Friday, February 29, 2008

Poor sick baby McCoy!

In past posts (Dacie's birthday Jan.25) I mentioned that we were 'almost' there for the arrival of my nephew, or should I say the boys new BOY cousin, McCoy Hutchings. He came a short three days after we left LA. He is the son to my brother Chad and sister-in-law Beth for those of you trying to make the connection.
McCoy is about three plus weeks old, and in those short three weeks my brother has accepted a job working for the church (LDS) in the graphic design department. The hiring process was brutal, and LONG, and it will be hard for them to leave LA and Warner brothers where they have lived and worked the last five years? or so. My brother starts work in Salt Lake City next Friday. They feel like this is right, and will enable them to take the steps they need, to have Beth be able to NOT work full-time, as she does for IBM. Despite the preparations for a quick move, rental agreements to get out of, preschool contracts to get out of, church responsibilities (EQ pres., and RS counselor), training new fill-in's at work, postpartum and maternity leave,etc. They all caught a bad case of the flu.
When I called to talk with my mom (who is visiting right now, thank heavens) it sounded like there were allot of LONG nights, fevers, and coughs --and that McCoy had gone from a good sleeper to a no-sleeper, with a fever,bad cough, lethargy. The pediatrician did not want to see him, so they took him to an urgent care when they began to worry about his symptoms worsening--he was sent to the emergency room and then admitted to ICU. He had 102 fever and a really fast pulse, around 220. From what I get second hand, and from my poor translation of medical terminology, they are not sure exactly what is wrong, but have some ideas. His white blood count is abnormal, which is a sign of infection. He keeps running fevers, and was dehydrated when admitted. He tested negative for spinal meningitis and the virus. He tested negative for RSV. He tested positive for Influenza. His mother and brother have a blood condition that he too, could have genetically--that causes anemia and his hemacratic (sp) to be low, which he has. They are still waiting for blood tests on that. It looks like they will be keeping him for 7 days to let the antibiotics run their course. He is quarantined and considered the "outside baby" on the floor-he gets his own room, so they don't mind. But, it means that when he is released they will have to be super careful with germs (good luck-when they have a 5 and 2 year old), all the while they are trying to move and close up loose ends.
The insurance is giving them a hard time and may be moving the baby to a hospital in downtown LA, when right now he is at one only 10 minutes away, because they are out of network, red-tape, etc. It is stressful for them right now .
My heart is tender for a new mommy and baby having to do this. I get icky feelings inside when I remember our days spent in the hospital with sick baby's, tests, needle pricks, surgeries, etc. It is the only thing you are focused on--Let alone brothers that want their parents and a dad trying to hold it all together, and an out-of-state MOVE with the daddy leaving next week.
Our family is having a special fast for them this weekend, any of you are welcome to add them to your prayers. They will make it, and are peaceful it will be all right--but getting through it, is where a greater power is going to step in.
Our hearts are with you McCoy. We wished we lived closer so we could take your brothers and play with them! Sleep well, and eat LOTS!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh man--that sounds SO HARD to be dealing with that all at the same time! I hope things get better for all of them & the little guy improves!