Wednesday, December 26, 2007

FaCeS of X-MaS!!!

Playing with some of our new toys!!! Daddy and the boys playing a good game of Mouse Trap! (while mommy was making Christmas dinner)
Ryland celebrating His victory in Mouse Trap (These are the same clothes he played in the new clubhouse outside for a majority of the day~ and I wonder why my kids are sick all the time!)
Colton going undercover as a spy-with his new spy kit! ha ha ha
We loved a simple x-mas as a little family just being together in pj's all day, playing with toys and eating big meals. We were so touched by Dan's family all coming up to our home; every single one-Gma/Gpa/Clint/Kerri/Scott/Russ (some have never seen our home!) it was only a few minutes to open some gifts, deliver our NEW kitchen table, and hug, BUT in those few minutes our hearts were melted and we did not feel so far away from family!


wilkinson_fam said...

How fun to hear from you! It has been forever since I've seen anyone from the mish! Where are you at? Four little ones, eh? Good for you, girl! What an adorable family and how great that your hubby is done with his education. We are in our final semester at Purdue for David's MBA and are trying to decide where we'll end up. Isn't recruiting fun!?! We also have our little boy coming in the next week or so. I am so ready to have him in my arms and not inhabiting every last inch from my knees to my neck! Oh, the blessings of childbearing!

I look forward to your update!

Amanda (Sister Kjar)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh, your kids are going to have the best memories from this! How fun!