Thursday, March 13, 2008

Purse Tag- I'm IT!

I just got tagged by (MEGAN/nolan) and since I am going out of town for the weekend with company immediately coming, it may be a bit until I get to it again- so here it goes!
I am suppose to write the contents of my purse:
1. The Mega Wallet- w/ pictures of the kiddos and family, TONS of drs. business cards, and all the other typical stuff. I have a little money $19.oo cash (it is my mug money in case I get 'held up' like Dan did-ha ha) it is quickly disappearing today, as I will go by to pay a past it is really just some change.
2.Mini Calendar w/ pictures of the most dreamy front porches!
3.Check book
4. Sun glasses
5. A Written List of BaD (girly)symptoms I have been experiencing to share w/ the dr. at an appointment I had Tuesday.
6. Picture people Coupon, in case, while we are down in Phoenix I have time to take all the kids in their Easter outfits for a photo session.
7. Wet ones-antibacterial wipes
8.Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer
9. Tide to Go stick
10. Hair Pick
11. Pink Lip Shine
12. Stack of Dan's Business Cards
13. Mini Mending Kit (hotel stolen)
14. 2 Cards from Parenting magazine w/ Easy Fun ideas (in case you are in a restaurant, waiting room, line, etc.) to do with your kids.
15. My Cell Phone
That's it (right at this moment)!!! If you think this is BAD you should see what I carry in my Car-that is where all the baby goods are!
I purse Tag- Monica, Amberlyn, Kerry, & Ana (all their blogs are on the right)


Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

Do you carry a purse or a suitcase? I can't believe all the crazy items...a sewing kit? Have you ever really used it?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

VERY interseting stuff! I'll have to accept that tag--tho it WILL NOT be very interesting to read I'm sure! =)