Saturday, March 22, 2008

DAY 3 SPRING BREAK (3/19/08) : Ryland's Birthday-Pre NAP

(Ryland caught his FIRST fish)
We borrowed some kayaks from some friends, and met up with them at the pond/lake at the park (about 5 miles from our house)-
We all boated to our hearts content!
Dacie and Aunt Breanna
Ryland and Uncle Brendon
Colton and Uncle Brendon
Sterling and Uncle Brendon (check out the life vest's fit!)
The boy cousins trying it out!
Dacie and Ryland watching as the fish swim by!
and waiting....
and waiting...
(Cousin Kayden is the pro fisher of the group and barely missed the biting frenzy b/c he was on the boat)
Colton's first catch!
Sterling's first fish too!!!!
It was a Great Day out on the lake, so they say!


All the kids starting off at the head of the 1/2 mile trail to some falls
With no was a cool view being on TOP!
Then Uncle Brendon decided to get the real Arizona experience and scale the rocks to a little cave.
Aunt Breanna made it by herself to the top! Go NaNa!
Bubbles and dogs completed the perfect morning/afternoon of Fun! It does not get much better than that!
However,we could have done without the BURNS we got that day...oops! NEVER forget the sunscreen!

Dacie starting to walk up a storm! She LOVED the DOG who was so kind to her-
and, of course, bubbles are always a hit with MY KIDS!
Full tummy's (pizza) and sleep (naps for some) would help complete PHASE I of the BirthdAy FUN!
(to be continued...)


RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Happy Birthday! Your boys are so athletic, that's awesome! And nice blog paper, love it.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday again Ryland! It was fun to hear about you catching a fish, and now I got to see the pictures! so fun to have you here today; good luck with being a "big boy" this week (and may your mother be blessed with patience and perseverance!) Love you!
Grandma S

TexasTwinsTwice said...

wow--and all that was just in the morning?!! how fun! I'm glad you had better luck with the fishing than we do! We'll have to check out that waterfall next time too. Your brother is crazy/brave to scale the cliff like that! That's boys for ya! =)

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

What a fun birthday! I'm surprised Ryland was still awake to blow out his candles, after all that.

I love the picture of Dacie looking into the water. I wonder if Isabel would stay on the dock, or if she'd try to get in.