Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas in Cottonwood

The Annual Cottonwood Christmas Parade came again

deemed "the longest parade in the world" (it was tamed a bit by people pulling for the weather)

Was LED OUT by none other then COLTON AND STERLING

in their cub scout uniforms

Uncle Scott came up to get Ryland and Dacie for a sleepover in PHX...but he got to catch the parade while he was at it (in a t-shirt!!!! none the less, and it was SNOWING)
of course "the regular" aunts and uncles were there

Rhett had best seats in the house on Uncle Scotts TALL shoulders!

the whole freezing crew and their friend McKell (Aunt Cara was taking the picture)

Dan was happy as a clam to be in the cold and elements and kept offering to warm up the car!

The SNOW STORM that eventually made its appearance at the parade

MY Friend Tori dressed up as a CORN on the COB (above) HAD to get a picture of that!

The other part of the boys' cub pack below!!!

Our good friends the Steinerts representing!

The CrAzY Roller Derby Team

The Stake Presidents winning football team

My homeys that I work with at the kids school!

One of my young women buddies getting her groove on :)

The mountaineer men are always my favorite

The parade always ends with our all time favorite SANTA

SOOO we decided to warm ourselves up after with hot chocolate, cookies, making ornaments


at town hall

You can tell what Rhett's interest was... THE CANDY CANE

THE CANDY CANES are what got the older boys to sit on Santa's lap as well

sooo this may be the last documented sitting on Santa's lap we have until after they are teenagers

Not sure we will get RY on him again either...he would not get close to him for the lOVE

AND Dacie won the hearts of everyone there inlcuding the newspaper :)

What a way to start the Christmas Season