Saturday, July 24, 2010


AFTER Grandma's Camp is over...I MOVE back into my parents apartment and enjoy an extra week to get in non-committed time with them.
They both work for the schools to they are off in the summer, and we tend to get in all of our FAVORITES!!

We always find the screaming deals and visit FAIRYTALE TOWN
I went to Fairytale town when I was a toddler, so it is kind of FUN to take my own children there (thus the 50th birthday sign)
There will only be small window of opportunity for the kids to be the right age to enjoy this place
(Colton was going to scout camp while we went, and he did not mind missing it-why do they have to grow up?)
It is ALWAYS a magical place
and the grounds are very nicely kept
We DID NOT bring the Arizona HEAT with us and the weather was absolutely PERFECT while we were there!
Thrones, Royalty and princesses suited Dacie well!

I remember some of my siblings spending hours in the crooked mile maze!
AND my kids were no different

This was a cool seesaw kinda snakey thing.
Grandpa and another Dad got at each of the ends and sent the kids BUMPY riding as they pushed up and down
Riding on Cinderella's chariot

Mother Goose is always a favorite!
We even found Jack's Candlestick!

Peter Pan and the Pirate Ship
...NOW taking a ride IN Cinderella's chariot!



Typically included in our summer plans is our once-a-year trip to visit my parents in Sacramento, California
Because it is a 12 plus hour trip and minivans don't get the best gas mileage-we only make it out there once a year We typically go there for the kids to enjoy an annual week long GRANDMA & GRANDPA's CAMP
Anyone who knows my mom knows that they go ALL OUT for these-there is always a theme coinciding w/ activities, games, crafts, books, movies, outings, songs, costumes... you name it!
This year the theme was CowBoYs and InDiaNs!
I know they went to a horse expo, rode horses, fed horses, dressed in costumes, slept out in the tent...but not every little detail or pictures because there is NO PARENTS ALLOWED!!
My boys have no cousins BESIDES my brother (Chad's) 4 boys and LUCKILY they all are pretty close to the same age.
Because of distance our visits with them are few and far between. My kids cannot wait to get together with the cousins!!!
Aunt Mindy also lives in town-so we get our Mindy & Jason time as well
There is always plenty of GOOD FOOD and SUN (burns), as well as swimming
Sterling has lost 6 pounds since returning from Grandma's camp,
That is how well-fed and spoiled they are there!
SOOO while the kids are at grandma's-- us mom's (Aunt Beth, Cara, and I) rented a hotel suite and lived it up!
Rhett and his cousin Azure are too young to attend camp-so they got some much needed one-on-one time with their mommies.
SO while we ate continental breakfasts, worked out in the gym, went shopping, watched movies, played games, went to lunch, hung with Mindy and Jason, slept, talked into the wee hours...
I also got some great photo opps of GOOD sMiLeY pictures of Rhett
(particularly with no bad rash on his face that is continually plaguing him)

"Really Mom?, more pictures?...."

Rhett's Cousin Azure was due exactly one month before him, and because of complications he was born 2 months before...they got some good chillaxin', swappin' toy, cartoon time together--
(when we could get their nap schedule coordinated!!!)

My brother Chad flew in that Thursday Eve to attend an extended Hutchings Reunion Saturday, help drive his family home, and hang with his favorite sister (ME)
AND FUN and NEVER SITTING STILL always accompany him-
so more game nights ensued!
Chad works for the church in the signage department after leaving his film dream in LA with Warner to satisfy his movie drive he attends a movie a week and writes critiques on them. This week was no exception and we caught the movie A-Team. I would have written a great critique for it!

We ended some of our FUN at Leatherby's ice cream shoppe watching the SWAT team end a 3 day hostage stand-off down the street!

NEVER a dull moment on vacation!!!