Monday, May 26, 2008

First Swim (and final farewell) of the Season!!!!

Sterling sitting next to one of his favorite preschool aids, Ms Erica after getting his scrapbook-they are in blue front and middle!

Sterling's Preschool did their Final "Ta-Da" at one of the teachers' homes (who was incedentally one of our first freinds here in Cottonwood)...The Backus's. They have a beautiful home and backyard, and we enjoyed the comforts of that home, as we held a pot luck there Wednesday (5/21) evening.

They had a beautiful playground, trampoline, field, horseshoes, gazeebo, fireplace, swimming pool....

Colton climbing down from the playground-far right in blue
After the food was devoured, scrapbooks handed out, and gifts given...they opened up the pool. They had told the kids they they were going to do this at preschool, Sterling had passed the news along to his there was NO talking my kids out of it, despite the weather (the clouds and wind rolled in w/ on and off rain). Dan and I enjoyed getting wet watching on the sidelines as they enjoyed their first swim of the summer!!!


Charlotte King said...

I can't believe how early your kids end school. Next time my friends complain about having the kids home for so long in the summer, I'll tell them to be grateful they don't live in Arizona where they end in May.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

you got some good pictures there!! They have the most awesome backyard huh?--and they're always so nice to share it!