Thursday, February 7, 2008

TAG- I'm it!!!!!

I have been tagged twice (Monica and Brittney) and decided that it was time to get on it. I was suppose to write 6-10 things that not very many people may know about me. This was harder than it looked. I had to get creative, and then I got too creative and had to widdle my list down--maybe if I get tagged again I will have some ammo now!
1. I like and enjoy public speaking when I have the time to prepare, and it is a topic I enjoy!

2. I have lived in six states (Utah, California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maryland, & Texas). However...I call Maryland home (I lived there the longest)--there is a piece of my heart back East!

3. My ultimate weight-loss goal is to look good in black leather pants and go to a rock concert with my undercover rocker hubby and mosh!

4. I LOVE garage sales--my favorite thing to do it barter a price down when it is already a bargain! Our entire home is mostly furnished with these purchases or freebies (trying NOT to look like a garage sale). I have now added craigslist to that LOVE!

5. We get the Sunday newspaper to do coupons and my FAVORITE comic is this one!! Baby Blues...this specific comic was one of my all-time favorites. It has me laughing pretty hard!

6. I Love Performing--I have been in a musical and roadshow or two, the Hill Cumorah Pageant (as Nephi's wife), concerts, show choir, BUT did most my performing as a backup team member for the BYU folkdance team, for 4 years.My parents incidentally met on the BYU folkdance travelling team! One of my favorite forms of dance is CLOGGING! I still have the shoes in my closet and bust a move every once in awhile--I would love to join a team

7. I DID not get into the university of my choice (BYU) because of my GPA (I had to re-take algebra 3 times)--it was my extracirricular activities. Our shcool let you participate in anything and everything,the sky was the limit! I lettered in 4 varsity sports (basketball--my #1 LOVE, softball--#2, cheerleading--yes, it is a sport!we went to nationals, and volleyball--one year) I went to state playoffs and was on all-state teams. I was the class secretary, SADD vice president, seminary president, homecoming princess, symphonic band, show choir, member of the health occupational students of America...and you get my drift! I had a BLAST in highschool and would do it over again. YES, this is my highschool above!

8. I paid for college, clothes, mission, and extra highschool expenses by lifegaurding during the summers and other odd jobs. I lifeguarded 9 years and taught swim lessons 10! Now Iam going to have skin cancer. Some of the odd college jobs were: a monster in a Haunted forest during Halloween, waitress, refferee, facilties supervisor, scorekeeper, preschool aid, title I instructional assistant

9. The things that make me gag or cringe are: people who chew with their mouths open and scratching fingernails on a chalkboard. Both drive me crazy!!!!

10. I married a coupon clipper! Dan is in Heaven when he saves more than he spends on a shopping trip, and calls me on the phone each time. He cuts coupons, plans the majority of the menus, and does the majority of the shopping. The autonomy of our family changed with our 3rd child ( I use to do all of this, minus the coupons) and this was the BONUS I got!!!

...and I am living my ultimate dream-All I have ever wanted to be is a MOM and a wife!!!

So there you have it! I tag Chad, Sis. Harvey , Kelly, Sis. Socwell, Sis. Kjar (unless you have already done them and I missed em'!)


TexasTwinsTwice said...

I loved these! Good job Alicia. I love the image of you & Dan at a Pink Floyd Concert (is he still alive?)--too fun! Oh, and I SAW the gleam in Dan's eye when he was getting those specials at Fry's--but I had thought you sent him. That's great he is so into that too! =)

The Bargar Beauties said...

I love it:) I feel like I know you like a sister now that I know all about you!

Ashworth's In Az said...

a clogger? I would have never guessed! If you find the secret to looking HOT in black leather pants PLEASE let me in on it!!

Ashworth's In Az said...

the look a like thing was so easy! you can down load one picture with everyone in it and it can pick out the faces! It was fun! Try it out