Monday, May 12, 2008

Week Synopsis 5/5-5/11

Monday May 5- The week started out with a bang again. The boys dumped the milk from their bowls onto Dacie's tray, and she had a milk splashin' morning! Then the boys proceeded to take the marker for their chore charts and write all over their toys with it, of course it is was all over their hands and faces...this is all before school started mind you!

It must me Mothers Day week. While I was answering phones that day (for Taylor and Sons Hauling) Colton slid me this note (below)--what mom would not feel good about herself after that! yeah! I'm HOT! Kids don't lie. I'll keep Colton innocent and in love with me while I can!

For FHE we had the boys pick their favorite scripture stories and we pulled one from a bowl. They went in their room with their dress up clothes and came back out and 'acted out' the story...Dan had to guess what it was. We video taped the whole thing. It was a hoot! It was the story of Korihor (Colton's favorite)--stomping on him at the end gave it away.

Tuesday May 6- I went into Colton's class and volunteered. Then I came home for a few minutes to make the kids lunch so that I could meet up with my walking buddies for a lunch out to celebrate their birthdays this week! Ummm, then why did they pay for it?
Dan planted the veggies in the garden so they would not die while waiting...the garden is getting there! Dan also went and met with his boss. He is getting a promotion in about 3 weeks. More details to follow when it is solid! We are ready to start progressing and are excited! The new clinic looks huge and nice and new--we are excited for it to be finished. They poured the concrete for the pool inside.
School pictures are so smart, they take the pictures of the kids and send them home with them to order...even if you did not originally order any pictures. I still held out, but got a quick snapshot of it first, before I sent it back (below)
Sterling had his 5 yr. well-child appointment and four shots in the afternoon and he did not shed a tear! He has always been good about that kind of stuff. C&S had a T-ball game that evening.

Wednesday May 7- It IS Mothers Day Week for sure. Sterling's preschool class had a mother's tea that I was invited too. Ryland, Dacie and I went. They made us cupcakes, served us punch they had made, had place mats and seating arrangements made, sang two songs, and made a video about why they love us (because I hug and kiss him) and what I do to make him laugh (tell funny jokes). Pictures of the sweet affair below.

(Guess which one is Sterling? ha ha Tallest of them all--and this is even the kids his exact age)

Thursday May 8- While I cleaned out the "empty" fridge ( it has not been cleaned really good since I had Dacie and put myself into labor doing it!) and mopped the kitchen floors, the kids made Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (Toy Store) in our front room--can you guess what movie from netflix has been the highlight of our week?! I got a babysitter in the late afternoon so that I could do our two week shopping..we have gotten desperate! Dacie and I put on party hats and delivered gift cards to friends/ visiting teachees that evening.
Friday May 9- It was a busy errands kind of day. In the evening we got pizza for Fun Friday and I met Dan at the softball fields after work. We had a triple header of games.We have not touched a ball in 2 years AND I have had a baby in there as well. We lost 2 games and won 1. It took us one game to remember where our bats were. We ended the evening winning a sweet victory...much earned. Dan pitched the last two games-he had a hidden talent I did not know about! We came home to the kids safe and asleep.

Dan saw Mr.Stinky (a skunk) by our back fence and shot him with the pellet gun. He killed him with the first shot (thank I wanted it to be painless as possible) The skunk did not even spray! (how lucky are we?!) He was crawling out the fence as he died. Dan gave him a proper burial. Run and Hide little buddies! I hate killing them, but am absolutely convinced that they are PESTS and do no good! (Poor Mr. Stinky below)

Saturday May 10- Dan and I could NOT get out of bed--I have NOT been so sore in YEARS! (even with my hard core workouts). Dan took the boys to their t-ball game in Sedona and Dacie came with me to a girls camp meeting at the same time. We met back at home to await the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen. Grandma Sorensen wanted to spend Mothers Day w/ family as none of her kids were around there! We had lunch and headed over to Prescott to play some miniature golf and go out to eat. It was a fun mothers day celebration. Dan and I stayed up late writing my talk for tomorrow!

Dacie was Grandpa's golfing buddy
Colton golfing
Sterling's great form
Daddy helping Ryland
When not on Grandpa Dacie stayed occupied with my club!
Dacie is definitely our Buffalo Princess after some sweet food at a Buffalo Wild Wings.
Sunday May 11-Mothers Day arrived. One of the greatest gifts I got was I did NOT have to do a thing to get the kids ready for church! Dan dressed them, fed them, did their hair, put together the diaper bags/snacks, and made me breakfast to eat in the bathroom while I got ready! All I had to do was get myself ready and my box and talk together. (I did do Dacie's hair per my request). We were early to church! I felt like my talk went well and portrayed the message I was trying to share. I then had to do a pretty big music time presentation to introduce the new song for the month. I got a LONG nap (another sweet present), and a spaghetti dinner with bread/salad and all. We ended the evening with watching home videos of all the kids births. I am AMAZED at how small Colton and Sterling use to be, and I am still in awe at the miracle of birth. Dan and the kids also gave me a new rose bush to plant, dove chocolates (oh yeah!), i-tunes gift card to update my shuffle for exercise, and a pedometer coming in the mail for my exercising plight! Colton made the coolest art collage in class too!
Sometimes I feel so undeserving of the praise I receive on Mothers Day, or "week" as in my case. I am grateful for a husband who really makes Mothers Day happen (especially when the kids are young). I have been so blessed with the most valiant of spirits and best of the husbands. My life is really good and I know it is, entirely, due to the gospel. It is their praise and trust in me that makes me want to be that person, and do better. It is a wonderful life--I am one happy momma!


Erin said...

It sounds like you had such a fun Mother's Day (and week, too, for that matter!) You deserve the praise, girl! You are the greatest mom! I appreciate your example, and am sad that the only way I see it now is on your blog!0) We have GOT to find a way to get together across the country soon! It seems like a million miles, doesn't it? Love you tons, my friend! I've finally updated my blog, by the way, and there will be more in the next couple of days since my ultrasound is TOMORROW (I'm SOOOO excited to find out if it's a boy or girl! I dreamt last night that it was BOTH-that would definitely be a surprise!0)
Love you again!
Sister Ha/Ax

Jason Carson said...

Alicia, I am an avid reader of your blog(found it off of the family letter sent to my parents--Mareen and Steve Sorensen). I am always so inspired by your perspective on the experiences of motherhood. You have a unique ability to make the seemingly mundane, frustrating,and exhausting experiences of being a mom seem beautiful and memorable. When I "grow up" I want to be a mom more like you; hopefully that will happen before my kids actually grow up too. Dan is a lucky man!--Kirsten Carson

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Another fun & busy week! I LOVE the cute note from Colton--how sweet! Congrats on the new promotion Dan, and the skunk bravery. Sounds like you did great on your talk & had a great Mother's Day! =)

Fringers said...

Your week was busy I see! Happy Late mother's day.

Dawn said...

You are right; you have wonderful, valiant children and a considerate, unselfish husband...and you deserve everything you got! 'Course I might be a little prejudiced... So glad your week was special! Sorry I made you spaghetti when you had just had it on Sunday!
Love you all!