Monday, March 3, 2008

Love the WEEKENDS!

FRIDAY January 29th: It was Dr. Seuss's b-day and at Colton's school that means they get to wear their pj's all day, bring their stuffed animals (he brought his duck he got in the hospital for his first kidney surgery), blankets and READ lots..with teachers switching rooms reading their favorite books to the students. I was grateful Colton chose pj's w/ a top and a bottom (as he favors big t-shirts)! He also wore 'his' slippers (above), and was quite disappointed when I made him go to school in sneakers, only to switch into his slippers. They are actually MY slippers I got on my mission. A cute, older sister would make them for all the sister missionaries that served in Rio Linda (Do you still have your pair sister Bond?, Sis. Socwell--didn't you get a pair too?) aah, I LOVE it, seeing them put to good use and passed down. He LOVES them, I don't know why, but he does. Dan left for seminary at 6:05 am and then worked until 6:30pm, then he went straight to a live broadcast seminary training and did not get home until 8pm. We did not get him for very long that day!
So I did what all good moms would do and we had a movie/pizza night eating in the Living Room (which is a big no-no)! I did this cause I was solo, did not want the newly mopped floors dirty, and the boys had cleaned the bathrooms well. Our movie was Garfield. SUPER CUTE! Dan came home at the end of it all!
Dan and I then settled down for our own movie: Believe in ME! It is an EXCELLENT movie and comes thumbs up recommended by me (NOT just because I play basketball, and am partial to it!)
SATURDAY MARCH 1st: The boys woke up begging me to change the calendars (they are obsessed with them, counting down to holidays, b-days etc.) Sterling had a friends transformer b-day party to go to. They had a jump house, pinata, cake, ice cream, the works. While he was at a birthday party I was at a stake Relief Society birthday celebration. Our stake goes ALL OUT for these events. They had transformed the church ,once again, to look like the days of the scriptures. It was a bit different then at x-mas-they had pillars, and candles, fruit and grapes, palm get my drift. Then they had a full on production/musical of the ten virgins and a complete meal. I missed the morning of classes BUT thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon production and lunch. It was AMAZING! it is so amazing to me how music brings in the spirit so quickly and strongly. Some of my girlfriends performed in it and I was so touched by their hidden talents. It kind of made me proud to see them up there!
The rest of the day we stayed busy trying to keep our high maintenance Dacie pacified. Oreos worked for a bit! Dan also took the boys down to the river to fish for a little bites!

Saturday eve always brings about bath night--and what an EVENT that always ends up being! I decided to get real cute and roll all of Dacie's hair in sponge curlers, and the next morning...we had ONE winner left. I had to wet down her hair b/c of the crazy half curl, too curly, no curly look! Not doing that again until more hair grows in-
I stayed up until 11pm that evening getting music time ready for Sunday. I NOW have so much compassion for primary music leaders, after being in this calling. It is like doing a sharing time every week, adapting for the nursery all the way up to 12 year olds!!! Some times it is ALOT of work in regards to preparation. I was printing off the new song, laminating, making a game, etc.

SUNDAY March 2nd:Ryland announced in nursery today that Dan and I were getting married. When I came into nursery to do the music the leaders were laughing telling me what he had said, I simply told them, "After four kids we thought it was about time to get married." (REALLY we were married October 21, 2000 in the Washington DC temple) We all had a good LAUGH about that one. Ryland also announced to all of his classmates and I, that he cannot wait until Christ comes again. I love that kid.
It was Ryland's first day off of grounding(for over a month)-from ALL forms of coloring, after taking a permanent marker to our car! He promptly drew all over Coltons pants-AAHHHHH!!!!!

Dacie took 4 STEPS ToDay! Walking is around the corner! She might be right on track with her bros. @14 months!
We ended the evening with some games of red light/green light, telephone, and Simon says!

Monday March 3rd- I started my new goal and woke up when Dan was leaving for seminary to exercise on my beloved elliptical, before the kids woke up (sleep has been a long time coming, so I have been selfish with it, even a half hour). The morning went flawlessly! We also ran some errands while Sterling was at preschool-we got an automatic car wash (and Dacie freaked out!). We also got some markers for FHE tonight-we are giving the boys their routines and charts!

I busted out the Irish music for st. patty's today, as well, and did about 2 minutes of irish and 15 of clogging(with the shoes and all)and I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE! besides the fact you lose your talent when you don't use it!

I did receive some heart-breaking news today, my freshman year (in room) roommate (pictured above with her two children and hubby) has been in ICU for two weeks, she was just taken off of life support and is not very responsive-however, her prognosis is promising. It is not very clear what happened to her. My heart had been tender already, lately, for my other good friend who passed away this time last year. Life is fragile. They are pure women, great young mommies, and dear friends! It hurts inside.

We LOVE long weekends--ha ha that is what this turned into. On to a new week!


The Thompson Family said...

Yes I still have 'em. I often pull them out and think about our good ol' days in Rio Linda!! I love that you have time to get out and family pizza night is well known in our house.... it's sad when the pizza guy is concidered a family member by you kids... they even get the hugs and kisses when the pizza arrives... do you think we like pizza? Thank you for sharing a view into your life... you are soooooo good at this whole blog thing. LOVE YA!!!!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

LOVE the Dr. Suess celebrations--they weren't too into them at the Houston schools. Those little curlers in Dacie's hair bring back MEMORIES of Saturday nights in my house growing up! Thanks for the movie review--always looking for good ones--and SO SAD to hear about your friend in the ICU. Life is precious!

booboo said...

I figured out how to change font colors for the sidebar stuff and comments. In layout go to fonts and color and there is a box on the right that shows you all the fonts you can change. Click on the one you want and then click on the color you want. It's that easy. See. I'm figuring this blog thing out by myself!!

mjs ashworth said...

did Dacie sleep in those curlers? I love the oreo picture, they are for sure the messiest item for snaking but contentment is far more important than a clean face in my opinion!?!

mjs ashworth said...

yes i need to learn to read, well maybe not learn just become better at it...bummer only one curler made it, through the night so in an answer to my own question, YES she did sleep with them in

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Love the photo where Darcie is drinking from the spray bottle! How funny. Weekends definitely are fun at your household.

Toria said...

I just breezed through your blog, I'll come back and read more when I have more time. You're such a good writer- so clever, and such fun pics of the kids. I was laughing at the curlers on Saturday night- I remember all too well, sleeping in curlers. What fun. Good luck wtih music- WOW, my mother-in law loves that calling. LOTS of work, Im sure! Just wanted to say HI!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

Well, I just told Isabel that she is lucky I'm her mommy...she'd be really ticked if I tried to put curlers in her hair!

I didn't know you'd served in Rio Linda...childhood home of Rush Limbaugh. You didn't ever tract into his parents, did you? ; -)

One of the disadvantages of loving deeply is hurting. I hope that your roommates condition improves!