Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Sorensen!!

Happy BirthDay Doug!!!

Alot of people are fooled by grandpa's exterior. Many think he is quiet and goes into his room when there is allot going on. True, he appreciates peace and quiet, and is early to bed and early to rise (as we are counseled), and he has a sarcastic sense of humor...but here are some things you might not know about him!!
He is an excellent provider for his family. He has been able to pay for college, missions, moves, cars, vacations & weddings for six children. This has been through personal sacrifices, hard work, and serious planning!
(Check out Grandpa's hat!)
He is a fountain of knowledge and provides a large amount of stability. When you are able to sit down and get into conversations with Doug he knows alot of things, and has a good advice. Dan really takes to heart what his father says. He also has allot of knowledge with cars and woodwork. My children have toy boxes and bunk beds made by him~we will always have his talents and legacy in our home!
Doug is an undercover socialite-Wait until you hear what he did in highschool! He was the president of his class, and on the football team, I think in some muisicals, or dances? I just get to hear bits and pieces of stories from Winslow people who live around here, who knew my father-in-law growing up! It is so FUN for me to hear about it!

Four generations of Sorensen boys! Dan, G-Grandpa, Grandpa and Ryland

Doug is good about keeping in contact with family. He tries to visit his parents as often as he can. He sent Dan and I to see my family a couple of times when he would fly Dan and I home from graduate school on breaks. He provides most of the means for our familiy to go on our "dream vacations"- Disneyland, Yellowstone....

He holds hands with his wife, kisses her and is always complimentary in how she looks and what kind of mother she is! He makes sacrifices for his wife so she can have her family all together, because he knows it is important to her. He takes LONG car trips with her as well--He loves our grandma!
Check out grandpa and Colton's poses-Like Grandpa, like Grandson !!!!!

Grandpa enjoys nature and being outdoors. He has shared that love with us.
But most of all~ he is an AWESOME Grandpa!!
He takes my children for weeks and weekends, has changed a diaper or two (that was something he did not even do w/ his own children), has even been left alone with a few of them. He takes the boys camping, my husband hunting, train rides...and so on-he allows us to see so much of the wonderful world around us. He sleeps with the grandchildren, and holds them when we need and extra set of hands. He enjoys being with them.
He goes to the temple regularly and sets an example for his children. He has helped give blessings to our children and family, and is worthy of his priesthood authority.

I always hear time mellows you and turns you softer. We have been the recipients of this kindness that comes with life and age. We are so much better for having you in our lives. We are so glad you were born! Happy Birthday Grandpa (wish we were in Disneyland to celebrate it, again-ha ha)!


Dawn said...

What a wonderful tribute! We both loved it! (he just doesn't know how to respond on a blog!) Thanks to all of you for helping to make this a special day for Doug and your Grandpa!
Grandma S

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh--what a nice post. He sounds like a WONDERFUL guy to go with your WONDERFUL m-in-law. Oh, and tell her my rebel rousing brother is still his cute rebel self--but getting older and wiser everyday...cross your fingers! =)