Monday, March 24, 2008

DAY 3 SPRING BREAK (3/19/08): Ryland's Birthday POST-Naps

Since we were not tired enough that day...we decided to rent a
JUMP CASTLE(Note how the castle is bigger than our home!)
The boys could not have been happier!
We started out with long sleeves and jackets at Dead Horse State Park in the morning and switched to swimsuits and sunscreen in the afternoon/evening(since we were already burned)!

Any energy they had left we were hoping to bounce out of em'

Oh, the adults were not to be left out. All the siblings got in the jump house and ROCKED each other. It is too bad none of the kids could take photos, they were all too busy screaming at the jump house tipping over!

Since it was warm and they already had swimsuits on we decided to have a WATER BALLOON WAR (that lasted about five minutes)
Dacie just wanted to hold her balloon and squeeze it!
How Fun it is!
After Daddy got home and dinner was done it was time to PaRtY!

Little did Ryland know that the cake was a 'hint' as to what one of his presents was going to be!
Ryland was so funny blowing out the candles. He was taking the biggest breaths he could muster, and I thought he was going to pass out, Ryland always has a few extra helping hands with two older brothers (as in helping hands getting him closer to the cake)!
Cake and birthday bash ice cream is always a perfect way to end a day!

Ryland was spoiled...we did not need a friend party when the house and gifts were so full of family!
In LOVING MEMORY of "OGAN" the blue easter chick-who lived a short three days before a cat snuck into our garage and took him away
This was one of the most noteworthy gifts: we are finally owners of a pet (much to our children's jubilation), a chicken at that!
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa 'Atchings'
Here is the lone survivor "Curious George" the Rhode Island Red Chick.
We love hearing her cheepies, playing with her outside, blow drying her fluffy fur, and are enjoying her 'imprinting' as she is starting to follow us everywhere. She particularly likes Dacie who is not quite sure what to think of something so small following her around as Dacie herself is starting to WALK EVERYWHERE (so we only had a few freak out sessions today)!
Ryland, and us, had one of the most fabulous, adventurous days we can remember. It is going to be hard to top this one. He will never forget his 3rd birthday that is for sure. Happy Birthday Our sweet Ryland!
(my tribute to my little man is coming...after spring break posts are finished-he won't miss a thing)
Spring Break is Tiring FuN!


Erin said...

Sounds like you guys are having a BLAST! But I know you always do! You are my idol for being able to do so many fun things an still remain sane, my friend!

Erin said...

PS-Where so you get your cute blog layouts?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Happy Birthday Ryland!!! I'm exhausted just reading about all that fun! It looks like a day he will definitely remember for a long long time!

mjs ashworth said...

I swear you are the funnest(i know it's not a word) Mom around! My kids can never read your blog or they will be really disappointed! I bet you are glad spring break is over though!! Enjoy a little peace and quiet!!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

Get more chicks! We only have two kids, and we could do with two more laying hens. We have four right now. It's great to be able to gather our own eggs, and with a heat lamp on, they even laid all winter long.