Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy (belated) BirthDay Uncle Scott!!!! we are two days late on this birthday tribute (March 3rd). Thus the reason for the picture of eaten cake-so sorry! Good reasons, BUT that is one wonderful thing about Scott, he is so laid back and easy going-things like this don't hurt his feelings or ruffle his feathers. He is grateful whenever it happens and doesn't dwell on who has forgotten or missed something!
Scott is my bro-in-law BUT he feels like a real brother to me. He FITS right in with my family!He is outgoing and willing to try anything new. He is always surrounded by friends and makes any situation fun! He is also one of the 'passed up' bachelors that some WOmAn needs to hold on too!
An example of his willingness to try new things, be outgoing, and fitting in with my fam Dan and I's wedding reception in Utah (one of the 3-we had a wedding tour) we had a program during it. Part of the program was that the kids that were in my class (I was teaching 3rd grade at the time, in Provo) came and sang some cowboy songs at it (we had a cowboy, sunflower, fall wedding theme)! We only had one boy able to make it from my class, and he was so outnumbered by the girls. There was specific boys part to be done-so my 3 brothers and Scott jumped into the back row and sang a song they had never heard of in their life! I was so touched that they were so willing to help make it work despite going out of their comfort zones-it was in front of a HUGE crowd too. Scott is the one in the middle, right behind the girl with glasses (picture of the wedding reception)
Scott is probably one of the most photographed Uncles because he 'hangs' with us. He is not deterred by our loud and large number of kids, nor that Dan and I are married nerds. He will come and hang out with us all by himself. In fact, he has even gone out to dinner with us and the kids, by himself, AND seemed to enjoy it! He is good about still playing with us even when his friends are around. If he is getting serious with a girl-he will stop at our house in Cottonwood, just so we can meet her. He wants to be a part of our lives.
He is very temperate with the boys. I am sure they have ruined or played with a few things they should not have, that were Scott's, when we have come over, and I have NEVER heard a word of complaint. He will come and find me to ask if he can hold Dacie. He is really good about taking her without even asking. Scott is Dan's ONLY brother who has changed a diaper AND willingly (even if he put it on backwards-he he). He has been the only Uncle to babysit ALL the boys by himself (besides my married bro.s) In fact, I think he has even babysat them on his birthday-Happy Birthday!Scott is a hard worker without much complaint-he works a very physical job when he returns home from school and knows how to do a little bit of everything. He is a handy man.He is the first one to ask if we need help unloading or loading our car when we come to visit. He also does kind acts of service for his family without being asked, like entirely cleaning out the garage (which is grandpa's make-shift wood shop and can be messy!!!)
We LOVE having Uncle Scott home during semester breaks from BYU-Idaho. He likes playing with the boys and helping us get out some of their pent up energy-this is a picture of him wrestling the boys ON his LAST birthday-he spent it with us for Dacie's blessing.
I have always LOVED Scott, because he welcomed me right into the family.Scott is tender- hearted and will make a good husband, one day. While Dan and I were engaged I was an EFY counselor at an EFY that Scott (and Dan's other brother and sister) attended at BYU. Scott dedicated a song to me during one of the HUGE dances from Dan, and then danced with me in his behalf. I also remember my EFY girls being so infatuated with him, because he signed up for the talent show and stood on his hands and walked around on the stage. His shirt slipped down and exposed his six-pack and my girls went WiLD! They were dying to meet him, when I recognized it was him and told them that was my bro-in-law. It was so fun to see him socialize and be kind to others. We now affectionately call him Uncle Six-Pack!
Scott served ,fittingly, in the Georgia Macon mission and came back with a drawl.
He is super athletic and picks up, plays, and excels at any type of sport. Weren't you the dunking champion at BYU-Idaho?!!!

You can also find him camping and lighting things on fire with his spare time friends.
He takes girls on real dates and will spend some money doing it. He seems to be a pretty steady dater-he is NOT afraid to ask girls out.

His favorite color is orange, in fact, he just painted his bedroom phoenix suns purple and orange--it suits him. He is colorful, and fun loving! We love you-we hope you had a great day of cake and friends!!! We are glad you were born---


TexasTwinsTwice said...

awww--what a sweet uncle!!! I still have a single sister that we should match up with all these bachelor's you're profiling =)

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

I say that's one cool uncle if he can wresle like that with the boys. That's awesome!

Ana said...

You are so funny! I mean, halfway through I was thinking "dang, if only I was single!" He needs to get you to write him a personal ad and he will be scooped up immediately. Oh, and Happy Birthday Scott!

mjs ashworth said...

my email is Happy birthday scotty!

Dawn said...

What a great tribute to a great guy! Scott will make a great husband and father...and have fun doing it! We all love him lots!
Mom S