Saturday, January 31, 2009

B is for...

The HEAT- Winter 2008-2009
Colton's basketball season is well underway
We have practices 2 x's a week and games on Saturdays

Although I was much more optimistic in my expectations of my children's basketball abilities..I can safely say today I saw some progress in Colton's defense, he shot 2x's, and rebounded 2x's (despite he is one of the 2 tallest on the court, typically)
I LOVE the way basketball is set up here. It is pretty 'low-key' and there are no BIG trophies to purchase at the end, or team pictures for that matter (thus the reason for today's parent picture get-together after the game)
AND we only had to bring snacks one time
allot less cost going out in addition to the registration, and simple as it should be with small kids!
I have also been impressed with his coaches and how they work so well with the kids and enjoy what they are doing!!
It has been a VERY positive experience, has been 'busy' running him to and from (according to Dan)...JUST wait, I know!~
*Sterling is going to join him next year....hmmmm!!!

B is for...

BRoThERs, BReNDoN, & BoWLiNg Instead of me flying out with Colton to my brothers (BRENDON) 'farewell' before he leaves on his mission in one week, we decided to fly him out to our house for a few days....
SO we played and enjoyed the last moments with our brother and UNCLE.
Skipping school and going BOWLING was in order!

We also got some tickets to the Sun Dogs ice hockey game in Prescott
and WON!!!
Even though we could not WiN any prizes that are a common occurrence at these hockey games, we did manage to get Brendon on the BIG jumbo-tron dancing to the YMCA rodeo style --last chance for 2 years!~
The rest of his trip included driving 2 hours (each way) to pick up and drop off at the airport, late night games, movie nights, LONG talks, serious mission shopping with some of my greatest SAVING sales~might I add, Jerome visiting, sharing him with the Higley's, eating OUT too much, walks to the river... and just spending solo time with my brother (that has been years coming). He was the 'baby' while I was a teenager and growing up--it is AMAZING for me to see him all grown up and leaving. My children will forever cherish their cool uncle who changes their diapers and plays with them without being asked! We will miss you like crazy BUT are so EXCITED, don't worry...we will wait for you!

B is for...


As many of you are well aware we celebrated Dacie's Birthday on 1/25
Then on Monday evening 1/26 we had a birthday party for my brother Brendon's birthday (which was on 1/10) as he flew in to visit us in Arizona that day--he even was manly about blowing out pink cupcake candles!
Dacie arrived VERy early on January 25th in all her 9 pound 4 ounce Glory!

The day we brought her home from the hospital

Daddy helping burp the little jaundice BUG in the hospital!

Dacie on her FIRST year BIRTHDAY in LA!

Our Dacie NOW, at 2!!!!!....

They grow up sooo fast, I really do NOT have a baby anymore...

B is for....

BaBy ShOwErS!!!!!On Saturday 1/24 we hosted a baby shower at our home for a fellow physical therapists wife (they are having their first baby--and moved here away from all of their family)
There was allot of the "ladies" from Dan's work there and it was FuN!! (if I do say so myself)
It enabled me to get the house clean for company, and birthdays and the like...
It also inspired me to start a project that has been on a my list of things to do for quite sometime
"make name blocks for Dacie's bedroom".
I made these blocks (above and below) out of cereal boxes, paint, ribbon, and cardstock...
AND with the help of my friend Cami 'Martha Stewart' Raban and her Cricet machine!
after the baby shower I converted them to Dacie's name for her b-day--and I finally got them hung in her room this week! That was my present to her--
I also just got back from attending a baby shower today 1/31 for one of our fellow preschool momma friends--Becky Kerr
Tis' the PINK Season!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


My Sweet Baby Girl is 2 !!!!!
She is so full of life, happiness and GIRL-DOM (if that is a word)
I adore having a girl.
She is my pal, and there is very little I participate in throughout the day without her by my side.
She prefers me over anything else.
She has far exceeded any expectation I had of what having my girl would be like--
I am so in love...

SO we got to spend a little bit longer playing with her hair for church today
...and even made some cupcakes to share with her class in nursery
She adored the attention !
LOVED the PARTY (with her brothers, parents, aunt/uncle, and Sorensen Grandparents)
AND enjoyed chatting to far away family on the phone
SHE absolutely enjoyed all the GIRLY toys (and of course her waiting on the sideline brothers who were more than willing to help her open those gifts)

and climbed peacefully into her bed tonight with what I assume are the sweetest of dreams.
You know... the phone talking, doll carrying, tea party planning, bow wearing, new clothes, chapstick smearing, present opening, cupcake eating kinda of dreams

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Secret that is NO more...

The word is starting to get I thought I would clarify things and let everyone know. It is allot easier this way-since there are so many questions and people are not sure how to ask or what to do. Some people feel this is a very private thing. But, as many of you know I am an "open book" sometimes-- and am willing to share intimate things with close friends (to a point of course). I also want to have this recorded in a journal--
Dan and I had a SECRET: We were going to be expecting our 5th child in early September. We rejoiced in this news as we are now 'open' to the idea for the first time since having Dacie. It would have been our biggest "break", so to speak, in between having children.
When we started to have large numbers of children we decided to keep this news on the 'low-down' until I started showing, just to avoid speculation, comments, and to help the time seem to pass faster (HOWEVER we NEEDED the FULL 9 months to get ready!). I also am the assistant girls camp director with my stake calling and was STILL going to camp--and wanted to avoid all the worry!
The first week after discovering our secret went great. But during the second week I started spotting. I thought little of it at first since I spotted a day or two with Dacie BUT NEVER with any of my others. When the spotting continued for more then a week and cramping set it--I knew that I may be miscarrying.
At 6 weeks into the pregnancy I knew that something was definitely not right. However, I also felt the best I had since I had discovered I was pregnant. I had a BIG YW/YM mini-conference that weekend, so the timing was not great. Our Presidency was so supportive and kind about me having to flake out the day of for a little while.
On Monday I went to the doctor and they were excited that I was still registering pregnant, and there was a little hope. BUT after an ultrasound it was confirmed that I was having what they call a complete spontaneous abortion (I don't like that terminology).
People have ask how I have been. Really, I have been at PEACE since it first started happening. This is something that is absolutely out of my hands.If something is not right with the pregnancy or the baby I would MUCH rather have it happen now than later. I realize that I am "lucky" that my miscarriages happen at the beginning and not to far into my pregnancies, if they are not working out (this is my 2nd miscarriage-I have 2 children and then miscarry). However, I did have longer this time to embrace the idea. I had one hard night of it, and by the next morning I was OK. I was grateful the worst happened over the weekend while Dan was home.
One of my friends described some of my feelings perfectly--as she had a similar experience, but her pregnancy kept. "I have felt that empty feeling. The feeling that my body betrayed me, and the guilt over the slight relief (if that makes sense-relief that my body was taking care of a fetus that should not have worked out, but guilt over that too.) "
I am still going through the process of making this complete, and it may take some months to have it completely healed. I also may need some medical intervention, but for now my body is taking care of it. I feel like after I have had a baby, and my body has taken longer recovering after my last 2 pregnancies--so I expect this to be no different. Emotionally/Hormonally I am doing good. I do spontaneously cry at moments-like during a newborn baby commercial last night. I feel like I am in a funk at times, but OVERALL-- I am GREAT!
Really I am at peace, I am good and I look forward to the future.
I have felt an outpouring of kindness and sincere concern. This situation is so minor compared to so many things other people have to face, but it is a testimony to me that I am surrounded by GOOD friends and family who absolutely support me regardless of the level of hardship--and I feel genuinely LOVED. That is the BEST feeling to have.
I realize that I have been behind on posting and other things, but I realize why as well.
SO you want to hear our next BIGGEST secret? I am going to apply to be on BIGGEST LOSER!!! I am hyped soooo...Yeah, look for me on TV! Or further posts to let you know how my application is coming.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

HaPpY 100th DaY of SCHOOL!

Bet you didn't know that the 100th day of school is a HOLIDAY--BUT in KiNdErGaRtEn it is!!!!!
Sterling's class has a DAY of 100's, they: make 100 day mush mix (10 of 10 kinds of trail mix type foods), they turned in their 100 posters that we worked on for hours this last weekend (and I did not take a picture of our 'masterpiece' we turned in...yet!), made necklaces, made a book--and just found a reason to be HaPPy!!!

So from all of us at the CrAzY Sorensen home- Have a HaPPY 100th day of school!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last night for FHE we did our annual-MLK lesson. We talked about despite the color of our skin how Heavenly Father loves us all the same, and that we are ALL still brothers and sisters.
(Dacie-left; Colton-Right)
So the kids took the lesson to heart and tried different colors!

(Ryland-left; Sterling-right)
Now you cannot help but turn on the TV and ONLY see the inauguration of a new president taking place today. The day after celebrating MLK's birthday we are welcoming our first African American President (Obama)-I think that it is fitting.
Although there is allot of uncertainty and speculation with this new president. I am holding out hopeful that he will listen to the very GOD who established this nation and be good on his promises for GooD & RighTeouS things....

Hark, How the LIghts!

...SO we kept the tradition alive and went to see the lights in Talaquipaqui-- a resort in Sedona-- The Day after New Years!It is always a treat to walk around and see the different themes and light displays people have set up around the resort! They are always original and creative.
This one above had a whole camp set up with blue lighted skies and white lighted clouds, along with this cute saying!
Horton hears a Who?
A complete Gingerbread village

Santa and Clan taking hot air balloon rides (a local past-time around these parts)
Santa's Workshop
A Charlie Brown Christmas --
Mind you these are all set up around the time shares & rooms

Lego Land

Even lighted sprinkler systems in the trees!

...and they even represented the real reason we "light up" this holiday season
They had so many more....
The best part was one of Dan's old patients hooked us up with these it was free (along with the free hot apple cider)!
It was a good closure (even though I accidentally let Dacie fall into a fountain while we were dancing) to our FUN week+ we spent as a family with daddy!