Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DAY 4 SPRING BREAK (3/20/08): Easter Prep!

Two holidays and a birthday in one week can be pretty stressful for a celebratin' family. Thank heavens we had plenty of helping hands to decorate BUT mostly CELEBRATE!(Ryland and Uncle Brendon)
Down came the clovers and up went the eggs, and bunnies!
Plastic eggs are a perfect 1 year old toy!
Thank heavens for a cool, strong uncle to help decorate the tree at the TOP!
(Colton and Uncle Brendon)
After a watching the new movie BEES and a was TiMe to Dye THE EGGS!
Think we had enough?

Little Ryland made this face every time grandma helped pull his eggs out of the dye. He was so surprised at the pretty colors you could turn them!
The whole dying bunch!
After a yummy dinner of my infamous meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green veggies, salad and dump cake...
The NON RV sleeping cousins (the younger crowd) went to bed while the others of us headed out to the backyard for a FIRE and some s'more making.
It was a perfect night full of stars and the moon. (below)
That is definitely one thing I enjoy living in a small town, the starry skies! There is no competition from street lights or sounds of cars and traffic. You can just lay on your back and stare up all night.

The whole clan singing some girls camp songs.

(cousin kayden roasting a mellow!)(Colton enjoying the fruits of the fire-check out the marshmallow all over his mouth)
Oh, and IF girls camp songs are too much for you, you can always join Dan for some serious games of Sudoku! Ha ha
After we sent the RV cousins to bed--the adults made it a late night of Phase 10, That I WON!
SPRING BREAK is a celebratin' , game playin' , holiday havin' TIME!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

SO FUN!!! Man you guys had a blast of a week. I bet you're ready for a breather!