Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY-To our DAD!!!!
Our Dad works hard for his family.
He is gone during the winter (with seminary--we are grateful for his example of magnifying a calling--he never complains about waking early to teach EVERY DAY) from 6am-6pm and in the summer from 7:30am-6pm. He never misses a day, never is late, totally dependable, rarely takes lunch breaks, and not allot of vacation time!
We were weeding the garden this morning and the kids were complaining how hot and tired they were. I told them they were lucky that they were not farmers and had to do it all day long. Then Sterling said, "wow! firefighters have to work all day long too, our Dad has to work until night time!"
We have never been without necessities and have enjoyed many luxuries for his hard work. Sometimes he comes home only to roll up his sleeves, help with dinner, bedtimes, homework, and some reading or play time.
We felt like he deserved a little bit of R&R today...
So we made some yummy lawn mower cupcakes, to share with neighbors, friends and missionaries (who came to dinner), and to sell at the Children's Theatre to help earn money BUT mostly for our Dad!
We let him sleep in.
Made him breakfast in bed; consisting of luxury scrambled eggs with ham, homemade salsa, and cheese. He got home-made multi-grain toast, and chocolate milk--we made sure his tummy was well fed today!
Then we listened to a story from the book we bought him called Just Me and My DaD (he had the same book when he was a little boy)

Lunch and Dinner were a blur BUT we sure used ALOT of the fruits and veggies we got in our first try at a bountiful basket that weekend!
While we made dinner for DaddY and the missionaries-- he slept with Dacie.
We fed them Liquid smoked pork (thanks for the recipe Gordon Gals), fruit salad, rolls, and cooked carrots..along with their choice of lemonade or Fresca--cupcakes for dessert!
(I could no resist this close-up picture with his Fathers Day tie!)
Afterwards we played a came of Disney Scene It and gave him new khaki socks, and cool shorts he much needed --since our Dad rarely buys himself personal things!
We are absolutely GrAtEfUl and BlEssEd to have Dan as our DAD (or Father of my children)!
SwEeT and PeAcEfUl DREAMS to all you hard working dads and grandpas....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Busy HoNeY BeEs...

Every Summer The Missoula Children's Theatre travels all over, typically to rural towns, and Cottonwood is no exception. The timing and ages of my children have never worked out to participate in it. BUT after both my sons recent performances in their choir concerts...I thought drama may be a hobby they would take interest in.
SO I had the boys try-out Monday June for the production of Rumpelstiltskin. They made it into the choir of bees (and yes, they had to cut some children because of the numbers trying out).

So the next ensuing week consisted of some practices in the morning and an all-day Saturday dress rehearsal and 2 performances (which Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen & Aunt Cara and Uncle John all came too!)!!!
It was a low-key production and the boys never complained about going once.

However...I am not sure they were as "into" it as others (check out Colton's face below).

The bees made a grand appearance 3 times on stage and did 2 singing/dancing numbers.

Colton did very well with his bee hands (really quick fingers out front) and Sterling was a great stinger (bummy) shaker. Colton even got to stay on stage a bit longer to sting one of the main characters (video below).
(Bottom Row: Colton far left, Sterling 3rd in on right)

Of course, my boys were the LARGEST bees up there. Colton looked like a 10 year old bumble bee flying around! ha ha ha
I think Colton's FAVORITE part about the whole thing was the undivided Pokemon banter he was able to have with his good friend Dallin (especially w/out the moms around!)

Dallin and Colton having sword fights with their stingers!

I am glad I am able to let my kids taste a little bit of everything, and get a little culture into their small-town lives...and who knows?
They may be back next year...
(BELOW- the first video is Colton stinging Claire who owns the bee farm, which she will lose if she cannot figure out the funny man's name
The second video is one of our favorite busy bee numbers--Colton and Sterling are in the group on the left-just look for the tallest bees!
Sorry about the shaky footage-the bleacher seats had much to be desired and I had to hold my hand up above the people in front of me with no zoom to boot!)

Birthday Get-Away!

Happy BELATED 33rd Birthday to "my main man" DAN!!!
Since the day of my sisters graduation landed right on Dan's birthday and then coming home for a total of 24 hours before leaving again... Dan's birthday never got properly "celebrated". We were certain to leave him a gift(tickets to a baseball game with our friends the Cleggs in August) and a surprise or two (like 33 helium balloons delivered to his work)..but we never had official cake, ice cream and quality time.
So the weekend after the trek and his Uncles funeral, Dan and I went for a night away. His work was having a party in Prescott on Saturday. They were going miniature golfing and game playing...so Dan and I went up later the evening prior and went out to dinner and a late movie, and then stayed in a cheap hotel that night. It worked out GREAT!
The house ended up getting "shown" Saturday morning. So I took the kids over to Aunt Cara's for a sleep over Friday, and then Dan and I finished the cleaning and left the house in prime condition for the next mornings showing!
It was a FUN get-away for both of us, and we were able to get all our talking and adventures caught up on!
The weekend was "my treat" (thanks Taylor and Sons)!!
Love You Dan--you deserve so much more...

Monday, June 22, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

YES!!! For those who have been wondering I DID survive our Pioneer Trek! at some moments I would have said barely...
BUT as in all things I look back with very fond memories
I learned quite a few things this go around, so here it goes:
1. I had the opportunity to go on pioneer treks two times as a youth back east. In fact, they had flown "professionals" out from Utah to do them. BUT I learned this time....that I am NOT as invincible as I once was. 100 pounds, creaky joints and 4 kids later this trek was an absolutely different experience, I was broken. I was pretty humbled physically (ecspecially after hiking 16 miles the first day and another 6 the next, while sleeping on the hard ground...my hips HATED me!).Even though I went as an Aunt and did not have to pull and push the handcart (except for the women's pull-where I found myself dry-heaving). My heart is young my body is not. It inspired me to continue doing some things about it!
2. Did I mention I was humbled?
3. I realized that I needed to take more quiet and peaceful contemplation time in my life. Although I could fill my days with absolutely ALL good things. I REALLY need to make quiet time a priority-where I can read the scriptures, pray and evaluate where I am headed. I am so far from perfect-this gives me the time to realize it and set plans to fix it.
4. I learned that I LOVE serving the youth. There is nothing that makes me happier then seeing them "get it". Although this trek came at a very inconvenient time and required many accommodations and sacrifice on many parts, including my children. After being there I realized it was worth it.
5.Arizona is beautiful!! Having been raised back East the desert has really had to grow on me--it has started too!
BUT being in the perfect weather we got, looking at wildflowers, walking all day in Heavenly Fathers creations outdoors, falling asleep to the stars, smelling fresh air and pines, and only being a short 45 minutes from my home, I realized Arizona has it all and I get to enjoy it, NOT just look at the pictures of it!
6. I am in awe at the pioneers. I am in awe at my ancestors, including my husbands. We had to bring pioneer stories to share and Dan's mom had collected his family's stories in a notebook. I shared some with my "family" there--and I am in awe. Our children are so blessed to come from 2 very strong lines of pioneer ancestors. We are blessed!
7. Did I mention it was the hardest thing I have done since labor-naturally? The stake YM president has done these FOREVER-in fact, met his wife on one- and said it was the hardest terrain he has ever done for a trek. We were literally scaling rocky mountains but WE DIDI IT!
8. There is nothing like the spirit of a trek. I was sad that Dan did not come (he opted out at the first mention of it, but it worked out because of the funeral he ended up attending)--it is hard to convey what happens there unless you experience it. Much like a mission and the temple. But, I am glad that I was able to experience it and feel close to the spirit once more.
9. Heavenly Fathers vision far exceeds our own. I don't think it was by chance Cara moved here this year and that I am not expecting a baby as I once was this summer. Without Cara and with a pregnancy it would have prevented or inhibited my participation in these youth experiences I am doing this summer. I think for a short period of time I have the capability of participating in things I will probably never be able to do for quite sometime. My calling in the stake happened to land during these time as well, and I don't think that was by happen stance either. I am grateful I am able to participate. I love my family (husband) who supports these and a sister that loves my children as her own (or close too-we'll wait and see when hers arrive)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sacramento= Sleepovers, Swimming and Such...

Realizing I was coming upon some serious free-time with no obligations, having a HECTIC month of May, earning a little extra cash, only seeing my family 2 x's a year and having my last sibling graduate from High School...spurred a uncontrollable urge to take a trip to Sacramento.
So on the last day of school my sister Cara and I packed up the car and kids and headed OUT for 12 plus hours of DRIVING!!! (drive there AWFUL, drive back MUCH BETTER)
SLEEPOVERSSleeping (or the lack thereof) is always an integral part of vacation
I got to sleep in more than I have in a life-time since having kids
This was Dacie's way of sleeping in the car (above) putting the blanket over her head before she would 'nod' off...I guess to block out all distractions

Couple of a boys night sleep-overs in the tent with Grandpa was always a treat
it certainly freed up some much needed spacing in the apartmentSWIMMINGWe spent many an hour at Uncle Shaun/Aunt Cat's
Aunt Mindy/Uncle Jason's
capitalizing on their swimming pool commodities
AND Wii stations!

Sacramento has this SUPER COOL drive-in movie theatres
We went on discount night and spent $4.00 per adult and $1.00per kid
to watch 2 new movies
Night at the Museum 2 & Monsters vs. Aliens
by the time 1am rolled around the hard ground and blankets were perfect!!!
We made plenty of Memories on Memorial Day!

collecting free flags
and cleaning out my parents garage for 12 HOURS...
a few minor fights and lots of sweat later we gathered at the pool for a bar-b-q
Then we spent our last Saturday there holding a garage sale to help get RID of it all and help my sister after much drama earn some money to help her graduate!
what a way to start the summer-- with VACATION!!!!!


Sacramento not only provides Grandma and Grandpa-- but plenty of Aunts and Uncles as well...
so we stole our Aunts (Cara and Mindy) and their 1/2 off coupons and went and got all day passes to a small ride park called Funderland
Where we Funned our way through the day!

Sterling was Dacie's favorite riding partner
Ryland liked riding solo and doing whatever he wanted!

Dacie's favorite ride was the carousel hands-down
it was the fastest one we have been on yet!

Nothing beats Aunt Mindy's treat to Burger King for lunch--even if we could not keep our eyelids open in the car!

Sterling's FAVORITE ride was the roller coaster-we could NOT get him off of it ALL DAY!

Here is a video clip of us sending ALL the kids on the roller coaster (the adults could not ride with her b/c we did not have a pass so we sent her with the one who was as scared as she was!!!!)--Dacie would be the one screaming her lungs out! She did NOT go near it the rest of the day...Oops-I am a mean mom!