Sunday, May 11, 2008

To my mothers!

It would not be Mothers Day if I did not thank the mom's who helped make me the mom I am today and the one I am becoming tomorrow!Here is a list of things my own mother has taught me:
1. To find the fun in motherhood. Messes can be FUN, be a part of them!
2. Try everything at least once.
3. She has helped me have many amazing life experiences.
4. She has taught me how to sacrifice everything in the name of family.
5. She has taught me to work hard and be very clean, organized and make lists.
6. She has taught me to be my children's friend and confidant, and be absolutely involved in their lives.
7. She has taught me to LOVE newborns and having children.
It is a privilege not a burden.
8. She has taught me to love passionately.
9. She has instilled family traditions and making holidays special.
10. She has taught me to make my spouse my best friend.

My mom-in-law has taught me:

1. To not sweat the small stuff and to pick and choose my battles.

2. She taught me that it is OK to let people sleep.

3. She has taught me to serve my family without a word of complaint.

4. She has taught me that sleep is overrated.

5. She has taught me to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

6. She has taught me to be involved w/ my children's health care and education.

7. She has taught me not lose sleep over lost items.

8. She has taught me to bear my testimony to my family every chance I get.

9. She has taught me to forgive quickly.

10. She has taught me that mom's can make active boys wonderful MEN and husbands!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a great idea doing a tribute for both your mom & mother-in-law. Both sound like GREAT ladies with a lot of wisdom--lucky you! =) Happy Mother's Day Alicia!

Mise-en-Scene said...

why yo mom be throwin' up gang signs and all dat? I bust a cap....

Dawn said...

Wow! I wish my own daughters had learned all those things from me! (just kidding!) I appreciate so much your kind words in your tribute; I love you like one of my own daughters...Dan gave me another daughter, and the both of you have given me wonderful, beautiful grandchildren! Thank you for making my "Mother's Day Weekend" special! Hope your day was special also; please send me a copy of your talk if you typed it out; I'm sure it was great! See you tomorrow! Love you! MOM S

mjs ashworth said...

Sounds like you have got 2 GREAT moms! You are lucky! Happy Mother's day!

The Gordon Bunch said...

I love moms!! It is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. Happy Mother's Day to you and your moms!

jonesfamily said...

What nice odes to your mothers! So nice!