Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 2 SPRING BREAK (3/18/08): Paint Day !

(Sterling painting ceramics)
THE BIG KiDs and the LITTLE kIdS Got in the action today!
(Dan the bandanna paint Man)
(Uncle Brendon)

You LOVE being my company-I wake you up and put you to work!!!

I grabbed any spare hands I could collect and we went and painted Sterling's preschool early Tuesday morning 3/18/08.

They are putting in new carpets at the school and decided to paint as well--so they asked for volunteers AND I could not say NO! Service builds character right?

The rest stayed home and watched the ACTIVE bunch!

(Cousin Kayden and Ryland)

Afterwords it was off to do painting of our own at the Serenity Ceramic Shop in town, With all the cousins...


We still have 'aftermaths' from the night before on our faces AND getting Sterling to take off his leprechaun pin!

Then we were off to do some shopping for my parents Easter packages out of town and some last minute touches for Ryland's 3rd b-day (the next day). You have to visit Walmart, at least, one time while visiting to get the TRUE Cottonwood experience.

Dacie had to try out the sunglasses JUST to be sure they would be a good fit for Ryland (below)!

With 6 kids under the age of 6--you can NEVER visit too many parks. We had a Fried Chicken picnic dinner at the park #2 (as opposed to park #1 the day before)!
aaaah-the joys of sliding!

Grandpa became the official sunglass holder for the evening! (below)

And, of course, Dacie has been a DIVA ALL week! Hands to hold her ALL the time, and play with her hair, and put on cute outfits....being the ONLY girl has it s benefits. (below)

AFTER wearing the kids out we could NOT have 'carried' them to bed ANY sooner!
Then the adults settled down for a GREAT late night movie, Enchanted!
Spring Break is RoCkIn'!!!


Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

So, do you travel to build character through service? I'd like to paint the outside of our house!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

that looks like a fun little date. i am glad you guys enjoying the outdoors.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

ooohhh--you guys had a FUN week! How nice to have company come to celebrate with. yay for going to paint the pre-school--it looks great! Your new background looks awesome--my sister changed mine while she was here visiting me. I have no clue--but she understands html stuff. Oh, and the cute family that sang--the Kleinmans. It was adorable!