Friday, May 23, 2008

The Last Days of School!

It being the last day of school, with it raining and Sterling's water day at preschool cancelled. I thought I would take the moment to celebrate this momentous day and share a few specimens of the LARGE amount of papers, drawing, journals, and projects that came home this week! (I wish I had a paper recycling box, that was free and easy)This is one of Colton's first journal entries. He was right on track for a first grader (capitalization, complete sentence, punctuation)...but notice how short, amount of misspelling, and style of handwriting.
This was Colton's journal entry about spring break. Check out the length (they had to add more papers for his journal every day as he was writing more then there was space for), he had a title for the entry (I cut off), and very few misspelled words, as well as his own self corrections and a The End--like a story.
Here is one of his very last journal entries. I am impressed particularly with his neatness of handwriting. It looks as good as a teachers, when we (teachers) had to take handwriting classes in college, and practiced on lined paper. Not bad for a boy! Colton is a neat and precise little guy! Yeah Colton...our new 2nd Grader!!!!!
I picked 2 of my favorite journal entries for Sterling! He had much less journal entries..but it made for a shorter show-and-tell that day for me (much needed this week with all their work coming home).
This one is a picture of Yoda--ha ha ha. I have to giggle so hard at the ears on Yoda and his green light saber. Can you tell the boys are into Star Wars around here?

Last, but not least...Is his journal entry about the chick dying. I wondered out of all the boys if this little experience had affected him at all, because sometimes he can be reserved or react differently than most children w/ serious things. But, this journal entry gave me validity that it had made an impression on him, as he rarely wrote about things that took place at home in his journal (he preferred holidays, spiders, blocks, and things at preschool). You have to look carefully at it as the picture on the other side is 'bleeding' through, but he did color his (brown) and Ryland's (blue) eyes the right colors to differentiate between the two.

Sterling is obsessed with calendars, dates and looking forward to events that are upcoming. He knows that he will be a kindergartner on August the 7--not a day sooner or later! Ha ha-I love that little chump!


jonesfamily said...

How cute is that? I love seeing your boy's art work. It gives a little glimps into their personalities! I was just showing Matt the other day how much Isaac has improved his writing of his name. It's crazy how big they get so fast!

Fringers said...

I can't wait to read about the things that Brock will write about! I love how cute this is!!

Angie said...

Awww. Love the little memories of this past school year. Someday they will look back on this and love to see it!

The Gordon Bunch said...

WOW - Colton does have good handwriting. Dallin's got worse throughout the year. He's always in a hurry. Dallin loved looking at Colton's & Sterling's drawings. We have to get them together this summer. I have enjoyed reading all your tributes. My birthday is October 10 - could you do a tribute for me?? :) You are amazing!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh, I LOVE little kid drawings and writings. They are always so precious! That is so cute how Sterling colored his eyes and Ryland's eyes the correct color!

Grandpas Cook said...

Love your blog.
Emma shares her drawing talents with us and we display them on our fridge. Keeps them close to our heart, when so far away.
Julie's Mom.

Dawn said...

so do we! I loved the picture of him feeding Dacie too! What a sweetheart!