Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am going to borrow an idea that I have seen done on other blogs, and part of my BIRTHDAY gift to family is to post a tribute about them on my blog. I thought I would start the tradition with our Dacie ( I promise I will catch you in 2009 brendon, kelby and kayden) Dacie your arrival on January 25th 2007 started our year out with a BANG~ you could not have come TOO soon. You were a very much anticipated GIRL in a family surrounded by boys. You were the only baby I have had who has come earlier than their due date (cleaning in squatting position all day probably pushed things along-thus you were one of my longest labors...that is allright, it gave Aunt Cara time to make it!). You were the BIGGEST baby (9lbs. 4oz) I have had and are now the SMALLEST at 1 year (20lbs. 4oz.)
I cannot begin to describe to you the feelings I had the day I found out you were a girl. I was absolutely convinced I was having a boy.In fact, I still had a hard time believing it until you were in my arms~that was the first question I asked when you came out was, "Is she a girl?". I remember time and my heart stopped for a brief moment when I realized that I was having a girl. The baby shower where I was became a blur, and I remember feeling elated and as if everything was in slow motion. It was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father does know our hearts littlest desires. I did not know how badly I wanted and needed a GIRL until I knew I was having one. It was a tender mercy. There are moments where I look into your eyes and I have found a kindered spirit. You make me happy and I always hope we have that friendship and happiness together. I remember the first night in the hospital. The nurse came charging in after having you for a few hours, in somewhat of a panic, because you refused a bottle from them and had jaundice. She told me that there have only been a few babies in her life that she would like to see grown up and you were one of them. She said you were stubborn. We DID have to teach you take a bottle and to take to nursing, we have had to teach you to sleep as well. You definetly put up a good fight when you do not want to do it (for hours, days)~ but you eventually give in (if we can can persevere that long) and do what we are teaching you whole-heartedly, so much in fact, that we forget it was ever hard to get you to that point. You KNOW what you like and don;t like!
I remember taking you in and watching you those first couple of days. I could see so much of your brother (Sterling) in you and a little of your dad. I hope you are like both of them~ they have tender hearts, and mature spirits. You will certainly be attractive too! I LOVE your eyes (they are chocolate chips)You are ABSOLUTELY loved by all your family. Your brothers are so kind, and gentle with you. They protect you--and I am afraid they will the rest of your life. You better just marry one of their friends!
You have been an absolute blessing in our home. The short year you have been here you have taught us more and helped us progress in an acclerated nature that we could not have anywhere else. Our home is a happier and better place with you in it. We don't know what we did before you joined us!
You are such a girl. You get your little "feelers" hurt and let us know, but you LOVE to be LOVED and shown empathy towards! You LOVE to be around people and are absolutely content to be surrounded by them. If ever you are tired or not feeling well, all I have to do is get you into public. You LOVe attention and associating with people . You love giving kisses, and chatting in your lanugauge. You LOVE music and anything associated wtih that...DANCING, SINGING. You are so temperate about me pulling your one piece of hair on top of your head (that never fell out) trying to curl it, ponytail, it, etc. You never have really given me a hard time about it!You like to be held and cared for. You love to laugh at yourself and others, just because they are laughing-you don;t need a reason to giggle.You are my GiRL!

Dacie Ann @ 6months
You smiled really early and have not stopped since!!! You have grown so much in such a small amount of time. It is beautiful to see your little body and personality.

You are so full of life and color. You make me smile and everyone else around you! You love to cheer and clap people on (even yourself).
Dacie Ann @ 1 year:20 lbs. 4 oz. and 30 3/4 inches long
Thank you for coming to our family a year ago. It has been one of the best years of my life. I love you!
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

VacaTioN SoRenSeN StyLe!!

Our vacations are rarely our own-we LOVE sharing them with family. We choose it and like it that way. The boys rarely get to see their only cousins, so it is always a treat when we can get together in whatever form. We Love that they Love each other, and rejoice in their friendships.
Here is our 2 pacifier babies Ryland (2 turning 3 in March) and cousin Boston (turning 3 in August) They looked so dang cute peeking out with their pacy's.
When people ask how vacation was we all Tell them YES!! A GREAT TIME! But when we get down to the details-they wonder how, but somehow we DID!

The trip was in jeopardy when Thursday 1/24 morning rolled around and Colton was dry heaving and far from normal. Sterling was STILL running a high fever after being on antibiotics for 24 hours, and kind temperaments were lacking (Ryland and Dacie pulled through for the team NOT getting sick at all while on the trip). I refused to be left alone for five days with sick kids and NO car, so I cried a bit, made phone calls and charged ahead acting as if we were going. I got a babysitter and got the car tires repaired, rotated, and oil changed. Then I went and picked up prescriptions and shopped for the trip.I had everyone and the car packed, kids bathed, and pj's on by the time Dan got home from work on Thursday afternoon. We took off with the back seat covered with plastic splat mats. The trip was fair. DACIE IS NOT A GOOD PASSENGER. She screamed about four of the seven hours in the car-NO LIE! (on the way there-the way back was MUCH better). That is even with toys, food and DVD player--Thank heavens I had my new i pod shuffle to plop into my ears! We are grateful for other options with kids meals so that they were not having to eat greasy fries and hamburgers on the LONG car ride. Milk and applesauce sounds more appetizing don't you think? Here is my little princes with their princess in the back seat (notice Dacie's chair is stripped from all padding, she leaked through all her clothes and two chair pads--think she drank allot?)
We arrived late that (1/24) evening and gave my brothers house one more night away from the sickos-little did they know they had their own pot a brewing(what are the chances of that)! After six hours of being with us their two sons began throwing up, at least, once an hour and they had a VERY LONG night at home while we had a little bit less LONG of a night waking up every two hours in the motel. This was after my sister-in-law had been contracting all day.I pulled out my back on Sunday and lived on Ibuprofen. Don;t feel too bad for us! Check out my later posts. Somehow we managed to have FUN! Here is a picture of where my brother works. I got to pick him up and see all the PICKETING script writers in their rain gear for all you lonely the office fans!!!
Sickness and rain follow us where ere we go! It rained, and rained and rained, so the zoo and beach were out~ BUT we did get to go to the playground in between rain clouds and chase Uncle Chad (the kids don;t know the difference between the zoo or him-ha ha)!

This was the QUIETest it EVER was in their apartment the whole time we were there. We got all the boys to play the 'quiet game'. Can you tell who lost?...RYLAND

When you are indoors for that long with a BUNCH of BOYS and CRAZAY Uncle Chad there is bound to be some wrestling
....and more wrestling
..and more wrestling (now Dacie is scoping it out)
The boys trying to fix Uncle Chad after they destroyed him by piling their dirty laundry on him! That makes sense-it works every time!
Dacie got to FiNaLlY join. Yea right we have a chance in a billion she will be a calm, passive GiRl. The adults got some games, meals and conversing in as well. We are grateful we got away for a bit and don;t regret and ounce of it!

3 StaR HoTeL!!!!

When making accommodations for this business trip,we decided to try out the website. It was a SUPER sweet deal. We stayed in a 3-star hotel for $75 a night in LA!! The drawback was that they give you a general area and NO specifics UNTIL after you make the reservations (& a 15 dollar a day parking fee, which they neglected to mention anywhere-that is just how it is there!). We bit the bullet and did it. It turned out great-it was no more than a 15 minute drive on BAD traffic days to my brothers and Dan's conference. The hotel was super classy. Dan and I did not get to enjoy it as we would have (pool, rec center, TV, Comfy beds)-as we had sick kids and sleeping babies next to us and in the bathroom (Sterling's croup like cough got so bad one night he threw up--and he was keeping us ALL i turned on the HOT shower and steamed it up good-where he slept on his air bed the rest of the evening~ he has done better since) sleeping and playing in a small room a majority of the time.
I think the room was one of Dacie's favorite parts of the trip! She had a mirror she could laugh and talk to herself with! Mirror, mirror on the wall who it the funniest of them all?
These WERE the most comfortable beds I have slept on in a motel. Down comforters w/ a pillow top mattress! Dacie agrees!!!
Oh-what the heck, room service rocked! I left the motel a crumbly, toilet papered mess and came home to a CLEAN house! I did not have to clean...sweet!

It's a GIRL Day!

As I have said previously MOST of our trip to LA was accompanied with RaIn- We did not let that stop our FuN!! Saturday ended up being a GIRLY day for my sister-in-law and I.
It began with me being asked to be part of a surprise baby shower PLoT. I had to LIE to my sister-in-law (Beth) asking her to drop me off at a lunch date with some old BYU roomies (who REALLY do happen to live down the street and be in their ward)--then I had to ask her to come in and wait with me. Beth asked a few questions that I had to get creative with, BUT we did SUPRISE her!! It was at the cutest little tea shop they have there. We each got our own light lunch w/ our own tea kettle ( full of apple juice and hot chocolate) and got to talk kids. It was decorated all lacy, rosey, vintage...I had never been to a place like that. It was the definition of GIRL. I was glad I got to be a part of her celebration! My sister-in-law (Beth) is in the yellow and my old BYU roomie (Julie) is in the plain red~SO I did not entirely lie.
The place caters to talking women- so to get through the entire meal took three hours. I felt guilty because my brother had ALL the kids by himself during that time (Dan was in class). SO when it came to capitalizing on my gift I gave to Beth I was hesitant to add it to our outings that day.
My gift to Beth was a pedicure. I figured knowing what it is like to have three of the same sex...boys at that, she was due for some pretty nails and foot massage right before her delivery. She got her nails painted silvery blue (in celebration of their boy) and I opted for a rusty orange. I always have appreciated looking at pretty nails while I am in labor. Again Chad (my bro) to the rescue!
That evening Beth's sister who lives in Santa Monica wanted to go to a movie--and it was the one I have REALLY wanted to see, 27 dresses. We had dinner, laid down the kids, and left Chad and Dan to their manly stories, while we caught the chic flick. I HIGHLY recommend this movie. It satisfied every chic flick desire I have. I am ranking it up there w/ Runaway Bride and BF wedding! It made me happy!
All in all-it was one of my favorite days amidst our little sleep and sickness at this point.
I really appreciate the brotherly love Chad showed in watching all the kids--so his wife AND I could enjoy some fun things we normally don't. I know he probably did it more out of husbandly LOVE, but I like to pretend I am his favorite-ha ha.
That is one thing my family is excellent at doing. They serve each other, especially in times of need. They drop everything--I mean everything to come help ( I have rarely had help for less then four weeks after having my babies). This was just another example to me of sacrifice of your own pleasures to satisfy others that you love! Thanks Chad (and Beth for being my buddy)

DaCiE'S BiRtH-DaY!

Dacie's Birthday(Friday January 25th) started out on the right FOOT in Burbank California! Her brothers and boy cousins (my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their 3rd boy ANY day now) went on a walk to help speed the arrival of our new cousin ( his mommy had been having labor pains a majority of the day--and wanted things to progress or get more was the latter--too bad, that would have been a great b-day gift!). We also went to buy Dacie Ann GIRLY balloons for her birthday at the store! It rained a majority of the time we were there, and when there was a break in the rain- we made a RUN for it!
They looked like a gang of boys hangin' on the corner (luckily they listened to us and stopped at the sign!)--it was humorous to watch the pack of boys move along through Burbank and the store! We had quite a few stares w/my super prego sis-in-law and me pushing Dacie in a stroller!
Dacie looked dang cute in her new outfit w/ matching jacket riding along in the stroller. I am glad it rained--so she could wear the coat! She is used to being surrounded by boys and actually LoVeS the attention. It always makes her get some serious sympathy in public (however I think she doesn;t mind it a bit)
The balloons could have been the only thing she got all day LONG! She LOVED playing with them.
We went to the gourmet cupcake shop right before it closed and got one or two cupcakes for Dacie!
It was a cozy little joint in Burbank and was cheaper than the "Sprinkles" chain
We all went out to eat that evening. Dacie certainly enjoys people and being out and about!
Here is the infamous outfit to match her birthday bow I made her!
We had a delicious dinner and red velvet cake for the rest of us. This is cousin Boston enjoying the b-day festivity food (a few hours before his family had their own strand of the stomach flu ALL night LONG, w/ the aftermath still lingering as we left for Cottonwood two days later)

Dacie wanted to touch the candle instead of blow it out! Her cupcake was pink and fluffy and sprinkled-sooo GIRLY
And she just DUG right IN!!!
Yummy in her tummy!
As I thought, she thoroughly enjoyed the BOWS and wrapping paper on her gifts--as well as the HUGE care bear her aunt Cara sent her (she just kept attacking it with smothering hugs)!
It was a wonderful day of BiRtHdaY-Dacie crashed on the way home!
Sweet dreams of cake, balloons, bows, and pink
Little Dacie-
Happy First Birthday! The world can be a wonderfully Fun Place!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A HaPPy & SaD kind of DaY!

Although I am on vacation right now, I feel like I cannot let the death of President Gordon B. Hinckley go without some sort of thought on my blog. I quietly found out about his passing about a hour after it happened (yesterday Sunday January 27th). I knew it was close-he was older and had lived a beautiful life~ and I rejoice in his reunion with his wife and beloved family and friends. I was also very comforted knowing his family was at his bedside. However I still feel a sadness at knowing I will not be seeing him at every general conference, or hear his great humor.I will miss his presence and hard working ethics. After all, he is the prophet that sent me on my mission, and my life HAS never been the same since, in an absolutely positive way! His words will always live in our home and we KNOW that the church of Jesus Christ will continue to be led by a prophet just as qualified and chosen of God. I will just miss him. So, I wept a tear or two I guess out of selfishness. As Sterling hugged me with a little tear in his eye he told me, "Mom, he was my favorite prophet ever in the whole world." I hope my children will never forget him. He will be missed~ but I do look forward to the day when we will all be together again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Laundry Time!!!

No One, I mean NO ONE, should have this good of a time with their dirty laundry!!(check out the peacock feather on her head after we took out her pigtail!) Dacie was forever playing in her basket, so I snuck over with the camera...

AND she turned INTO A HAM! We had our own little photo shoot going on as she scrunched up her nose, laughed at herself, switched poses, and thought she was the cutest thing ever (which she was) while I snapped away!

Amidst the sickness in our home there are still some GREAT things to smile about! (like dirty laundry)She is so funny!