Thursday, March 27, 2008

HaPpY EaSter!!!!

Easter Sunday March 23, 2008We LOVE this time of the year where life begins to peek out once again, and we remember that all will live again!
(our backyard nectarine tree always adds some color to our day)

The Easter Morn Sorensen Kids-

(L to R) Colton Ray (6), Ryland Kent (3), Dacie Ann (1), Sterling Daniel (5)

The Whole "blue" FAM!

I'm Blue da de de da de da

Can't get enough pictures...just to be sure!

This picture is a 'feat' in itself considering it was taken BEFORE church (which starts at 9am) and we were on time! (thanks to the egg hunt note left by the Easter bunny)

AND because we had such a busy day-the day before, on Saturday: We cleaned the whole house from recent company leaving, watched three other kids for a few hours, and went on a date out to eat and play games w/ three other couples (Trezises, Rabans, and Bargars) to celebrate some of their birthdays. It was a LATE night for the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny MADE IT...barely!

Because it was such a late night for the bunny's "helpers", there was NO candy left in the store. BUT his helper did have some serious detective skills and she was able to find some stashed packages hidden in the store shelves, AS WELL AS get creative with pink juice and pastel 'regular' least the umbrella's had already been bought!
The 'helpers' were not neglected either!

The kids keeping asking when it is going to rain....NOT VERY often we keep telling them. It looks like we may have to wait until monsoon season to get good use out of their umbrellas! We rarely need them, so we don;t have them...but when you do need them it is inconvenient to not have em' . THANKS BUNNY!
A little candy to get us through church!

Allot of Dan's family had unexpectedly gathered down in Phoenix together. We did not want to be the lone man out AND we did not want Easter to be the only day we did not attend church (as a friend of mine put it). So after sacrament, and after I had turned over all the games for singing time, we snuck out of church and headed down to the valley.

Dacie got in a little cat nap and beauty rest on the way!

So IMMEDIATELY upon arrival the patient boys followed the Easter Bunny's note and...
FOUND the eggs!

While Dacie got in some quality cousin time (the ONLY cousin on Dan's side!)
I am surprised that they are not in matching outfits, as we seem to always get them together to take pictures whenever we connect across states.
I hope they are always close little girly cousins

Lola sharing her Easter basket w/ Dacie
We also enjoyed a yummy dinner,
and Colton cheating in a game of battleship with Grandpa (who said you cannot move the ships half way through the game?)
Uncle Russ (the only Sorensen sibling not home, out of the 6) called to tell us that he got ENGAGED- he got Colton on the phone and told Colton to tell everyone who had gathered in the room. This is Grandpa talking to him on the phone about his future June wedding!

One last fling with the basket ended our day as we drove back home to Cottonwood to begin a NORMAL week-bummer!

Oh yeah- and some of the Aunts BLiNG completed Dacie's celebrations! What a GIRL!!!
We hope your Easter was full of loved ones, spring color, blue clothes (ha ha), food, safe travels, eggs, church, and remembrance of our Savior.


mjs ashworth said...

You all look so cute dressed in Easter blue, I love it! That is classic of Daci dumping the Easter grass everywhere, that stuff is such a mess and gets everywhere but the kids love it and that is all that matters right!?!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

SUPER fun Easter! Looks like you guys had a blast. Love all the photos & the cute outfits! Glad you got to go to church before heading to the valley too--it just didn't seem right to miss on that day huh?! =)

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

this looks like tons of fun for the kids. we too did an egg hunt for the first time with Ava and she loved it. i cannot believe you already have those flowers on the trees. we got hammered with snow today.