Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another SUPER Saturday!!!

I always try to get as many chores as I can done on Fridays..and I always wonder why I put such pressure on myself when I have Dan home the next day. IT's because I like to play and relax when he is around rather than work all the time. This last Saturday 2/16 we were able to play bit!Our Elders Quorum had an activity at the state park right down the street--Dead Horse Ranch State Park. They have four stocked ponds there as well as camping. Dan's dad had just sent us a fishing lisc. the day before! Soooo We had FUN fishing with daddy!
Colton was at a b-day party earlier that day, and we had to go get him in the middle of the activity...so he is catching up on his fishing in this picture!
We did NOT catch these fish, our friends did...but the boys had fun playing with them and then watching them "clean" them (Sterling cried a little when they cut em').
Dacie posing at the pond!
Some of our closest freinds are in the Elders Quorum, so it was a FUN day with friends and their kids!
We also had a nice bar-b-q to top off the long afternoon of it!
That evening Dan and I were going on our weekly date and taking Sterling with us (as the kids get to go on one date by themselves per month) it was Sterling's month! We had a babysitter all lined up, BUT Dacies diarreah (sp) had gotten much worse. She had such a raw bummy that you had to pin her down to change her and listen to some serious screaming.It was so sad. I did not want to traumatize a babysitter or Dacie. I am glad I did-she ended up having four dirty diapers and got it all over the carpet. I sent Dan on the date with Sterling and they went and painted ceramics at the local store in town.
When they came back home we ended the evening doing one of our most favorite things to do as a family....DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!! It was a great SUPER Saturday for us!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

HOW FUN!!! I love that state park--we were actually going to go there on Monday until our plans changed. I just can't believe what a big girl Dacie is just standing there on that fishing dock like that! Wow! We NEVER catch any fish--in all the history of our marriage! =) (okay, maybe a guppy here or there..)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh, love your new background too--so cute!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

that looks like so much fun! I cannot believe how good of a weather you guys are having to enjoy being outside. I liked the boys doing the dance - I don't think they should call that thing a dance. It's more of a jump around till your head falls off type of thing that all kids love! - Carine