Friday, December 7, 2007

Haul Out the Holly!

Quiet moments have been very HARD to come by the last two days with daddy home sick. It seemed that everyone had caught some nasty temperaments (mom and dad included). So for the first time in days I had a moment of peace, and I took a picture. Colton was at school, Sterling at preschool, Ryland was watching one of his favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse w/ his mouse ears on from Disneyland (I love how he and Sterling do this when they are watching this show-I am glad I finally got a pict. of it), and Dacie was asleep. What? I can't hear a thing!!! (Besides background Mickey Mouse singing)-aaah, breathe! You can also see some of our 'inside' decor we finally got up (and the tree we had to do without daddy) for Christmas. We have only had one casualty so far-a shattered ornament on the couch! This was my new decoration treat I got this year~Matching stockings!! I was so so so happy the day they arrived. I LOVE how it turned out. All we have left is our outside decor, and the weather and Dan's work schedule are not cooperating for this weekend as planned. I am bummed, but we will get it done...eventually.

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jonesfamily said...

Hello!!! Four kids!? You're like a real family! With real stockings!!! ;P I was just thinking how much I wanted real stockings the other day! I need your email address. We have some SERIOUS catching up to do! Otherwise I could go on forever (like how often to you go to Disneyland? Burbank?) How cute is your family? How cool are your friends (teaching me how to do feeds)? And how funny are YOU? I totally forget! It's been too long!