Sunday, June 29, 2008

HaPpY BeLAted Birth DAY Amber-Rose!

So my newest Sister-in-law is the one I have known for the least amount of time! I DID not even meet her until my brother and her were getting married!!! In fact, I met up with her sister on our flight out there (Sacramento), before I had even met her! And amidst not knowing me, she TRUSTED me to do her hair the morning of her wedding (super prego and all) --Welcome to the fam!
Kelby (my brother) and her dated, got engaged and married pretty quick, thus the reason for not meeting before-hand, however... It does not mean I love her any less!
Here are the cOoL things I DO know about Amber-Rose when we manage to get together!

I Know that she LOVES my brother! She is very vocal about how GreAt he is, and how his love was validity to her that Heavenly Father loved and knew her (who can't love someone who says that about her brother?). Their story is pretty cool--She only met my brother a few times/moments and decided to go after something good. She must be awesome (she is), because she "snagged" him pretty quick--right after his mission! Incidentally Kelby was visiting her roommate who was his special "friend" that he was coming to see, to see if there was 'something' there! Instead Kelby came away with a different 'something' else. Amber-Rose knows what she wants and goes after it!

As you can see Amber-Rose is very attractive and very photogenic. I am IN LOVE w/ her red hair. She is also the fashion guru of the bunch. It is so FuN to see my sisters go to her for advice in fashion. They fight over her hand-me-downs. She knows her shoes-- and a plethora of many other things. She dresses so dang cute, and was recently voted as best dressed in the family by many during a fun family Bingo game! (I bet she does not even know that, cuz' she was not there!).

Amber-Rose if very crafty and creative. She sees things and makes them happen- she has made some DARLING bows I covet, as well as diaper cakes, real cakes, and.... I think she should open up a boutique.

In fact, for our last family reunion she made a costume for each day of the reunion that went around our reunion theme, and dressed her entire CuTE family in them for each day. One day they were a complete cowgirl, saloon baby, and Indian Chief. She also painted matching t-shirts and made life size playing cards and yahtzee for game night....uh, Hellloooo! bet you wish she was at your reunion!

Amber-Rose is very good at paying compliments and verbalizing her thankfulness. I notice that she will immediately thank others for dinners, service, etc. She also is very good at expressing her joy and happiness and positive thoughts at events, things planned by others, or visiting your home. She makes others feel good because her thanks is immediate and sincere, and because her compliments come from someone who is CooL! Last but not least, I LOVE Amber-Rose because she provided Dacie with her only GIRL cousin on our side of the family! I cannot wait for Dacie and sweet, chunky Mikkelle to be the girly cousins at reunions and grandma's camp! It is fun to see her as a cute, little, first time mommy with Mikkelle.

I am grateful Amber-Rose joined our family and has LovEd us in all our imperfect glory!

Happy Birthday Sis, I know it was a good one!


Jentry said...
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Jentry said...

I love reading all your birthday tributes! You are just so AMAZING! I wanna be like you when I grow up! =)
P.S. All I have to say about you taking my challenge and "beating" me is.... Bring it on!=)

The Greers said...

I love your family picture at the Temple, soooo funny!

Allison Barry said...

I love how you highlight people's birthdays. i'm sure that makes them feel very special. mine is coming up here pretty soon, so...

Hendersonyan, Inc. said...

you are so nice to write nice posts like this about your family. You are a great sister/sister-in-law.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

love your new background Alicia--you are so cute! This is such a sweet post and WOWZERS what gorgeous hair she has. I meant to also say that about your sister in your last post--I've NEVER seen a redhead that didn't have just BEAUTIFUL hair--love it!=)

Kelby and Amber-Rose said...

You are by far the sweetest person I've ever met!!!! I wish I could give you a big squishy hug. Thank you so much for writing this blog. It is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. You are the best. Thanks again, and I can't wait to see you soon (hopefully) : )

Kelby and Amber-Rose said...

Oh hey, I've been working on a blog for a shoppe I'm working on and a local boutique owner wants to put my gifts in her shop! Here's the link,
Let me know what you think! LOVE YOU!