Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dacie's 1st year PoRtRaITs!

Walmart and I have a love/hate relationship going on, and that includes the photo studio..since there is nowhere else to go in our tiny town, and because the prices are unbeatable. They have super sweet deals on packages that include quite enough pictures to satisfy our LARGE families desires. However, the draw back is that you have to choose the first photo you like, and that is the photo you get in your package. HOWEVER, they still have to take 6 more shots AFTER you pick your pose, AND the poses taken after your pick CANNOT be your package deal, even if they are cuter. To purchase extra sheets is mucho expensive--this is where they snag you, because to no avail they are able to catch a cuter one after your original pick.
I also hate it because, sometimes your kid has had enough and they HAVE to take 6 more pictures or the photo studio cannot complete the photo shoot (see picture below) and you DO NOT get any pictures. I also feel pressure, because the first time one picture is semi-cute I feel like I have to hang on to it(they erase them on the spot if that is not your pose shot), or by the time I absolutely think one is perfect--we cannot get another six out of the kid, or the child does not give me anything to work with if I erased the semi good one. It is enough to drive a normal mother mad, as we want the BEST picture to capture our child's life, let alone a mother with OCD or anxiety--it would push them over the edge. To dress up a child and find time to have the other children watched is already and impossible 'feat', and to have a photo shoot go not good news nor an OPTION at this point!
You also are NOT allowed to have more than one child photographed for a package deal on the same day...WHATEVER! Anyways-despite all my complaining allot of my children's first years have been recorded under their camera and I do thank them for that!
The AbOvE picture is the extra poses, and the BeLoW picture is what happens when you go too long with a bAbY and the camera!

However, despite the tears, I appreciate the way this pictures catches her red color in her hair, the hair that flips up on occasion in back...and this is a Dacie face I AM Very FAMILIAR with! Sorry the pictures are not the best quality, I am having to take a picture of a picture because we DO NOT have a SCANNER! This is my FAVORITE pose...however, it was NOT my first pose I picked, so it is in addition too!
And here is the winner! The pose of all poses...or the first of all the poses I should say!
OK, and I was taking down my Valentines decorations--we had this one hanging on Dacie's door, it was given to me when I was super young, from my,now, deceased grandparents. Don't you think it appropriate whose door it was hanging on? Who does it remind you of (hint: you have just seen other pictures of the cherub)? She is our sweetheart still!


peterson pack said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!!! I have the same relationship with Walmart. For the last year, I have resulted in taking my own. And I don't know which is worst. The things we put us and the kids through. But in 20 years those will be so precious. I love her hair and her smile. She is a gorgeous little girl!

booboo said...

She gets cuter every time I see pictures of her!! How is that possible? 2 quick questions. What was the site I go to for cute backgrounds again? Also, I have chad's blogs saved in my favorites, but it's the wrong one and when I go to the template to change it, I can't find it. How do I change this so I can go right to his blog? Oh, one more. How do you divide your favorites into family and friends and stuff. You rock. Thanks for your help!!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Those pictures are so very cute! And I agree with you, they should stop taking photos when the kid has reached it's boiling point. Same happened to Ava.

Dawn said...

I think you made a great choice! True your favorite one is adorable (how could they not be adorable of such a cute little girl...)and I love her smile, but the one you chose for the deal showed off all of her darling outfit! (besides a darling smile!) This Grandma looks forward to getting one of her own soon!
ps When did Ryland get his hair cut? Love you all!

mjs ashworth said...

So cute! Oh my gosh Alicia she is a doll! Walmart is a nightmare I agree but its all about a good deal right!?!?!?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

THOSE pictures are all soooo cute--even the crying one! That's why I've given up on professional portraits tho--sadly T & K only have ones from me, but they ARE smiling! It is sooo hard to get it perfect in the studio--especially for several at once. I love the Valentine decor--it SO looks like her! Oh, and yay for her starting to walk!