Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DAY 5 SPRING BREAK (3/21/08): They are Leaving-Boo Hoo!!!!

It is rare that we get overnight company from our families (about once a year)-not very comfy sleeping arrangements (3 bedroom house 1550 sq.ft.) and gas prices don't help....SO when we do get company we try to KEEP them as long as we can and do as MUCH as we can!
It was not a FUn Friday for us-as we were losing the Fun we had all week

You cannot come visit us and NOT go and see SEDONA (about 15 miles from our home); a resort red rock town-
SO as our last HURRAH I took my teenage siblings (below, Brendon and Breanna) on a driving tour of Sedona.

No matter how many times I have been there. I am still in awe at the beauty of it!
...and I am still in awe at the 'extraordinary' people that live there!

They are really into vortex, crystals, etc. AND we got lucky to see one of the classic mountain men (below). They really do have a group of these guys that look like this and go and rescue people in the mountains, etc., usually in the parades they are on horseback NOT motorcycles!
It was beautiful farewell to such a FuN WeEk-

We hope we gave them lots of memories so they will come back again y'all!

*Not soon after they left our baby chick got eaten by a cat and Sterling fell off of the neighbors trampoline splitting his teeth and gums open. I was definetely not a happy camper aymore, I lost my family, friends entertainers, extra hands and helpers-it was a bummer!


mjs ashworth said...

Sedona is SO beautiful! You are right though the people are quite interesting...

TexasTwinsTwice said...

We take Sedona for granted--we hardly ever visit unless company is here. Perhaps that's why we've never seen any of those mountain men...interesting! Poor Sterling--are his teeth alright?! They're baby teeth still right? (I know he's already lost a few)