Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do You PREFER 6:30am or 11:30pm?

For ExErCiSe that is!!! IF you are ME (Alicia) then you prefer the earlier time mentioned
(in fact, I have been known to wake up early to go to the store b/c I am too tired to go at night)

OR it means you prefer to find other forms of exercise during the daytime hours. We do this 2.5 mile walk with fellow RS sisters on Tuesday and Thursdays. I have got the triple stroller method down! Check out the the blue stroller on the far right (my kiddos) and #1&2 are tandem, then look in the bottom basket for #3! I won't know what to do w/ 2 home next year!

Mind you...this does NOT mean I am a morning person (that is why there is no picture of me working out on the elliptical), IF I have to pick (which you usually have to do as a mom w/ lots of kids at home) this is what I choose! IF you are Dan then you would choose the latter time to work out (and shop). He gets a second wind at 10pm (unfortunately w/out him getting home until later in the eves from work, that time comes quickly after all is in bed and cleaned up)
AND this is his method of making up for the lack of sleep. Ha ha Ha

He wishes-this is UNTRUE since he teaches early morning seminary!

He USED to need more sleep then me!

Don't feel too bad, yet...this new Dan workout regimen has come along with a % body fat loss contest at work!

Have a Good EvEnIng... or MoRnIng!!!!


Kerry said...

I don't know how your hubby does it that late! Especially with early morning seminary. Tony is usually in bed by around 8:30 and gets up at 4:30, crazy guy.

As for me...neither time is preferable for me. Although, now that it is lighter earlier, I might be able to attempt the eaarly morning time..before the kids wake up. We shall see, cause I need to get working!

Ana said...

Ok, I'm totally ignoring the excersize thing because I hate that I don't do it (and should) BUT, I wanted to tell you.... I was adding another blogger to my list today and I realized that "alice" knocked you off of first place.. not that I think that you will be emotionally scarred for life because of this (to have such power) but I thought that it was funny. It's like "Abinadi" is first in my phone book and once I added a friend "Aaron"... I renamed "Arron".

mjs ashworth said...

what if we are not morning or night or midday? Any advice for the lazy(me) among us???

Angie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stroller shot. What a great way to haul around your littles. That's a great RS activity. I wish I had someone to walk with. We go on a walk every day, but it's too easy to cut a walk short when I'm by myself (the girls don't really have a say...)!

Angie said...

We DID get the b-day bows. Thanks so much!! (I'm embarrassed I totally forgot to email a thank you to you.)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

pre-kids, we always exercised in the evenings. now we're way too pooped by then! I've gotta do it in the am. love the stroller shot--too cute!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

I'll take somewhere between 9 and 10 in the morning...except right now. Right now, in tri three, I sleep when I can sleep, and that may be from 6-11 in the morning. Overall, I'm with Dan on the late nights. And, up until around the time Dallin was born, I could burn the candle at both ends like that too...not anymore. Full Time Mom is waaaaaaay more exhausting than full time employee...can't party all night and make it through the day in this role.

Love the stroller idea! I’m in the market for a tandem right now…Babies are expensive! Isabel used the same stroller I purchased (for only $35) on clearance at Target before Dallin was born. And, she used the same infant seat. But, both broke with her, and now I’m in shock as I am pricing infant seats and tandem strollers. With the girls being only 22 months apart, I know I’m going to need a tandem stroller. Dallin wants to know where he gets to ride. I told him he’d just have to use his scooter.

You are so lucky to have a group to walk with. That is one of the things I miss most about our ward in ABQ. For awhile, while living there, I was going walking at 6 a.m. each morning…and it actually was a nice way to start the day. I love the peace of living in the country, but I really miss that sense of community!