Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Mindy Marie!

I NEED A SCANNER that that is out of the way
HaPPy Birthday to my Sis Mindy!
~Mindy Marie Hutchings (now Farley) Senior picture~
I had to pull this one out of the archives because I DID HER HAIR and was so proud of myself! wahoo! I know she is ecstatic now that I did it as well.
Mindy was born a short 17 months behind me, and because of that we literally Grew Up Together!

Here we are w/ bad perms and BANGS flying kites w/ our youngest bro!

With such a LARGE family (9 kids) we were kinda like the mafia-thick as blood!

When it really came down to it, we stuck together and always had each others back!Here is an infamous Friday night pizza night at our home growing up-Mindy and I are bottom center and right!

Mindy is one of the sisters I shared a room with the most growing up, AND got in my only fist fight with!

We were two years behind each other in high school BUT really began to share friends and interest when we went to BYU at the same time.

(here we are riding on Grandpa' snowmobile at BYU-her and I are sitting on it together)

Mindy is passionate. She LOVES fiercely and is devoted!

You always know where you stand and what she is thinking-there is nothing fake about her!

Her and I enjoyed many adventures and trips at BYU and at home!
Here we are (above) enjoying a summer lifeguard formal w/ our other sister and bro!
(Alicia left-Mindy Right)
We would skip classes one day a year and go skiing up at Sundance-this is where we taught ourselves to ski- ha ha ha On this particular ski trip with my bro IT was quite the experience. Since there are NO BUNNY HILLS like the back east mountains--stepping up a level can be a little scary when you try.
My brother convinced Mindy and I to try next to the highest level of ski run. BAD IDEA! On the way up there he was dangling his pole and it hit the ground and snapped in two...all the while Mindy and I are panicking at how high we were heading up the hill. My bro Chad tried to convince us to give one of our poles to him-yeah right!
It began to snow pretty good and the exit off the lift was icy. My brother and sister fell as they were getting off the lift and I was so interested in watching I forgot to get off, and as I went back up in the air and realized I was going to head back down I jumped in panic. The ski lift operator fell on the ice as he was running to see if I was OK-we were all laying there in a blizzard quite sore, NOT a good way to start a high mountain run. We were a sight for sore eyes.
Mindy began to cry and my brother took the one pole he had and started whacking her with it to get her to get up and go, since she was refusing too. I finally talked her into it, being petrified w/ a few tears myself as we began to walk down the hill. We finally got down it and skied a bit of it-- AFTER a good hour! I do not think we ever went skiing together again!
We have so many FUNny Memories like this together! I am glad she was not afraid to hang out with me and try new things!

Since BYU had no spring break we took one ourselves for a cousins wedding in LA and stopped by Disneyland!

(Mindy and I are on the right)

Mindy and I were able to serve missions together for 6 months. I went out on my mission while my older sister served, and then served WITH my younger brother (we left a week apart from each other), AND then served while Mindy served the last 6 months of my mission. It was an amazing experience to share a common bond on a spiritual level with my siblings. Mindy and I had NEVER really planned to serve missions, and how neat it was to see our 'stories' unfold as we realized that is where we needed to be. We were able to talk about things so freely that we normally did not!

New Years Eve Times Square~ NYC! 1997
Mindy left, Alicia right in above
Alicia left, and Mindy right below

Seeing these pictures brings back so many memories. It helped me realize how much we experienced and how we did allot together, in the short years we were together before growing our own little families. Treasured time! We learned and grew so much about ourselves and each other.

(Mindy posing at our motel room during the getaway weekend)

Mindy and I both were in very serious relationships at the same time at BYU. I was REALLY confused during my courtship to this person, and she so lovingly decided to 'get away' one weekend with me while it was all taking place, to Salt lake City--so we could shop, watch a movie, and NOT think about things for a bit.

Incidentally her love relationship ended... and mine went on hold? when I served a mission. I ended up getting 'dear janed' while serving my mission and was quite hurt. Like I said earlier-Mindy is passionate and loves dearly, so upon getting the news of this "break up" she wrote a 'not nice' letter to the guy, while serving her mission. I am not saying that is OK to write mean letters, but it did touch me that she was so protective of my feelings and was sorry at how it ended.

Both our hearts are very happy and content now....AND

We DO still enjoy getting out for girls weekends and shopping-it is still good therapy for us!

She is a good sister, and STILL to this day, would DROP EVERYTHING if there was an emergency and you really needed her. Expense, time, and money would not be an issue.

(cheering on the cougs at a good ol' BYU game~ alicia bottom left, mindy bottom right)

Mindy arrived at BYU at an awkward time for me. ALL the guys my age had left on missions and my close girlfriends were a good year older than me ( I started kindergarten young)- so they began to leave on missions as well. I found myself hanging at her apartments w/ our cousin and her roommates quite often!

(L to R: Mindy, Alicia, Cousins Christine and Tim @ a folkdance showcase)

Mindy is always a good supporter! She voluntarily attends functions that you perform, or play in! She attended quite a few of my intramural games and folkdance performances! I know she attends my younger brother and sisters concerts, games and performances as she lives close to my family at home!

(Mindy is the 3rd from the left in our wedding line)
IF you want to get something DONE than Mindy is your gal! She is unstoppable when she decides on something. She is a planner and a doer-her job as a recreation manager suits that fast paced lifestyle woman well. She is always on-the-go and always has something going on!
For my wedding she pretty much came and helped me RUN the BIG reception in Utah (as my mom lived out-of-state). She arranged all the food and help, and made the throwing bouquets...and I am sure ALLOT more-it was all such a blur at the time!

(My whole crazy family-Mindy is far right/leg up...good luck finding prego me!)

She does a little bit of everything. She is a jack of all trades! For my brothers wedding reception in California-to make it more affordable, she made ALL of our matching skirts, made the cake, took the pictures, housed out-of-town company, helped w/ the brides hair, did the bouquets? and decorated. Sometimes she seems so flustered, but it is because she IS doing it ALL, by her own choice!

(baby Ryland)

Mindy also came out when I was due with Ryland to help me with two other kids that were close together in age. She took two weeks off of work, and we were ready! We waited, and waited, and waited....AND HE DID NOT COME while she was here. I wanted her to be here so badly for his birth. I had felt like she needed to be at the birth, as she struggles with severe infertility issues. She bravely took it and enjoyed the time with my other boys. After Ryland arrived she has always 'taken him under her wing' and has always felt and treated him special. We are so spoiled by her, especially since she has no children of her own. I treasure this time because WHEN she becomes a mother she will throw as much passion, love, and her time towards that child ...and we will not have as much of her as we are used too!(I am front row 2nd in on right-Mindy is right above me ~Rockin' R Ranch Reunion)

I am grateful she came to our family when she did.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister, my friend!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bummer Week!

This week has been a little bit hard on me, especially after the last fun week I just had
Here is why:1. I have started a cleansing diet, which isn't so bad --BUT it is pretty hard core and eliminates allot of my comfort food that I would love to enjoy during stress. However, the blessing is: even in the short week I have done it my summer clothes are fitting a little better after a FAT winter
2. I started toilet training Ryland the exact day I started the cleansing process. I HIT toilet training HARD (we LIMIT activities and are home bound) and it is do or die! Patience was thin--if you ask me any day of the year I rank toilet training right up there on the list of my least favorite things to do.
The blessing: Ryland really has only had one BAD day and averages about one accident a day, and has gone a day and half w/ perfection (I have learned not to celebrate too early however)

3.Yesterday I held our last baby chick as it was dying (I will post a blog about the whole affair) It was heart wrenching and I have not cried that HARD in a LONG time.

The Blessing: I really believe that now my sons have a different perspective on the value of life in even the smallest creatures, and I had a tender, neat experience with prayer with the boys, the spirit was there.

4. I called home and found out this news last night: (Email sent out this morning attached below)

Blessing: My father is a walking miracle and continues to walk AND I have family that would drop everything to be together and help each other (Thanks Mind and Jas)

The Email sent by my mother this morning-

Thought you should know: Kent has been doing great with his new knee, cancer remission etc, but last night at the end of Brendon's volleyball game at Elk Grove, he started to have horrific head pains. Not any different than the ones most of you have seen at some point. He still usually (but not always) has a few days of pains each month. Actually hydrocodone has seemed to help in most cases. Last month he did have to lay on the floor for awhile and they were stronger than normal. However, last night they escalated very quickly. He went out for fresh air and it didn't help. He came back in and within a few min. he went white and looked like he'd pass out. He was too weak to get up or go to the car and his head was literally exploding with pain. I had him put his head down and then he put his head on my lap. I didn't realize at first that he was passed out until I saw his arm hanging limp twitching. By calling his name, slapping his face and shaking him, there was still no response. I couldn't go get help either, because he was on my lap. Some girls finally noticed (luckily the match was over by now), and got Brendon's attention. I was hoping he could help Kent out to the car. No such luck. He was out cold. Then people really started noticing. Two men hopped down. I remained calm and giggly (I laugh when I'm uncomfortable). They helped put Kent out on the floor gently. He did NOT want to call 911 because of insurance reasons. (He told me this before he passed out) However, he was not doing well at all. In about a 20 min. span he came too partially twice and went into convulsions and immediately passed out again. A woman in the crowd said I'm calling 911 anyway. So we had the high school gym full of people, the fire truck and ambulance, etc. Brendon is pretty stoked he'll be popular at school today. (Just a light side touch) I was on the phone with 911 and the two men from the crowd stayed with Kent following the directions of the 911 call until the paramedic showed up. The paramedics checked him out and of course asked questions. A lady ran Brendon home to get the name of his neurosurgeon and other info we didn't have with us. Kent came too partially again with oxygen and some other things, but when they tried to sit him up, he convulsed and went big time out again. It took 6 men to get him on the gurney. The ambulance took him to the hospital. I went to drop off Brendon and follow, but realized Kent had our car keys in his pocket in the ambulance. Amberlyn came to the rescue and brought us keys and took Brendon home and took care of dinner and the family. By the time I got to the hospital, his home teachers were there. They gave him a blessing later on when they let us in. They did not let me go in until he was registered and all fixed up. A little disturbing since I had the medical info they needed and the neurosurgeons request was to get a CT scan WHILE he was having an episode. Didn't fall in their protocol. Kent was in and out of consciousness for a total of 40 min. to an hour. Longer than he's ever been. I felt very calm and peaceful, but concerned at the same time that this episode may not turn out ok as far as being alive, or not having permanent brain damage. However, he slowly came out of it and by the time they let me see him, he was fully conscious and could talk- although still in lots of pain and not really ok. His normally very low blood pressure was high and his blood oxygen was very bad. Mindy and Jason also got wind and came to the hospital and stayed with me several hours. They stayed until after midnight so we could sing happy birthday to Mindy. We thought it fitting for Kent and I to be in the hospital with her on her birthday as that was the setting of her birth. ha They ran several blood tests and a CAT scan. Nothing critical or abnormal that they could see was there. (Besides all the shunts and several things they don't understand of course) They kept us there until morning, making sure Kent was stable and ok and let us out around 2 am. We need to contact his neurosurgeon and follow up. Sometimes when this is this severe, he will have continued days of problems. I need to keep an eye on him. The one possibility they could come up with first hand, may be that his shunts may be working too good now, as his spinal fluid in his brain (ventricles) is very low. I say- rip em out. We shall see. We are home doing fine. Just thought the family should be aware and ask that you remember Kent and the family in your prayers. We'll keep you posted. Most likely he will be fine again- who knows maybe for years. Once again, your son, dad, brother, uncle or whatever relation he is. is a walking miracle. I'm grateful he's still around. We have too much in our life to get straightened out for me to do it solo.... but we don't really get to choose that either do we? I do count my blessings. Lots of love, Jeanie

5. It is my sisters birthday and my daughter has formed and unnatural attachment to me, as well as discovered a high pitch scream in protest. This has ALL been since her first birthday. I just always remember the kids getting a little easier, not worse after year?!!!! It is my sisters b-day today and I will NOT have time to get the photos and thoughts collected until, that daughter of mine, is asleep for the evening!! Not much gets done anymore

The blessing: I got my girl that my heart has always desired. She is the healthiest of the bunch, and she LOVES me and I LOVE her!


Allergy medicine and emotions have me pretty tired today. Not to mention trying to get stuff together to sell at a garage sale, help sell the items, and bury a chick at the pet cemetery by the river on my list of things to do today. Oh well, we are going to the temple tomorrow and the whole world will be brighter after! I am really OK, just tired! DUH-that is the number 1 symptom of motherhood!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

HaPpY EaSter!!!!

Easter Sunday March 23, 2008We LOVE this time of the year where life begins to peek out once again, and we remember that all will live again!
(our backyard nectarine tree always adds some color to our day)

The Easter Morn Sorensen Kids-

(L to R) Colton Ray (6), Ryland Kent (3), Dacie Ann (1), Sterling Daniel (5)

The Whole "blue" FAM!

I'm Blue da de de da de da

Can't get enough pictures...just to be sure!

This picture is a 'feat' in itself considering it was taken BEFORE church (which starts at 9am) and we were on time! (thanks to the egg hunt note left by the Easter bunny)

AND because we had such a busy day-the day before, on Saturday: We cleaned the whole house from recent company leaving, watched three other kids for a few hours, and went on a date out to eat and play games w/ three other couples (Trezises, Rabans, and Bargars) to celebrate some of their birthdays. It was a LATE night for the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny MADE IT...barely!

Because it was such a late night for the bunny's "helpers", there was NO candy left in the store. BUT his helper did have some serious detective skills and she was able to find some stashed packages hidden in the store shelves, AS WELL AS get creative with pink juice and pastel 'regular' least the umbrella's had already been bought!
The 'helpers' were not neglected either!

The kids keeping asking when it is going to rain....NOT VERY often we keep telling them. It looks like we may have to wait until monsoon season to get good use out of their umbrellas! We rarely need them, so we don;t have them...but when you do need them it is inconvenient to not have em' . THANKS BUNNY!
A little candy to get us through church!

Allot of Dan's family had unexpectedly gathered down in Phoenix together. We did not want to be the lone man out AND we did not want Easter to be the only day we did not attend church (as a friend of mine put it). So after sacrament, and after I had turned over all the games for singing time, we snuck out of church and headed down to the valley.

Dacie got in a little cat nap and beauty rest on the way!

So IMMEDIATELY upon arrival the patient boys followed the Easter Bunny's note and...
FOUND the eggs!

While Dacie got in some quality cousin time (the ONLY cousin on Dan's side!)
I am surprised that they are not in matching outfits, as we seem to always get them together to take pictures whenever we connect across states.
I hope they are always close little girly cousins

Lola sharing her Easter basket w/ Dacie
We also enjoyed a yummy dinner,
and Colton cheating in a game of battleship with Grandpa (who said you cannot move the ships half way through the game?)
Uncle Russ (the only Sorensen sibling not home, out of the 6) called to tell us that he got ENGAGED- he got Colton on the phone and told Colton to tell everyone who had gathered in the room. This is Grandpa talking to him on the phone about his future June wedding!

One last fling with the basket ended our day as we drove back home to Cottonwood to begin a NORMAL week-bummer!

Oh yeah- and some of the Aunts BLiNG completed Dacie's celebrations! What a GIRL!!!
We hope your Easter was full of loved ones, spring color, blue clothes (ha ha), food, safe travels, eggs, church, and remembrance of our Savior.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SPRING BREAK Sleeping Accomodations!

People keep asking me where I put everyone!
I'm Not Gonna Lie-I was ecstatic to have 5 more adult bodies and 2 more child bodies in my home of already 2 adult bodies and 4 child bodies (even though we are starting to feel a little squeezed in home w/out the additions) --AND I really did NOT care about where the bodies would LIE. BUT thankfully I have friends w/ campers that heard of my numbers and brought a camper over. I had it all figured out in my mind where everyone would be, BUT after having the company and reality--I am GRATEFUL for the extra space it provided.We ALL had beds w/ mattresses, not even and air mattress had to be busted out!
BUT even with the extra space we still had some sleeping in the Living Room, and in any spare corner.
Largely because Dacie 'the princess' sleeps so much better on her own-we threw caution to the wind and let my sis sleep in there w/ Dacie, BUT then my sis spent one night with Dacie laying ON her and we removed ALL humans from her room!

The RV/Camper made it seem more like a vacation anyways, and like we were camping and in the Great Outdoors-wahoo!
Uncle Brendon slept on top, and the three older cousins (Colton, Sterling, and Kayden) slept below on the King bed. Grandpa slept on the converted table bed!
It was a nice place to send the cousins for afternoon nap time-so they could color and give some breathing, quiet room in the house!
It also freed up space since we kept some of the luggage in there.

It definitely made spring break more enjoyable, as we each had space to call our own!

However, we learned the hard way someone had to be in the camper w/ the boys until they were asleep or while they played (even with a baby monitor). So some of the 'chosen' few who went in there, went in to catch up on some reading or game boy playing while chaperone'ing the cousins (come on, who really NEVER got into trouble with their cousins, or did something naughty, we are just grateful they are not to the toilet papering stages or booby trapping!)

This was, definitely, the relaxing part of spring break!