Friday, March 7, 2008


Sweet Colton has had a few instances lately where he has surprised me with his genuine desire to do what is right, and it has my heart so happy!
His school was giving away free tickets to an NHL ice hockey game, for those students who exemplified good behavior, or noteworthy acts. The rest of the family could purchase highly discounted tickets along with his free one. We are ALWAYS advocates of good behavior and CHEAP we encouraged him to work at getting the tickets. I asked him the other day if anyone had been offered tickets, yet, in his class (as it is teacher picked). He told me everyone had, and that he told them "no". I was surprised and asked him 'why'? He said, "because it is on Sunday mom!" as if I was silly to even ask why. I ask him if he was sure the game was on Sunday, and he told me he was absolutely certain it was-- and that when his teacher had offered him tickets Colton told his teacher that he did not want them because they were on Sunday. I guess his teacher continued to tell him that she was going to church, AND then the game. Colton proceeded to tell her that even after he goes to church he does not do that kind of stuff on Sundays and it was during his nap-time(ha ha ha). I was so proud of him at that moment, standing up for what was right at the cost of being uncomfortable, out of the norm, and against what even his leaders were doing!
The second experience was on Valentines Day, Colton got a few tattoos from friends in his Valentines... and after school we were all goofing off with them and putting them on. The next day Colton came to me and said, "mom, I washed off my tattoo because we are not suppose to have tattoos on our bodies." I told him he was absolutely right and that I was proud of him for setting the example for our family!
I was taking a shower yesterday while they babies were napping and Ryland woke up while I was showering. Ryland sometimes will tell us he has to go to the bathroom in the toilet and actually do it! So, while I was in the shower I guess it was one of those 'moments'. Colton took off his diaper, put him on the potty, wiped him when he was finished, washed both their hands, put back on a new diaper and gave Ryland a treat for going in the potty! I could NOT believe my ears or eyes when I came out of the shower. How wonderful that was--I know why Colton is suppose to be the oldest!
Colton is growing up so much and sometimes I look at this little man and wonder where time went too. He still is my baby and, in fact, last night when I went to girls game night he left me a note on the counter that read, "Dear mom, I was crying when you wher gone I love you so much Love, Colton" Dan told me he was insistant that I wake him up when I got home. I tried, but he was in a deep sleep. So... I wrote him a note back telling him that I loved him too, that Dad takes good care of him when I am gone, and that I had tried to wake him up. He came in my room this morning and told me he was crying so hard because he just wanted to cuddle with me and not Dad. He DOES still want to cuddle every so often. Does it get much better than that? A responsible little man that still loves his momma!! AAHH! Please don't ever change!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh Alicia--what a SWEETHEART you have on your hands there!!! That is wonderful you wrote that all down--what sweet memories!

mjs ashworth said...

What a sweet little boy! I love the during my naptime part that is a crack up!

Dawn said...

What a good helper and a great example! Please tell him how much Grandma Sorensen loves him and is glad that he chooses the right. We so enjoyed our brief visit with Dan and the kids yesterday. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! Love you all!
Grandma S

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

Go Colton!