Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The ForgetFul FaiRy!

I don't know how my mom did it! (with nine children that is)
It seems like there is always something I could be doing 'more' for my children, and I ONLY have FOUR. 'More' meaning...not forgetting to "help" the toothfairy out when that is all my son (Colton-yes, he has LOST another tooth) has TALKED about all day and is DREAMING about at night, for starters. Then top it off, with making it TWO nights of forgetting. I never remember getting neglected by the toothfairy growing up--maybe memory FADES me (I just don't remember the forgetful fairy-who indeed was forgetful)and SAVES me (my children will have the same forgetful memories of their forgetful fairy)!

I finally had enough of trying to get things done amidst children the other evening, so I sat down in their room and played HARD. I mean kid hard. We rode trains, made dinners, sang with ice cream cones, sorted food by colors and health... and made a night of it. I enjoyed it, but really, if I had to do that all day for the next 'umpteen' years I may lose any education I gained! I wish there was a healthy balance between getting things out of duty done, things out of personal enjoyment accomplished and childrens' needs met all in one activity.

I feel loved and that I had a healthy and happy childhood--so one day, my kids will hopefully look back and have some compassion on their forgetful fairy of a mother, trying to get it all done!
I LOVE being a mother-- where else could I learn about the delicate balancing of priorities, forgiving yourself, doing things you don't enjoy for the sake of others, patience, trying harder, and becoming the next ice cream american idol!


Jim Hutchings said...

Yo there is a $2.00 per day interest charge on a forgetful fairy. You better pay the boy good!!!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

I think we might have the same fairy here! Dallin hasn't wanted to give up his teeth, so I haven't had to worry about it. He just put them in a bag to save. But, I'm sure that Forgetful Fairy must have been on the job with the foster kids were here!

I do remember my teeth being "forgotten" at least a couple of times. But, when she did come, “Esmeralda” made up for it with the most beautifully handwritten notes about the winter home she was building, out of my teeth, in the ivy patch outside my window. I still have one of those notes. My mom just sent a number of my teeth back, along with some of the notes that I left for the tooth fairy. Fun memories! I wish Dallin were more interested so that he could have those memories. I suspect I'll get to do with Isabel and Lucy!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh, it's hard getting it all done! Just tell him it must mean there are A LOT of kids losing their teeth right now, and she'll get there when she can! =)

Dawn said...

We had a VERY forgetful fairy that came to our house too on occasion; sometimes she would write notes to apologize for being so late, and sometimes whe would even leave extra money as interest!!! I know exactly how you feel; you just feel terrible that you forgot again...but you are doing the best you can, and that's all we can do! Love you! MOM S