Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It has been said that I was a "Daddy's girl" from the day I was born.....(My wedding Day October 21, 2000 Washington DC)
It is true and will always be true.
I have so MUCH to celebrate about my dad coming into this world!
My dad is one of the most 'hands-on' dad's I know. I always took that involvement for granted, until I started going into others homes and becoming a part of other peoples lives.
My dad is there from day one. He always gets the newborn in the night and changes their diapers only to bring them to my mother, and then puts them back to bed when she is done.
Our family is my Dad's world..literally. IF a full-time Dad could support a family--he would have done it. He is happiest when he is around family (particularly small children and babies) and at their events.

He made nine children look easy --my parents would have had LOTS more children IF they could have. Big meals, chaos, diapers, bottles was a way of life they enjoyed!

My dad is a protector and strong. I remember having very little fear of anything growing up, IF he was around. He had big muscles and was brave. I did not ever doubt that he could win a fight. In fact, when my parents were first married, my dad chased down a robber in a carpet store and tackled him to the ground jumping off of big rolled up carpets (I know it sounds like a movie, huh!). I remember my friends throwing rocks at my window in the middle of the night trying to get me to sneak out--being half awake I was totally FREAKED out. I scream for my Dad and he was right there to protect me! Once,we were in a house dog sitting, and heard someone upstairs--we called my dad and he was there in 10 seconds flat, shoes off and sleeves rolled up. There was nothing that could hurt me when he was around.

I also felt he was strong that way spiritually. He always blessed our family with the most sincere and real priesthood blessings. There was never moments we were left comfortless. He always enforced scripture, prayer, and family home evening w/ the phone off--much to his teenage daughters dismay!

(My family minus the last 2 babies)

My dad has an uncanny sense and method of packing! From packing the car to the dishwasher he somehow makes it ALL fit. Our Astro van was the magic Mary Poppins carpet bag when we all piled ourselves and vacation (we usually camped across country) gear in and out of it! My Dad is the hands for my mom's master mind. Any vacation, holiday decor, and experience we had was a result of my dad's grunt work! Oh...and can my dad do dishes and make a mean HUGE pot of homemade mac&cheese or What!!!!

(My family minus the last 2 at Rehobeth Beach NJ?-my dad is 2nd in on the left and I am in HOT pink!)

(Our annual Christmas nativity...way back when we were missing the last 2 babies)

(Me cutting down the net--we are going to states!!!)
I would be remiss if I neglected to mention my father's passion for attending and cheering on his children in sports, almost to a fault at times- ha ha. For instance, getting thrown out of a game I was COACHING, for the varsity girls summer league...embarrassing! He is an absolute fan of us. I particularly remember when we won the last game to go to states in basketball ,and I was on the floor playing when the game ended, my dad was the first to come off the stands and throw me into the air on his shoulders.I remember being in the locker room at the finals for states and finding a little note in my bag telling me how proud he was of me and how he was grateful to be a part of this experience.My dad is my #1 Fan!

(My dad and mom walking me onto the court for B-ball seniors night)
(The Watkins Mill Varsity cheer squad at nationals in Dallas Texas--I am the base person on the left in the middle lift!)

So not only is my dad our biggest fan, but is our advocate. When my varsity cheer squad qualified for nationals we were informed that we would not be able to attend the competition b/c cheerleading was not a recognized sport in our school district. We were heartbroken because our squad was GOOD and we had worked soo hard to get there. My Dad saw our disappointment and would not stand for it-- he got ALL the parents together and took on the school board to get cheerleading recognized as a sport and THEN to raise enough money to get us there! I remember spending weekly meetings with my dad as the lead, I got to see his business savvy and organizational skills in action. I was proud to see his name in the paper as it was all taking place. He also was one of the rare dad's who has served as a PTA president (PTO here). He was absolutely involved.

(My mom and dad walking me out on the track as Homecoming Princess at halftime...check out the BIG hair!!! Love the 80's)

My dad is not afraid to embarrass himself at our expense either, for all of our 16th birthdays he would dress up in his Donald Duck costume (head to foot) and deliver balloons to school singing in his infamous Donald Duck voice, not even a flinch.

IF you think he is the best dad ever you should see him as a .....Grandpa!! Everything that has made him a good dad makes him an awesome grandpa...and the grandkids even get a softer version.

My kids get to go to a grandma/grandpa camp every summer and they have fallen in love with 'the claw' grandpa. It is so neat for me to see my children look at my dad the way I did when I was younger.
My dad was there long before grandpas camp. He has come and seen all the babies as quickly as he can get out after they are born. he cried every time he has to miss one of their baby blessings.In fact, he was able to come out to Houston while we were living there for his birthday...so he could watch Colton while Sterling went in for a pretty painful surgery on his club foot. It was so comforting knowing he was with Colton so we could focus on Sterling.

(Abuele Guapo with his first 2 grandsons-Sterling (l) Colton (r))
(Grandpa kissing Sterling the night before surgery)
My Dad has never withheld physical touch. He will hug and kiss you at will. As a teenage girl, when my heart was broken I always had someone to hold me!

(Grandpa playing with Colton on the beach on Galveston Island, Texas)
He is a get down and dirty kind of Grandpa

(Sterling getting some lovin' from Grandpa after surgery...at least someone could get a smile out of him!)

My dad has not been dealt a very good hand of cards in his life. He has battled unemployment on and off for 12 plus years (through no real fault of his own), lost his mother and a brother while they were young, has hydrocephalus and had many open brain surgeries associated with it, battled prostate cancer,had a knee replacement, totalled at least 5 cars, lost a few homes, and on and on. It has taken its toll on him to not be able to support his family as he had always envisioned. However, everything that is of MOST importance he has never lacked. He remains strong in the gospel and sure footed in his path and desires for righteousness..for that, nothing he accomplished in this life could be greater. he has always worked hard, I remember him coming home for a few hours after full-time employment only to go work the night shift as a cook at a local Denny's type restaurant, he has taught us to work hard and be self-reliant.He has ALWAYS put us first. We are grateful for his very presence in our midst (as it is a miracle in itself if you look at his medical history) and find reason to celebrate his LIFE today.I think every one at some point has felt like his favorite. We always have someone on our side! Thank you for loving us the best way you know how! Happy Birthday Old MAN!

------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL POST FROM YESTERDAY!----------------------------

That's right the most handsome Grandpa alive is having his birthday today!!!! One of the main MEN in MY LIFE...so don't worry DaD--the juicy stories (w/ the pictures) are coming (we are in Phoenix AGAIN-getting our BIG mouths fixed today... so no access to the pictures)!!! Until then, enjoy some peanut m&m's w/ the gift certificate that should have arrived. Make sure to get your birthday bust and crazy animal balloon--We LoVe Your GUTS!!!

Love-Your favorite Daughter-(ha ha ha Cara, Mindy, Booboo, and Nana)


Erin said...

What a sweet post! You may now enjoy the knowledge that we are having....a.....got to my blog and see!
PS-I really have no idea how long Matt and Shayne will last! How come I've seen no previews for an "After the Final Rose" show? What's up wid dat?

niki said...

You have such a cute family and it is so fun to see all of the neat things and pictures of you growing up!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What an AWESOME Dad! It sounds like he is a wonderful guy! I loved all the retro pics of you and your family--priceless!

Amy & the boys said...

I just did a small tribute to my Dad a few weeks ago because I was/am such a Daddy's girl as well. I love the presence of a strong Dad in a girl's life. It makes such a difference. This was beautiful. I love the way you wrote it all out and the old pictures were a nice touch. The cheeleader/big hair was the best! ;)

booboo said...

I love your posts for everyones birthdays and mothers and fathers day!! You have such a way with words and always make me cry!! If I could only be half as good as you!!

Emily said...

It sounds as if you have an amazing dad! Your dad sounds a lot like my dad used to be. I would have loved to have my dad be my kids grandpa here on Earth while they are young. He died almost 25 years ago. What does Abuelo guapo mean?

Rob said...

Thanks for an awesome flashback to the 80s!! Your hair wasn't that big though.

Carca said...

what a great post....I really enjoyed all the photos...your dad sounds great!

This Charming man said...

Worry Young 2004.(ATTACK RECORDS)
"Im not gonna lie.....
but im not in great shape..."