Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Engaged!!!!

Dan and I got engaged TODAY...exactly 8 years ago!!!!Alicia and Dan goofing off w/ my cousins bridal shower veil!
Dan had waited so patiently for 2.5 days from the time he asked me, to when I officially answered! I remember calling his mom and she got emotional and told us that it was the best anniversary present we could have given her and Doug. (BTW-- Happy Anniversary Gma/Gpa today!)

Squaw Peak, the exact spot Dan purposed...look closely, and you can see the actual rock we were sitting on

I know you want all the juicy lets start from the beginning.

Dan and I after one of our shifts teaching at the MTC

When I met Dan there was allot of things going on in my heart and head. I had recently come home from a mission and had a broken heart. The guy I could have married before my mission had married one of my closest friends ( they still ARE my great friends). Mind you, this could be a story in itself, but to make it short-- I will cut down the details. The guy and I had made no promises about waiting for each other while I served an 18 month mission. I knew that if it was right it would be right when I got home. It was an answer to my prayers that it took care of itself--HOWEVER that does not mean that it did not hurt me, even though I was grateful for their happiness. I was not ready to open my heart.I was certain my hubby was not at BYU, and that I needed to pursue my career, and get going on to the next phase in life. I had also started dating someone who I thought had all the qualities I needed and wanted (EFY counselor, RICKS football player, owned a truck, had horses, he COULD DANCE and lift me over his head, loved country, played the guitar, gave me fresh flowers and poetry, took me to the temple, and was a great friend) BUT it was just not there, and I was trying to get out of that relationship...that is when I met Dan.

Y Mountain at BYU-Our first date!

Dan came into my life with gentleness and patience, both things I REALLY needed at that time. Even when he knew by our 2nd date that I was the one (I will spare his embarrassment from reading his journal entry for now) he knew that I had to have that same confirmation, and was in NO RUSH to tell me or push me into marriage.

We met in August of 1999. I got hired to work at the Missionary Training Center. Part of my training was to be paired with a senior teacher for 2 days--to learn the ropes and get suggestions. My partner happened to be Brother Sorensen. I remember when I first saw him my heart did a little leap b/c he was so good looking! However, I went on pushing any dating thoughts away--after all we were in the MTC (it was hard to realize I was allowed to think that way there, now that I was home). Well, the 2nd day as we were going our separate ways Dan got the impression that if he did not ask me out, he would be missing out on something. He turned around and called my name, and then asked if could do something sometime. I gave him my full name (as we had been referring to each other as brother and sister) so he could call the BYU directory and get my phone number, I thought "that was flattering, it has been a long time since someone has asked me out without just hanging out first... But it probably will never happen--too much effort with calling the BYU directory). Dan called a few days later and we had a date to hike the Y (see picture above) that coming weekend!We connected spiritually..something I had yet to find (not that any of the others were less spiritual, we were just progressing differently while I dated them). Our conversation that night was 'deeper' than most get to on a couple of dates. We never talked about US or even thought of us as a couple really...we just expressed what ,we, as individuals wanted in our futures. It was relaxed and there was no pressures, fakeness, or pretenses. Dan shook my hand and we did not go out again for quite a few weeks--we both had other obligations and dates to attend too, that had already been planned!

Alicia reading her scriptures, writing in her journal, and contemplating the more serious things in her life at Arches National Park-March 2000-While her and Dan were taking a "break"

When we did reconnect again it was quickly apparent that we preferred each others companionship. He was the "eye of the storm" for me. I appreciated his simpleness, stability, maturity, and sound reasoning. So I found myself with him often, even though I was insistent that we still date other people (at least me) the majority of the time we dated. I think that enabled me options out, and back-up plans in case it did not work.

Halloween Costume Party -October 1999-Dan (skeleton)and I (nun) were in the finalist for the costume contest!
I've always had a VERY hard time, since the time I was an infant, making decisions as to what I really wanted. For instance, I would cry for my bottle and then throw it on the ground, then cry for my bottle and throw it on the ground again! You can only imagine how HARD it was for me to make decisions when they really mattered (i.e. mission, who to marry). I took Dan through the ringer. Not only did we take a complete month 'off' from each other--no phone calls, dating, emails, etc. I also took him to have an interview w/ my mission president (whom I was very close too) after he had already talked with my dad, I went and visited with his mission president, counseled w/ my bishop, went in after hours to visit with my marriage prep teacher, hours and hours of conversations with home and Heavenly Father, and trips away to re-group. Our relationship hit a point at about 8 months, where it either needed to progress or we needed to let each other go and remain life-long friends.

Group date for Preference Dance-Fall 1999-Dan and I are the couple 2nd in on the left

Even though Dan had received numerous confirmations, with me doubting so much, he finally decided it was time for him to date other people as well, and his feelings began to change towards me! I PANICKED! I thought living with him would be hard, living without him was even harder. For the first time I had a confirmation that I was to be with him and it did not matter when or where (besides the temple) but I WANTED to marry HIM. I was not forced, was not manipulated, was not scared I would not have other chances...I simply chose him. I always wanted him in my life. So I told Dan.

Fall Preference 1999

I realized that I had committed to our relationship and things were getting to the point where he was going to purpose. It did not mean that doubts never plagued me again--almost as soon as I committed to our relationship all the doubts came flooding back. HOWEVER this time I had a peaceful, spiritual confirmation that this was a very good thing that I could fall back on, and remember. Sometimes I kick myself for making this sooo hard. Our family came very quickly for us and I feel like I spent so much time worrying during our dating days, that I did not completely enjoy or appreciate this FREE-love dating time. No real obligations, monetary responsibilities, and ANY hours I wanted!!!

I KNEW the week he was going to purpose that something was going to happen--I could feel it. I prayed fervently ALL week that the answer would be clear to me when the time arrived.Dan and our friend Brian doing the dishes for our apartment after my birthday--soo soo hard!
Arrived it did! On Friday May 19, 2000 Dan picked me up from Draper Elementary school, where I was doing my student teaching for kindergarten, and we headed up to Park City. I had never been there, and it was cool to walk around the shops and see this infamous city! I remember eating at a gourmet pizza shop in a corner shop and Dan saying--"one day our kids will say this is where our parents ate the night the got engaged." Did he really just say that? OUR KIDS?!!! Then as we were walking around we were rocking on some rocking chairs and talking about how one day we would be sitting on rocking chairs watching the kids run around outside--there it was again...OUR KIDS!!! We found the sweetest stuffed animal turtle (I have a thing for turtles) with the saddest, but cutest eyes, while we were shopping AND years later for Christmas Dan tracked the turtle down, and bought me one so I could always remember that night every time I looked at it! (yes, he can be a romantic)

Dan making breakfast for me and ALL my roommates when we were not feeling well-I know, I should have married him right then!!

Well-to Dan's credit he did try talking me into a jewelry shop to look at rings that night...but I declined. We were done with Park City and were headed back to Provo when we took a little detour up to squaw peak just as the sun was setting! We found a wild sunflower field with a big rock right in the middle, that overlooked the valley and the lake. It was an ABSOLUTE perfect and beautiful setting. To think that I wanted my boyfriend to ask me to marry him at a football game with it written on an airplane flying overhead when I was a freshman makes me laugh (hey--if that is how it happened for you, some people really dig it) BUT this was for me! We sat there for a little bit and then Dan was on his knee. I really wish I had written down what he had said (he always has had a way with words), but it went along the lines of: I am trying to go to the celestial kingdom and I have chosen you to go with me. I would be honored if you would be my wife...will you marry me Alicia?. I was speechless (believe it or not) I started to cry. This was it! I wanted to say yes, but that seemed too easy (heaven forbid something be easy). I sat and thought and thought. I hugged him and started making him make me promises, like: promise me we will have a wrap around porch, promise me we will go camping every weekend as a family. He simply smiled and told me he would try to give me all those things.

During this time a little family had pulled up and the kid was on the dad's shoulders and the wife was next to him. Dan told me to look over there and then told me that is all he wanted. That is all I really wanted too! He asked if I needed time and he left me for a bit. He came back and asked me how I felt. I told him I felt like saying yes, but I needed some more time. Dan said that was fine, but just made me promise NOT to talk to ANYONE about this but Heavenly Father.

Let the games begin, a ward party at a bounce house place...bring it on Dan (Incidentally Dan was not a part of our ward!)
I kept that promise and found myself in the temple, and taking long walks. We had a family function and I wanted to yell and scream it to my sister...but I didn't. It was right, it had always been right. By Sunday I was starting to plan the wedding, I just needed to let him in on the plans. After a busy day as both of us met church calling obligations, we went to his apartment and I looked at him and said YES! and then proceeded to write my soon-to-be new name on his dry erase board: Alicia Ann Sorensen
Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Who do you think won...umm that would be me, after I yanked him down-thank you very much! Bounce house Fun!

Then the phone calls began and our wedding was underway!

Sometimes it seems like so long ago. This past Monday I remembered that it was the 'original' day that Dan had asked me to marry him, and I looked over at the couch full of our four children during Family Home Evening, and I had to smile. It IS so right. I AM in love. There is NOT doubts. It REALLY was what we wanted. I am GLAD Dan is patient.

The whole Bungee Jumping crew on a group date/fun friend night

I got my ring AFTER we were engaged, on our 2nd date to the Y--we hiked it one more time, except this time-- Dan had something very expensive, very pretty, and very meaningful in his pocket to give me!

My 24th Birthday October 1999

Yeah-who's the strong one now? Dan and Alicia goofing of in Elk Grove California November1999

Ahh! The lazy days of summer spent at Lake Powell-Summer 2000

Valentines 2000

Our Engagement Party for all my mission friends in Auburn, California (an area I served in- thrown by one of my favorite investigators (the MacKays) Summer 2000
The A's and the Diamondbacks- Guess who Dan voted for? Summer 2000
One of our most Fun Dates spent in San Fransisco--Summer 2000
Happily Ever After... October 21, 2000
Visiting "our spot" at Squaw Peak on our 1 year celebration of being engaged (May 21, 2001)...check out how prego I am!!!! ?Oh yeah, and the sunflowers were back!


Erin said...

A marriage that was truly made in heaven! I remember that time of indecision for you! Even before proposing was an issue, you were already stressing, girl! I remember thinking several times, "Are you CRAZY?!!! He's PERFECT for you!" I don't think I actually said those things...well, maybe once or twice! Remember when he took ME out (with your permission of course), because he thought I was so cool and deserved to be treated like a queen? I knew he was a keeper then! And that trip to Arches with you for your "poondering time" was one of the best times of my life! I'm glad I was there for almost the whole thing!(By the time you two got engaged, I had graduated, driven back to SC, met Josh and we were ALREADY discussing marriage-we got engaged 2 weeks after you and got married 2 months BEFORE you!) But isn't it wonderful how everyone needs different things! What a blessing for you to have those experiences! What a great day for an Anniversary!
Love ya!
Erin a.k.a Sister Ha/Ax

The Mangums said...

Wow, what a story! It's fun to hear the history of your cute relationship. Thanks for sharing!

mjs ashworth said...

So sweet!
I got your message but deleted it by accident before I wrote down your #s I will be around on tuesday if you want to do hair in the morning, let me know.

Ana said...

Have you even thought of writing a book? I'm not joking. You have SUCH a way with words. I'm so happy for you guys. I seem to vaguely remember all that going on way back when. Happy "Anniversary"!! P.S. Check out my new post!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

So fun to hear all the details (i had only heard snippets before). You really made Dan work, but it's good you didn't take such a serious commitment lightly! You guys are sooo cute together and I love all the photos of your dating years. Congrats 8 years down--and an eternity to go!

Rob said...

Didn't you have that nun costume on your mission???

Angie said...

Awww. What a great story! It's great that you have it recorded so you can always remember all the details.

The "whole bungee jumping crew" picture: I know the blond girl with the bob standing next to Dan. I can't remember her name but she stayed at my house for two months when she moved to AZ after BYU while looking for a place to live. Weird.

jonesfamily said...

Okay, I can't believe I just read that whole thing! It's so late and I was just going to glance, but you really are good at writing! And that's such a great story! I though I was indecisive!Why did I think you got married before me?

Fringers said...

Wow you really made Dan sweat there!! But it was meant to be and look at the beatuiful blessings (4 to count some of them) that have come all beacuse "Two people fell in love"!! I loved reading about you guys!

lovinglife said...

Yeah! You guys are such a great couple and it makes me so happy that you found each other. I've never heard your engagement story before. So fun to know how it all happened. What a great blog entry!

Kara said...

What a fun story to read. I remember you saying that you were very indecisive while dating Dan but had never heard the details. Thanks for sharing!

Charie said...

So interesting to hear your whole story. You are the girl version of "my Jonathan" :) Luckily for Dan it didn't take you 6 years :)

Thanks for sharing! I was totally sucked in! So glad you things worked out so well for you as well.

Dawn said...

Loved hearing the story again! Congratulations on your fun that it coincides with ours! Also so glad that you two are were worth waiting for...and he was worth "agonizing" over! Love you both!