Friday, February 15, 2008

Silk & Heels kind of Weekend!

Last week was a busy one!!! Thursday evening 2/7 I had our monthly girls game night, Friday 2/8 evening, I was asked to do a presentation for our ward Valentines Party, and then on Saturday 2/9 Dan's boss took us to a nice restaraunt ,as couples, to thank us for the recent success and sacrfices. I had so many reasons to 'dress up'. Sooo I guess I was glad that I had to also fit in two trips to Prescott and back (an hour each way) that week to take our car in for the KIA corporate engineer to fix the slight tweaks in our electrical doors--then I could go to Ross and pick up these new 'duds', Check em' out! I have been wanting an excuse to wear heels, and then to find them in my size, with a silky blue shirt to boot! Wahoo! My life does not get much fancier than this!!
Friday nights presentation took ALOT of preperation. I had two weeks to read a book-the Five LOVE languages (I had read a majority of it before--but had to return it to the library because it was so highly wanted),the bonus was they bought me the book, if I would agree to do it-(ha ha) I am a sucker for free goods! I did re-read it so I could present the 'idea' for a group of 80 people. It took hours to get it all together. I also included a game and an activity to do as couples. Trying to coordinate it around Dan;s later nights working and babysitters--I arrived pretty sweaty. It went well-not one of my best public speaking ventures...BUT I was grateful it was done, and next time should be fabulous! I highly recommend reading this book, it is pretty fantastic. My love language is quality time and Dan's is words of affirmation, in case you were wondering!
After dinner on Saturday night we went over to some friends (the Trezise's) house and played games. After 50 dollars in babysitting (we were glad for free dates), and not really being home in three plus days. Sunday 2/10 was much welcomed!! I decided to continue with the busy'ness and put together my Valentines newsletter we do (instead of a Christmas one)-with addresses to update, pictures to download, a new computer and write-ups it was pretty demanding. Then on Tuesday 2/13 we went down to Phoenix to get my hair done and Dan's touch up work on his teeth. It turned into five days not really home, Wednesday 2/13 was newletters, Thursday 2/14 was forget anything and everything-six days NOT home. Thus the reason for TODAY 2/16 I did four loads of laundry and a load in the dishwasher, the bathrooms, mopped the kitchen, vacumned the house and YES, we are still in lOvE!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh you are too cute! I thought you looked FABULOUS in your new outfit & heels. I love that you did that presentation on that book. I bet you did a great job. I've heard it's a great read! You have been one busy girl--hopefully you got a nap in there somewhere! =)