Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HuTcHiNgS HoLd Em' ReUnIoN- Day 3


I have not ever been to the Grand Canyon-
and I am glad I never missed it!

It was awe inspiring to see the magnitude of it, no matter where you went--

I learned that it is more of an 'adult' place to visit. There were not very many kids around and you had to keep a vigilant eye on them (allot of places to fall over the edge)

After the kids saw it--they were done! They were more impressed with the mule deer, rabbits, and California condors (the condors had a wing span of 9 feet as they were coming in to nest for the evening--pretty AmAzInG) we saw there!

Sterling was the one to spot the deer coming out of the woods heading right to our car. We flipped a U and got a closer look at the pack of mule deer all shapes sizes and sexes...until we got busted by the park ranger for letting Ryland out of his car seat to look (even though we were not driving!)
We ended our busy day of chair lifts and sight seeing w/ a beautiful picnic by sunset. The Hutchings clan got together at the beginning for a picture and then split up!
I was impressed with the kindness people showed our little brood. Complete strangers were drawn to our children and would come and make conversations with us. Particularly those from other countries. I was AMAZED at all the different dialects and languages we heard throughout the day--it was definitely a lifetime experience we should never pass up living so close!
After a yummy picnic, and getting the kids in pj's--they slept most of the way back to camp!
Sleep tight Grand Canyon!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Wow--those are BEAUTIFUL pictures you took. The park ranger got after you and you weren't even moving? wierd! i'm glad you guys had such a great time!

The Mangums said...

So Amazing. We have got to make it out there sometime!

Amy & the boys said...

Awesome! Maybe one day...
Alicia, reading your blog makes me tired. I don't know how you do it all. You are so busy. If I was that busy every single day, I'd lose it!