Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun Family Home Evening-President's Day!

Since the boys had no school on Monday I thought we would do a family home evening to explain why--we did our President's day FHE. Thank heavens for old teaching files. We read two children's books on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
Then we played pin the hat on Abe Lincoln.
ha ha ha Dad got a little topsy turvvy!
Dacie did NOT like the blindfold
We relieved her of her serious stress.
BUT, her feelings were hurt. Note to mom: 1 yr. olds are not fans of pin the tail on anything!
We finished the evening off with a worksheet acitivy on cherry trees (for George Washington's story)
Earlier that day the boys went outside FOREVER. That never happens, so I peeked out the window to see what got them to stay outside so long...and I saw this! A collpased box! They would run from three different corners of the yard and slide into one another on the box. It reminded me of the hours my siblings and I would slide down our front lawn hill on boxes. It made my heart so happy to see a pile-up of boys in the back yard. This was one of those moments I had been waiting for, having four kids in five years! Siblings, as each others friends, playing together-- Happy President's Day!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

you always do such fun holiday things--i love it. i thought to myself, "Wow--she had 4 kids in 5 years" and then a did a little math in my family too--haha--it makes it all fun & interesting doesn't it?! =)

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Alicia, good for you. You are so creative with kids. I liked the drawings the boys made. I am sure every holiday is full of fun in the Sorenson home!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

What fun! I wish Dallin had siblings closer to his age. I loved playing with my siblings. I'm really looking forward to watching Isabel and Lucy grow up together!

Dawn said...

Alicia, you always do such fun, creative things! Doug and I read a story about Abe Lincoln; I'm sure he would have had more fun pinning the hat on Abe Lincoln! I loved Dacie's pj's!!...even in her sad face! Your boys will have to marry someone as creative and fun as you are or they will think life is pretty boring! I loved the picture and story about them playing together in the backyard; anytime you can get three brothers together and have them not fighting and getting along is a wonderful thing...glad they were having such fun! I remember their dad and Clint building forts in the basement memories! Thanks for sharing!
Grandma S