Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hi- Ho, Hi-Ho It's off to woRk we Go!!!

I have a good friend who has the capability of helping her children sit through all of church with their arms folded and not a peep, putting away all of their clothes (even hanging them on hangers), AND doing many household chores I felt were above my boys age capacity. Her children run about the ages of mine. She taught me a lesson that if you take the time to teach your children these things it pays off in the long run. I took her advice to heart over Christmas break.
I decided that my boys were going to learn how to clean. That they were going to learn to work. Their mission companions and wives would thank me for it later. It is hard to take that plunge as I like to be in control of some things, and particularly like cleaning done my way. However, as some of you may know I have a clean bathroom fettish. I LOVE clean bathrooms. However, when I do them (even though I only have 2) it takes me forever because I start cleaning grooves, etc. Since this is a fettish of mine and I cannot seem to stay on top of the bathrooms enough for my liking, or clean enough to keep away the sickness that runs rampant in our home. I decided to delegate some of the responisbilities. I taught Colton how to clean the toilets over Chrismtas break and then I added Sterling with sinks and mirrors these last two weeks (Ryalnd can't be left out so I have him clean the cupboards).
Now it takes close supervision and I try not to 'cut down' their job too much, as to discourage them in their efforts. BUT, I have already felt some of the good results for this diligence. The bathrooms get cleaned ALLOT more then they used too, so they are cleaner. I feel like my children are a little bit better about toothpaste and water splashing since they see the results of it.I apprecaite knowing that although I serve my children they contribute to our family, there are days I feel very overhwlemed of running a household, laundry meals, outside, taxi, etc. etc. and this has relieved some of that pressure-I am so thankful they are doing something productive.I am thankful for their excitement to help out, besides the dishwasher,trashes and setting the table they already do! Who says boys aren't clean?! ha ha


TexasTwinsTwice said...

HOW WONDERFUL!! They look like they are picking it up fast! What a great idea--and I know EXACTLY what friend you are talking about. She is AMAZING!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

way to go mama! i am sure their wives will thank you later on.

Jim Hutchings said...

I totally support you in this decision. And to show you my support, I will allow you to send the boys over to my house to clean my bathroom too! Aren't I a great Cousin?

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Jim-you are the best cousin!

Dawn said...

hooray for you MOM! Keep up the good work...or let them do it!
Grandma S