Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SPRING BREAK Sleeping Accomodations!

People keep asking me where I put everyone!
I'm Not Gonna Lie-I was ecstatic to have 5 more adult bodies and 2 more child bodies in my home of already 2 adult bodies and 4 child bodies (even though we are starting to feel a little squeezed in home w/out the additions) --AND I really did NOT care about where the bodies would LIE. BUT thankfully I have friends w/ campers that heard of my numbers and brought a camper over. I had it all figured out in my mind where everyone would be, BUT after having the company and reality--I am GRATEFUL for the extra space it provided.We ALL had beds w/ mattresses, not even and air mattress had to be busted out!
BUT even with the extra space we still had some sleeping in the Living Room, and in any spare corner.
Largely because Dacie 'the princess' sleeps so much better on her own-we threw caution to the wind and let my sis sleep in there w/ Dacie, BUT then my sis spent one night with Dacie laying ON her and we removed ALL humans from her room!

The RV/Camper made it seem more like a vacation anyways, and like we were camping and in the Great Outdoors-wahoo!
Uncle Brendon slept on top, and the three older cousins (Colton, Sterling, and Kayden) slept below on the King bed. Grandpa slept on the converted table bed!
It was a nice place to send the cousins for afternoon nap time-so they could color and give some breathing, quiet room in the house!
It also freed up space since we kept some of the luggage in there.

It definitely made spring break more enjoyable, as we each had space to call our own!

However, we learned the hard way someone had to be in the camper w/ the boys until they were asleep or while they played (even with a baby monitor). So some of the 'chosen' few who went in there, went in to catch up on some reading or game boy playing while chaperone'ing the cousins (come on, who really NEVER got into trouble with their cousins, or did something naughty, we are just grateful they are not to the toilet papering stages or booby trapping!)

This was, definitely, the relaxing part of spring break!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Great idea to have a trailor there! looks like fun--camping in your own yard--that's MY KIND of camping! =) I bet the kids were in heaven!

Ana said...

I am in awe that you are SO BUSY and seem to love all the craziness! Can I come next year? Seriously.. what a load of fun! Oh, let me ask.. where did you get the "Sorensen" letters in the first picture?? I get all my decorating ideas from other people.