Friday, July 4, 2008

The Wedding!!!

On Saturday June 28th-Dan's Brother Russ married Selena-(who incidentally has been a member of "the best Friends" that always hung out with Dan's sister Amy-- and as they said, Russ was the accessory-ha ha). Dan, I and the kids were able to come down the night before and attend the festivities that day!Racing (not really, if you knew Dan's dad) Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen to the Mesa temple after accidentally meeting up with them on the highway, after they had gone and picked up the flowers and we were running later than everyone else!
The kids hung out at the visitors center, and the temple grounds (THANK YOU Uncle Clint) while we were in the sealing AND after for pictures. They were pretty good troopers considering it was 110 degrees!
It was one of the sweetest and most spiritual sealings I have been to. I did not want to leave the temple. I enjoyed the sweet spirit I felt there and the overwhelming peace I was consumed with. I cannot imagine being married anywhere else and making these covenants that are not only for this earth life, but well beyond.

After having enough of the heat--we headed over to the Landmark Restaurant for a luncheon. Then we sprinted home to get some quick naps in before we had to return 1-2 hours before the reception for more pictures!

My goal in this whole affair was to get a GOOD family photo (since we matched and all)--and this was as good as it got. My camera was running out of batteries SO we were blurry-AAAHHH!
Dacie and our only cousin (on the Sorensen side) Lola (they are exactly 6 months apart) got matching dresses for the wedding...and of course we could not photograph 'the girls' enough. Here they are sharing some snacks!
Dacie kissing her cousin!
Dan was one of the groomsmen with his 2 other brothers (Clint and Scott) and got to even wear a tux!!! This will probably be the only time besides our wedding that I will have the privilege of checking him out in one. What a hottie!
Selena is a photographer (and in fact majored in it at NAU) SO she got one of the best photographers (or the best-I am clueless with this stuff) for her wedding, and pictures were the priority. Dan got to do allot of 'photo shoots'--check out the photographers site for a slide show and pictures of the affair (look at Sorensen-Reid Wedding).
They introduced the wedding party with a spotlight and DJ, one at a time-- and had them sit at a table up front. The picture above is Dan enjoying a moment with his brothers!

The reception was held at a country club that was "out there"...but it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Selena's family did not 'hold back' ,and so needless to say this one of the BEST receptions we have attended. It was very formal and beautiful, but also had other fun additions (like a photo booth from the mall to take photos for free!). The entire evening was MC'd with a DJ and they even played a funny little newly wed game. What would a reception be without some DANCING! Daddy and Dacie tore it up on the floor!!

The grounds

Inside the reception hall- Dacie is taking it all in!
Of course guess what part of the reception was MY BOYS favorite? (including Dan's) THE FOOD! They had a chocolate fountain with the cool chocolate that hardened on the food quickly. They had a pasta bar with chefs that would cook your pasta for you right there, with your choice of fixings and sauce. There was shrimp, and sushi, and crackers and cheese.... Dan did not stop eating from the moment he walked in to when he walked out. There was lemonade fountains, and later cups to toast with sparkling cider, etc.! It was CRAZY FUN!! We could not leave, or sneak away as we had anticipated because we were having too much fun!
We got home pretty we drove up to girls camp EARLY the next morning rather than squeezing it in that evening and hitting an elk!
As a side note from my previous post archive picture: We did not have to worry about trashing Russ's car-his "energetic" groomsmen took care of that for us, and Russ got it allot WORSE than we did (with flour down the a/c vents and all)!
Welcome to the Fam Selena!


RC Henderson, Inc. said...

wow Alicia, that's one pretty wedding. And I love the girls dresses - brown! So cute!

The Gordon Bunch said...

Lovely, lovely! What a gorgeous wedding! I can see now why you didn't want to hurry up the mountain to girls camp :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

LOVE all the pictures. What a FUN reception. YOur kids look soooo cute!

Dawn said...

it was such a fun night...I'm so glad you were able to stay and enjoy the festivities. Your kids looked great...I'm really sorry your picture didn't turn out better...we should have had the wonderful photogragher take one. I should have taken one also...hindsight is always wonderful! Well, you at least still have the clothes (except for Dan's tux, so maybe you can have him wear a brown tie, and we can take another picture sometime when you are down. See you on Saturday!