Monday, February 18, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Uncle SHAUN!

hApPy BiRtHdAy LOG!!!! I remember the night my brother Shaun was born-we were watching knight rider (is that how you spell it) when my parents called with the news that we were adding our second boy to the tribe of four girls and one boy! That was my brother Chad's luckiest night ever--he finally got a brother! We never knew the sexes of our family before they were born--so it was always a contest between the girls and boys who would win! We were all ready for a new baby and could not wait to get our hands on him!(Shaun is far right)
He was humungous-11pds. 9 oz. and hairy!! Not much has changed since then..however he has turned into a handsome man and put that body to good! He is a STUD! Do you know how TAN this MAN can get?! He is so much darker skinned then the rest of the family (we say it was because he was the only one born in Arizona!)

Uncle Shaun has a big and rough exterior, but his heart is just as BIG and tender-he is a big teddy bear, for those who take time to get to know him. He is so sensitive and caring. Whomever gets to marry him will be super lucky because he will idolize, cherish and serve her.
Single are lucky! There are still good single guys out there! Shaun is a hidden treasure that some silly girls have passed up.
Before he served a mission in Mexico City he went and played football at USD! He is athletic and enjoys playing sports.
Shaun is righteous. He served an honorable and hard mission. Speaks spanish fleuntly (he is our spanish lover), and is always wanting to do what is right.
He is good with my children and is not afraid to hold, care, or play with them. He has adopted my parents dog and is dang cute with him. The dog LOVES him in return.This picture above, although is a joke...I believe describes who he is! Doesn't he look like one of the guys on the seminary videos-one of the stripling warriors?!! ha ha ha
Shaun enjoys doing fun things and being surrounded by friends. He also makes 'bank' every summer selling and installing security systems.
(check out #9 bandana man)
After his mission he transferred to BYU-Idaho, where he continues with sports and sings in the mens choir (how many girls get a man that can sing!). Chalk an eagle scout award on his resume. Shaun loves to be loved, and needed, and wanted. I was alot older than him, so while I was home he was a little kid, and I could tell you story upon story about the games we played, videos we made, adventures we had, or pranks we played-BUT it has been so amazing for me to see him grow up into a man. He is still the same baby I held so long ago.

Even though we are far apart and do not see each other as often as we would like...I LOVE YOU SHAUN. I hope you have a day full of friends and being appreciated for who you are, watching a good movie and eating TONS (the things you love to do)!!
Oh yeah, and if any of you are camping in Flaggstaff and run across a dirty diaper in the to Shaun! Feliz Cumpleanos Aqui! (spelling stinks)


Ashworth's In Az said...

ooh he's a cutie! I will keep my eyes open for a deserving hottie! Happy Birthday Shaun

Chelle said...

You have the best blogs in the world! So fun to read about your sweet family. Thanks for sharing! I always think that if I'd of met you in college, we'd be great friends. Hope to meet you and see Dan again someday! Maybe then you could teach me all your fancy blog work.

Wish I knew a great girl for your brother!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

sweet post! You do such nice tributes! i have a single sister... =)

Carrie said...

Sorensen, sign me up :) YOur blog is great fun and very entertaining. I have not dropped off the face of the earth, but am loving traveling.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Chelle- We would love to read your blog..but it is invite only! How do we get "in"-Love Dan's Clan

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Carrie- How the heck do i get a hold of

Carrie said...

Email is good.