Saturday, February 16, 2008

VaLeNtiNes Sorensen StYLe!

THAT WAS THEN... February 2000-Valentines
This is the valentine my youngest sister wrote me that year! Incidentally we were a month away from taking a month "break-up" from each other...yet, she was right!
Yes, these are cupid wings we have on. We went and delivered goodies to mine and his siblings that were going to BYU, while wearing these LoVe WINGS! Now that I know Dan better-that was TRUE LOVE!

Valentines-February 2008
Valentines starts the night before while the kids are slumbering, and I am up making sugar cookies for Colton's class (1 dozen) some for the kids, one for my LOVE, and the ladies I visit teach! (Note to self: Stealing these kind of boxed cookie mixes from Mom-in-law they DO NOT rise they spread (unlike Great Grandma Roths recipe)-next time I use this kind, make one sheet cake cookie, or spread them out!)
I also wrote the kids their annual valentines 'card' telling them why we love them. It turned into a late night. I learned these traditions from my mom, now I know why she never slept the night before when there were 9 kids in my family! I am not the only one who worked hard on Valentines--Colton hand-made all 23 of his classmates Valentines cards, by choice! He started over a week before, with just crayons, glue and white paper--he was so creative..some were pop-ups and all!
However, when the table was set with their valentine books, cookie, and card I couldn't help but be excited for them to wake up and see it!
Dacie got heart jewlery-we figured she would only tear a book! ha ha
Remind me NEVER to decorate the sugar cookies with this type of icing. It got in hair, clothes and our carpet! (Note to self: These TYPE of sugar cookies taste good without icing (unlike Great Grandma Roth's recipe)! None needed)

I had too much fun putting stickers on Dacie, earrings, cheek tattoos. This was right before her nap! No camera mom, just a bottle!
I saw the shirt and thought it appropriate! ha ha
There is the smile!
I found a local pizza place that makes heart pizza's-we went and took one to dad at work..and left a little present and card in his car! We also went and delivered goodies to three ladies I visit teach!
After reading books, dancing, playing a game of operation...I think the boys were sick of having ME on Valentines. We also had two of my friends and some of their kids over in the morning (and Dacie caught the serious 'runs' from one of the babies, her bummy and temperent are not doing so hot today!2/16) Dan came home to a house full of sugar...literally, as my family (m&D, and sis) sent pixie sticks and fun dip! Our floor was caked in sugar, our counter full of cards and kids bouncing off the walls! LOVE IT! We ended the evening with a Valentines dinner. I shaped the hamburger patties like hearts, and we had pink salad, pink crystal light, and red chips! We let the kids watch a movie in their room and we watched one in the living room!BTW- I got a heart necklace with my birthstone and family represented on it, new earphones to exercise with my shuffle ipod, chocolates, pj pants and a card--I am spoiled too! We all collapsed in bed! Happy Valentines to all, and to all a good night!


Dawn said...

Okay...sorry I forgot to tell you that the sugar cookies "spread" not "puff up!" The batch I made, I did not frost but just put sugar sprinkles on them before I put them in the oven. Everyone said they were good (I took them to church as a "reward" for anyone that had given food storage as a gift or had set a goal to improve on their food storage in 2008! That box has been sitting there since the first of December, so on Saturday, Doug says, "where's the sugar cookie box?" so I told him I said you could take it...I'm glad you did; we certainly didn't need the cookies, and it looked like you all had lots more fun with them that we would have! Glad you had a wonderful Valentines Day! so glad you love each other...we love you too!
Grandma Sorensen

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh Alicia--you are THE BEST at celebrating holidays. I need to start getting my ideas from you! oh, and I lOVE those valentine's hearts your sister made--hilarious!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

i love valentines day! you are such a good mom; i need to start doing things like this! we didn't do much with a sick baby and a newly spayed dog. i LOVE LOVE LOVE childrens books. i think my new tradition will be buying books for my kids on every holiday. lola's already got a library goin and she's turning the pages when i read them to her!
and also, i love reading these things you write about family! you are so genuine and just find the best things to write!

Ashworth's In Az said...

You are such a cute little Mom! I love it! I got your newsletter in the mail on Saturday, SO CUTE!! It was good to see you last week and fun to catch up!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

you guys look so cute together on that picture! I loved all the hearts from pizza to cookies. How creative is that?! Awesome!

Charie said...

Wow! I hadn't realized how far behind i had gotten on checking in on you :) I had a feast of Sorenson and loved every bit of it. You are such a creative fun mom. I love gleaning from your ideas! Hope you feel the love!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

Wow! I'd forgotten all the doubt you had about Dan in the beginning. Now I remember driving you back to Provo the night that Mark and I got married, just ten days after Valentine's. I remember Mark and I telling you that we though Dan was a good guy for you and that you should keep him. (That was after you'd brought him to meet us at the house on Bell Road.) And, now I remember the "interpretive" dance, depicting your romance with Dan, at your wedding reception. I'm glad you woke-up and started listening to the wisdom of others and married the guy just 8 months later!

HazelNut said...

Wow, you make being a mom sound like such a rewarding experience. I've really enjoyed reading some of your posts, you have some awesome ideas. My mom has done some things like that--she writes notes on the mirrors with lipstick for Valentines, along with a lot of other stuff she does. And my dad always gets a small bouquet for each of the girls.
(Oh-fyi-I came across your blog through comments you left on my aunt Kari's blog.)