Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Soon-To-Be Kindergartner

Our Little Ryland is growing up!!!
He graduated from preschool and had quite the party!
We got diplomas, had a pizza, cake, cheetoh party and played on the playground for what turned intoone of our favorite afternoons!
Ryland has now graduated on to FIVE SHOTS and kindergarten screening...we now are awaiting the decision as to what time he will be placed (as they now are down to half-day kindergarten...2.5 hours to learn how to read, don't get me started).Ryland with our ALL TIME favorite teacher Ms. Daniele
Mr. Kramer (who is a firefighter but was in the kids class constantly helping)
Ms. Erica has worked at all of our children's preschools-we heart her!
Their fun preschool mural and Ryland's self portrait
~ The Graduation Ceremony~


Welcome to SUMMER!