Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend in Phoenix-March 14-16!

I told people we were not going down to the valley for anything FuN--as Dan had a Continuing Education Class, and I did not want to be alone for two days! OH-But we DiD! (have fun that is)
While Dan was at class all day on Friday 3/14 I took the kids to RoSs (remind me WHY I EVER think I can do a shopping trip with 4 w/ no 'instances' to take note of). We can't go somewhere where they have stores and NOT capitalize on them, since we have all of 2 in Cottonwood (not really, but it feels like it sometimes) Dan HATES it when I go to RoSS. I NEVER come out empty handed! Friday was NO exception to that RULE!
That evening while we had free babysitting and the temple nearby--Dan and I went on a date to attend the temple. Oops! We forgot they are putting on the Easter pageant right now and stop the sessions early in the afternoon! We did not let this get us down, and we walked through the visitors center and saw the wonderful display of photos a local artist did of Christ's life on temporary display (that our stake president encouraged us to go see). It was good!
Then we stopped off and saw a movie (since we only had to pay for tickets and NOT a babysitter as well). We won't make much mention of the movie it was not noteworthy, BUT SO Fun to get out!
On Saturday 3/15 I was trying to decide IF I should try to make a trip to Safford to attend my Uncles funeral (who passed away this week, It is sad and happy...unexpected BUT he is home w/ his wife who has been gone for 10 yrs.) transportation, kids, gas money, and no family to go with me...I chose to stay.
It was a bitter sweet morning for me as we returned our beloved i-robot vacuum to its original owner. Despite its wonderful benefits, after replacing it three times with the manufacturer--we decided it was time to give up and do it the old fashioned way (no one else we know has had these problems--it perplexes us!) It was hard to see it go, BUT I realize by the time I move everything out of its way, I could just vacuum myself for a few more minutes! SO we broke down and got memberships to Costco (we have been using MoM S benefits), and bought a few items to fill our home. This is another store that your wallet cannot leave unscathed!
While we were at the store Sterling was w/ Grandma getting their hair cut! We thinned out his SUPER THICK hair and cut an inch off the back. He was going Cottonwood mullet on us!
We also enjoyed some late night bowls of Grandpa Sorensen's grapefruits off of his tree-yummy! AND smelling the orange blossoms in bloom as they were whiffin' through the air. That smell brings sweet memories to me, of Dan and I's dating days
After daddy got home from a clinical experience all afternoon, we took three of the munchkins to the mall and ate cookies, rode escalators up and down, window shopped, bought new Disney towels on sale, and SAW the EASTER BUNNY (can you tell that we don't get out much?)!
We can't end a Saturday evening without a Good Bath Night-it was a LATE one tonight! We LOVE Grandma's bathtub b/c ALL of the KIDS fit in it at once (note to self's:next home, garden tub required!)
Sunday 3/16 we were fed a great dinner by grandma and got naps on Saturday and Sunday (ALL of us!) afternoons. I cannot remember the last time that has happened. We are rested, fed, happy and poor! Thanks for the great weekend Grandma and Grandpa!

Now we anxiously await G&G Hutchings, Uncle Brendon, Aunts Booboo and Breanna, and cousins Kayden and Boston Arrival LATE this eve. Colton and Sterling are sleeping in the RV out front waiting .... Fun spring break week to follow!


mjs ashworth said...

Sounds like you had a fun few days and are getting ready for a fun week ahead! I love it when family comes in town! Have a great time!!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

Garden tubs are great! Dallin and Isabel love to "swim" in ours. I just wish I could get a chance to use it!

Paige said...

What a fun weekend! Anytime the temple or Ross are involved, it's gotta be great! =)

Paige said...

oh that was me MOnica--didn't realize my sister was still signed in under her name on my computer! =)

Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

The Costco is a huge money sucker, you just can't leave without spending at least 100 dollars and usually more, and I only have one child! Of course I think I have a shopping problem...I love it!