so we did a "photo shoot!"
My daughter "the Model!!!"

I found all these pictures appropriate because it shows what her hair would normally look like ( hanging in her eyes) and then done for the day (above)-BEFORE WE GOT IT CUT! Introducing Miss Dacie's new and improved cut!!!
We evened it out a bit in back and added a few layers
The bangs were a must to help grow out the chopped portion that her brother had done months ago.
You can still kind of see the chopped section, but it will get there (it does beat her hair hanging in her eyes)
Work it Dacie! ha ha ha

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

After helping teach the Relief Society lesson for a sick teacher.
We started getting ready for Cara and I to host August's pokeno night at my house-the theme was "Mom's Back to School Night"

The "mom's" brought the teacher apples, braided their hair, brought late excuse notes, and even wore backpacks!!
We did a back to school drive and took the "goods" over to the local mission
We packed brown dinner lunches and treats
and we had green apple cupcakes for dessert!(thanks Sister Socwell)

Then that weekend we headed down to Phoenix so we could go to a Diamondbacks game with Dan's work!
Dacie stayed with Aunt Amberlyn at Grandpa Sorensen's house while the boys, Dan and I headed over to the game
We had THE COOLEST seats...all you could eat popcorn,hot dogs, peanuts, chips, soda and water!!
It was our own cool little section with allot cooler seats
Dan says we are never going back to regular seats again!!!
We played the Houston Astros (our alma mater) but they got beat pretty badly (sorry Mangums) by the D-backs (our home town team).
After the beating we got to watch a live Montgomery Gentry country concert.
(The boys moved closer to get a better view)
AND after that, we watched a fireworks show.
It was GREAT to pay for a game, concert, fireworks and food for the price of one ticket!! SWEET!
That Monday we had Dacie's preschool at our house...
We dug for dinosaurs (and then fed them play-doh), walked our neighbors dog, played lucky duck,found hidden letter D's at the house, ate donuts.....it was DARLING!
This group of kids are so darn cute. I wish I could tape record all their sweet little voices- ha ha
It was parent teacher conferences that week
AND it was our last week of watching our good friends Tej and Pheobe after school.
We will miss our game buddies (and mom's fun money)
BY the TIME LABOR DAY rolled around...
I was S-I-C-K!!!
...so this is how I spent our labor day weekend.
Flat in bed, trying to breathe, eat, and sleep (with little success)
We did however manage to have the missionaries over for dinner and Dan bar-b-q'd...(too bad I could not taste the steaks!!)
We also showed the house 3x's that week!!!
NOW we are having an open house/yard sale the next 3 days~substituting in primary, giving talks in visiting wards for stake assignments
I guess I am use to life not slowing down much for anyone huh?
Well here is to Lovin' and Livin' our LIFE's!!!!!